More deaths among vaccinated Americans not a reason to avoid vaccines, experts say

  1. An increase in all-cause mortality used to be a safety signal, but "the science" has changed. Pfizer has billions of reasons that "the science" has changed.

  2. Every expert would tell you this because it’s common sense. Literally all that matters in this context is the per capita deaths.

  3. “More brunette Americans die than redhead Americans, by a significant margin. More than 3x as many brunettes die from non natural causes than redheads!!! Experts say that it’s fine to be a brunette, but we know that’s all just pharma propaganda. We should all die our hair red to live longer!”

  4. First they said you won't get covid. Then they said you won't die. Now they're saying you'll die but still get vaccinated. How is anybody falling for this bullshit?

  5. This has been the case for a long time. Not counting people who didn’t have 15 days since their 2nd dose was the biggest scam they passed on the people.

  6. Remember when the whole point of the vaccine was to protect other people and you were a selfish prick if you wouldn't get jabbed to save all the grandmas...


  8. If doctors were paid everytime they handed out a packet of cigarettes to their patients, believe me, they would be handing them out and saying they are great for anxiety. The sickcare industry spins the everloving fuck out of their messaging. They take ANY product, and if the money's right, then "it's good for you because science".

  9. Do you think the total number of deaths matters, or the death rate? Cmon guys learn how to use percentages.

  10. Well, look at the bright side. You're not one of the people who got killed in the first week or month.

  11. Because vaccines only prepare your body for how to fight the infection. Your body still has to fight the virus on its own. Other factors can affect how well your body can fight an infection. Age and other health issues have an impact so even though your adaptive immune system is fighting the virus instead of the innate, it might not be enough.

  12. Trust the expertsTrust the expertsTrust the expertsTrust the expertsTrust the expertsTrust the expertsTrust the expertsTrust the expertsTrust the expertsTrust the expertsTrust the expertsTrust the expertsTrust the expertsTrust the expertsTrust the expertsTrust the expertsTrust the expertsTrust the expertsTrust the expertsTrust the experts

  13. They won’t because every time they show an accurate picture of the data like that, it always turns out the unvaccinated die at a higher rate, which goes against the narrative.

  14. Experts like people to do what they're told, even if they're shilling the standard line on something that isn't understood.

  15. The vaccine makes your immune system more effective at preventing serious disease and death. You see how that works.

  16. Maybe someone will read this... "the death rate per 100,000 people among unvaccinated people was 1.32 on Sept. 25. By comparison, the rate for people vaccinated but without the updated bivalent booster is 0.26 per 100,000 people. And among those who have received the bivalent shot, it is 0.07 per 100,000 people. "

  17. Yeah, the fact more vaccinated people die is misleading as a) the most vulnerable population is highly vaccinated and b) the vaccinated make up the majority.

  18. They don’t care. They will just keep jacking off to screenshots without evidence, or based on a misleading statement.

  19. Do they think we are stupid?! The point of vaccinations is to avoid dying. I think all vaccinations at this point are compromised. Anything injected.

  20. I really can’t believe so many people are still in these comments trying to convince others these jabs are following the science. It’s laughable, observing the “atheist” religious zealots. I’m a Christian, but at least Im aware that I’m choosing a particular faith.

  21. Covid has become a religion for many Americans. There are a large number of people who are still wearing masks, which have been proven not to work, and mindlessly lining up for yet another booster shot of an experimental drug that has proven not only completely useless, but also dangerous and in more and more cases, lethal. But they just keep repeating the same lies, and believing the same “experts”

  22. Did you know more brunettes die than redheads? Every year thousands and thousands more brunettes die than redheads. We should all dye our hair red so we can live longer.

  23. I don’t expect everyone who comments to read the full article, but if you’re gonna post, at least read what you post

  24. Did you know many, many more brunettes die than redheads every year? By a significant factor. We should all dye our hair red so we can live longer.

  25. Their argument is that since there are more vaccinated people than unvaccinated, there is more likely to deaths amongst the vaccinated.

  26. Honestly how can you guys still not get your respective heads around basic statistics?? If the majority of people are vaccinated, and include the vast majority of those most likely to die from covid (old, vulnerable, etc.) Then most covid cases and deaths are likely to be within that group, despite the protection afforded by the vaccine.

  27. I got Covid like 3 times.. I’m unvaccinated.. I’m doing just dandy.. however I gotta say.. I know a lot of vaccinated people just dropping dead.. and they’re young.. they blame it on their health condition.. wtf

  28. I know three people vaccinated who died. Most unvaccinated I personally know have gotten COVID and gotten over it or haven't gotten it all. This is just personal experience. I know two other folks who have gotten the first shot and have gotten COVID twice each.

  29. It would only work if we all dyed our hair red. If only you dyed your hair red then you would still be at risk from the brunettes. /S

  30. How many deaths are we talking about? There are "acceptable losses" to any medication or vaccine ever made, if the number is low enough, the benefits are considered to outweigh the loss, this is the case for literally all medication out there.

  31. 80% of americans are vaccinated, and older people even more so. You should look at covid (or overall) death % broken by age by vaccinated/not.

  32. if you let them trick you into this death shot you need to be very vocal, & should be the ppl starting a change. we told you & now you have poison in you that you dont know when it's going to pop. we're fine, it's you thats life is now on the line & if you die with not even a peep of insurrection then they just pulled the wool over your naive eyes and murdered you. if you feel nothing from this &/or are still sleep I feel sorry for you but I already know not everyone is supposed to wake up.

  33. "You researched it yourself, compiling information and opinions from a variety of unrelated sources with different biases, and came to a conclusion on your own" is a pretty sound reason, for or against, as long as the decision was yours.

  34. This is misleading because it's taking numbers out of context, which is exactly why it's on politifact. On the same article:

  35. Ya know, when it all finally comes out it won't be people like us who will riot in the streets or are inaudibly furious, we'll still be mad ya, but not as much as those who were tricked into getting the jab, these people will be FURIOUS. Words can't describe just how angry they'll be when the time comes.

  36. I’m as disturbed as anyone else by the vax hijinks, but this makes some sense for two reasons. The first is that an increasing majority of Americans have received a vaccine. The second is that it’s mostly the elderly dying of Covid, who are vaccinated at a way higher rate than the general public. When the only people dying are like 80+ percent vaccinated, there will be a correlation between being vaccinated and dying of Covid.

  37. Then why take the vaxx? it doesn't protect you from catching the virus, or transmitting. For most people who catch it is just like another cold or flu, possibly even milder. I don't get why people are getting the jab, can't be for health reasons, at least not today. Other than being coerced. Forced to take it because of either military duty, or a job requirement. How about this. The unvaxxed stop donating our blood as part of blood transfusion to anyone who is vaxxed. That could also apply to organ donations, but I think blood transfusions will do. The demand for pure blood has skyrocketed, and these are still early days. They haven't even tested the vaxx to see if it stops transmission, do you think Pfizer tested for adverse effects from blood transfusions of tainted blood (from vaxxed) for blood clots, myocarditis, pericarditis, etc. It's a long list of potential issues.

  38. "More deaths among vaccinated Americans not a reason to avoid vaccines, experts say. We WANT you dead, they went on to explain."

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