remember when we caught them literally worshiping a statue of Moloch and they played it off?

  1. Isn't this supposed to represent rebirth into a new season, or translated to rebirth to more success? I'm asking, I don't recall anything I learned about this when Alex Jones/Associates snuck in and exposed this. I won't be shocked if its also got some relation to sacrificing kids and having an orgy while George Soros stares blankly into the flesh pile, selecting which person he'll have rub his feet XD

  2. Yeah and he was purposefully let in. He admitted that. It's just some goofy larp these rich assholes do, idk why people still focus on the Grove at all.

  3. Oh course they are. As if conspiracy theorists EVER cared about reality. They'll just invent their own

  4. It's actually a theatre performance. They have a stage where theatre performances are held each season. An ex-employee did a reddit AMA a while back and described the events in detail.

  5. The Bohemian Club was started in the 1870s in San Francisco by artists, journalists, and other writers. It was very much associated with the arts, hence the name

  6. Making a doll is a art special person who have an idea and experience about that he is making it arts without artist did not make it

  7. The idea that the owl represents Moloch and that burning "care" represents a real or symbolic human beings the owl is the them

  8. Not sure in this picture specifically, but historically the Bohemian Grove has had notable members such as Henry Kissinger, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George Bush, etc.

  9. I love these kinds of comments... clearing things up in a helpful way (as opposed to shills that screech about one detail being wrong so they can try to derail the post).

  10. Owl represents Minerva /məˈnɜːrvə/ (Latin: [mɪˈnɛrwa]; Etruscan: Menrva) is the Roman goddess of wisdom, justice, law, victory, and the sponsor of arts, trade, and strategy. Minerva is not a patron of violence such as Mars, but of strategic war.[2] From the second century BC onward, the Romans equated her with the Greek goddess Athena.

  11. What I find very interesting is the Star of David and the Kaaba both arguably representing the storm on Saturn we only discovered fairly recently

  12. "Numerous videos are covertly produced at the supposedly secure political sex playground in northern California, Bohemian Grove. High tech undetectable cameras use fiber optics, and fish-eye lenses were in each of the elite club's numerous sexual perversion theme rooms. I was programmed and equipped to function in all rooms at Bohemian Grove in order to compromise specific government targets according to their personal perversions. 'Anything, anytime, anywhere with anyone' was my mode of operation at the Grove. My perception is that Bohemian Grove serves those ushering in the New World Order through mind control, and consists primarily of the highest Mafia and U.S. Government officials. Project Monarch mind controlled slaves were routinely abused there to fulfill the primary purpose of the club: purveying perversion. Bohemian Grove is reportedly intended to be used recreationally, providing a supposedly secure environment for politically affluent individuals to 'party' without restraint. The only business conducted there pertained to implementing the New World Order, through the proliferation of mind-control atrocities, giving the place an air of 'Masonic Secrecy'. The only room where business discussions were permitted was the small, dark lounge affectionately and appropriately referred to as the Underground. The wooden sign was carved to read: 'U.N.DERGROUND'. My purpose at the Grove was sexual in nature, and therefore my perceptions were limited to a sex slave's viewpoint. As an effective means of control to ensure undetected proliferation of their perverse indulgences, slaves such as myself were subjected to ritualistic trauma. Slaves of advancing age or with failing programming were sacrificially murdered 'at random' in the wooded grounds of Bohemian Grave, and I felt it was 'simply a matter of time until it would be me'. Rituals were held at a giant, concrete owl monument on the banks of the Russian River. These occultish sex rituals stemmed from the scientific belief that mind-controlled slaves required severe trauma to ensure compartmentalization of the memory. I witnessed the sacrificial death of a young, dark-haired victim at which time I was instructed to perform sexually 'as though my life depended upon it'. I was told, 'The next sacrifice victim could be you.' The club offered a 'Necrophilia' themed room to its members. I was so heavily drugged and programmed when used in the 'necrophilia' room, that the threat of actually 'slipping through death's door' and being sacrificed 'before I knew it' did not affect me. Other perversion theme rooms at the Bohemian Club included what I heard Ford refer to as the 'Dark Room'. When he not so cleverly said, 'Let's go to the Dark Room and see what develops,' I understood from experience that he was interested in indulging in his perverse obsession for pornography. In the Dark Room, members had sex with the same mind-controlled slave they were viewing in porn on a big screen television. There was a triangular glass display centered in a main through way where I was locked in with various trained animals, including snakes. Members walking by watched elicit sex acts of bestiality, women with women, mothers with daughters, kids with kids, or any other unlimited perverse visual display. I was once brutally assaulted by Dick Cheney in the Leather Room, which was designed like a dark, black leather-lined train berth. There was a room of shackles and tortures, black lights and strobes, an opium den, ritualistic sex altars, a chapel, group orgy rooms including poster beds, water beds, and 'kitten' houses. I was used as a 'rag doll' in the 'toy store,' and as a urinal in the 'golden arches' room. From the owl's roost to the necrophilia room, no memory of sexual abuse is as horrifying as the conversations overheard in the Underground pertaining to implementing the New World Order. I learned that perpetrators believed that controlling the masses through propaganda mind manipulation did not guarantee there would be a world left to dominate due to environmental and overpopulation problems. The solution being debated was not pollution/population control, but mass genocide of 'selected undesirables.'"

  13. I did not now about that form I can fill it 8 years ago now this time I did not remember about the rule so you can fill from other person

  14. The owl signifies Minerva /məˈnɜːrvə/ (Latin: [mɪˈnɛrwa]; Etruscan: Menrva) is the Roman goddess of wisdom, justice, law, victory, and the sponsor of arts, trade, and strategy. Minerva is not a patron of violence such as Mars, but of strategic war.[2] From the second century BC onward, the Romans equated her with the Greek goddess Athena.

  15. Once upon a time I can see a nude girl on roof there she working washing clothes in naked I really like her she is very pretty


  17. I'd suspect freemason types, given it's the u.s.a. and that the freemasonic cult does have ties to the bavarian illuminati, which had it's own "minerval" degree, lest we forget. Though interestingly, prior to the roman empire trying to blank it's earlier history and copy/paste the greeks onto themsleves, there were the etruscans who were a good deal more mysterious, and from which the romans got their pantheon, one of whom was menrva, and was also associated with war, if I remember correctly. (another was cautha a.k.a. catha the sun god of the etruscans, and this name becomes interesting when one takes note of the cath-olic cult and the repeated use of sun symbolism, etc. therein which might imply, and I think rightly so, that it never was a Christian organization.)

  18. Who is the "them/they" that homie is referring to in the Tweet? This is another one of those "Out of Context Photo + low effort Pepe Silva'ing" attempts at a theory.

  19. It's not as much of a secret as this sub would lead you to believe. Supposedly they hire hundreds of locals to work the place and they tell tons of stories.

  20. The Drone working is very difficult to perfome it you can see there mobile and with remote to control it

  21. As an agnostic atheist, this is some shit I'd do for laughs if I were rich and powerful, knowing the conspiracy theories exist.

  22. I never knew an agnostic atheist. I knew an agnostic dyslexic insomniac. He sat up at night wondering if there was a dog.

  23. How exactly does someone worshiping fictional gods affect any of us? If worshiping idols and burning sacrifices to statues had positive effect, the Romans and Greeks would still be on top of the world.

  24. How exactly does it affect any of us?? Look around you at the state of the world and who’s controlling it. That’s how it affects us.

  25. Read the book “Them: Adventures With Extremist” by Jon Ronson. That is where the photo is from, he is one of the people who went in.

  26. Did you know Richard Nixon actually revealed the secrets of the Bohemian Grove? Google "Richard Nixon Bohemian Grove quote" to find out more

  27. Remember watching this in the early 2000s and still have absolutely no idea what to make of it. Was it the best most elaborate creepy staged hoax ever or do crazy powerful people really do this shit?

  28. I'd say it's a fair guess that the rich and powerful really do that kind of stuff, since often they tend to be some flavor of gnostic, sometimes pagan with gnostic tie-ins. On a lower tier, with celebs, they get into some stuff, sting has a fascination with druids etc. peaches geldorf got involved with crowley's ordo templi orentis gnostic sex cult, more than a few celebs got recruited by the gnostic front cult scientology which is more than a little insane, etc. would politicians be any different? After all even benjamin franklin was a member of the hellfire club that had their own creepy deviant stuff going on, among other things, and he did some grave robbing, among other creepy things.

  29. Remember when Alex Jones snuck through the woods scared like a little dog just so he could film a bunch of rich drunks doing a play?

  30. Man that was early internet days. He was spooked lol. Nixon’s quote on what he thinks about Bohemian Grove always pops in head when this gets brought up.

  31. Really? You can't think of an answer to that? I'm not saying anything about this post or ritual, but to answer that question:

  32. Some of ya'll have never been apart of a group and it shows. Scared little christian conservatives that never got in a frat or sorority, never joined the military, never had friends or fun.

  33. These are the kinds of people who call the police on the neighbours for holding a party they weren't invited to.

  34. Yeah totally… jerking off in a coffin in front of all your bros, burning effigies and worshipping the owl god, visiting Epstein’s island… we really missed out.

  35. I’m a fan of your comment here. Folks like you are in short supply - the Rational Behavior Store called and they are running out of you.

  36. I'm really not understand why if it's so secret, they do this shit OUTSIDE and in a clearly not secure location where people can just sneak in. Are these the powers that be you guys are so scared of? These goofy larpers?

  37. While doing the Cremation of Care ritual. But they totally care about you and your health, just not when they worship their god in private ha

  38. The statue is not moloch, and they are not sacrificing children there - not even symbolically or metaphorically. The owl ceremony is called the Cremation of Care, in which they symbolically burn away their early cares and concerns. The Grove stuff is all a complete non-story, and a purposeful distraction from other legitimately concerning groups and events.

  39. Even if they were worshipping "Moloch", who cares? A bunch of weirdo satanists or alternative religious people celebrating some weird shit isn't a conspiracy. It's a real thing that Pagans do all the time.

  40. Look into what they believe and then calculate where you stand in their hierarchy. Take a second to understand that you are nothing to them. You have no intrinsic value and will be treated as such.

  41. Do you think rich people, from dawn to dusk every day, are busy plotting evil conspiracies nonstop? Do you think they ever take time to go abuse service workers and get piss drunk and do drag in the woods?

  42. People who accepted that awful explanation are also the ones who have no brain; and follow the msm like it’s the gospel. No rational, free thinking individual with half a brain can write this off as “just goofing off” when you consider what types of people were at this event.

  43. I saw all kinds of wild shit at Halloween, people dressed as ghosts and skeletons and aliens. They must have been trying to summon the Necroids to Earth to eat our souls.

  44. Lol I tried to reverse image search to find the original source. This has been posted 1.25 million times. It’s probably a movie scene from a low budget film that no one saw.

  45. They were like "who doesn't dress in robes and do burning of care and other rituals in front of a giant Molech statue, come on!" They think it's normal?

  46. Approximately 80% of people are religious, and rituals and robes are a staple of religion. So love it or hate it, it’s normal.

  47. remember when 40% of the country worships the literal antichrist who embodies the absolute opposite of Christian values? you still do? Thought so.

  48. No culture in history has ever worshipped a deity called Moloch. No such figure appears in the Canaanite pantheon, nor Assyrian or Egyptian, nor that of any other neighbour of the Hebrews. The entire concept of Moloch as a pagan deity is based on translators mistaking it for a proper noun. The word just means "sacrifice".

  49. Translation sorta accurate. The rest unfortunately is just your findings. Dig a bit more and you'll find moloch all over.

  50. So ? Even if we pretend that they are actually doing that. Whats wrong with that ? Are there laws against certain religions ?

  51. A lot of high profile people/ elites have attended these Molech rituals (yea there’s photographic evidence of them) including presidents:

  52. Look at all the shills rush to defend elitists that don't give a fuck about them. Incredibly eye opening tbh... I can understand debating topics here and there but what an odd odd hill to die on and defend such as Molech worship larping.

  53. Sigh… anyone have a link to an actual article on this instead of a random twitter account spouting some claim and an image

  54. This sub doesn't work like that. You need to find your own sources if you decide to believe this nonsense. It's just images with some stupid ass text on it. Might have some arrows and circles too but that's it.

  55. There are some videos where certain people are asked if they ever went to this event. One I kinda remember is Ole Bill Clinton commenting something like "is that where they get drunk and run around the woods naked yuk yuk yuk"

  56. Omg in the movie comedy year one with jack black they had a statue of one with a furnace fir a stomachs they threw ppl in there

  57. A whole heap of prominent people from politics, media, corporate etc. Alex Jones was the one who snuck in with a camera and filmed the whole event. Alex Jones is sus.

  58. Imagine believing in nothing at all lol. Over 100 billion people that have ever lived believed in God or something of the sort, but YOU know better right!!!

  59. So do people here believe in Satan and demons (and inversely God and angels)? I’m always a little confused when this stuff comes up.

  60. Depending on how you see things, and your own personal brand of crazy, there are different problems about that. And together they make for a third one. Depending on what you believe:

  61. remember when the guy who caught them was ordered to pay billions to the parents of victims of mass shooting that he had nothing to do with?

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