The Season of Sacrifice is starting soon. This is when the injections’ side effects will be fully admitted. Politicians will thank people for their sacrifice, before being thrown to the wolves.

  1. Hillsborough, notre dame, Lincoln, titanic ( sinking) all 15th April. Tax returns due that day too.

  2. I really dont understand the logic behind thinking the vaccines will become poisonous. People that believe in the vaccine, and thus the government, took the vaccine. The people that dont trust the government didnt take the vaccine. If the government would turn the vaccine poisonous, all of the people that took it would die. This leaves a world with only people that distrust the government, and the government. Why would they want that?

  3. They already know what to expect from the much smaller conspiracy minded group of people. A much larger group of people that have the rug pulled out from under them when it comes to their health and life and death are unpredictable. They could become violent and revolt. "Better to deal with the devil you know" sort of thing. Plus, the people who were easily swayed by the propaganda can just as easily be swayed to be against the interests of the propagandists as well. That's my take. It's probably wrong though

  4. Perhaps their motivations aren't what they appear to be on the surface. It could represent a sincere, if not brutal, attempt at eugenics, a cleanse so to speak.

  5. Wow so you think that those who were vaccinated, all of which were at different times, will randomly start showing side effects this year? About a year later? No, not gonna happen. Not how this works.

  6. I mean a lot of the physical problems the mRNA tech is known to cause is compounding and it would make sense that once the first victims show up there would be a year long train of people coming in since they got them all throughout this last year. However that is assuming that there aren't massive numbers of vacx deaths happening right now that they are continuing to cover up under the guise of other diseases. Basically they took the model of the pandemic for patients, that no matter what happened they died of covid, and flipped it over so that no matter what evidence is presented people just aren't dying of the vacx because they can't be. Please don't look at all cause mortality raising by 20-40%, that is a bit too difficult to sweep under the rug.

  7. I can understand your buyers’ remorse, but for what it's worth, I don't buy in the mass-depopulation and genocide hypothesis. The injections won't in my opinion actually kill more people than the big bad virus allegedly did.

  8. The convoy definitely should be discussed but most can't see anything about it other then "freedom" and "working man heroes". I firmly believe it is part of the WEF plan to destabilize the economy and spread more division.

  9. Generally speaking, the sacrifice for harvest happened at the end of summer, before harvest season. Not in spring, the rebirth season.

  10. Mind boggling post. Love it thanks for taking the time to type this out. Cant believe the Southern Poverty Law Center put that into writing. Very eerie to say the least!

  11. Great post. I can definitely see a reversal of some kind coming in the next couple months. The info on events taking place in April was interesting too.

  12. I don't see them thanking people for their sacrifice, I think they're more likely to push the whole "it was voluntary" angle to absolve themselves of any responsibility. And I think alot of people will go for it, forgetting that so many were denied access to jobs and facilities and how much it was pushed on the general public.

  13. This plandemic has been done mostly to pave the way for the One World Government. All these unnecessary deaths are just a bonus for the rich elite eugenicists.

  14. That's very interesting, I had no idea so many catastrophic events happened in April and on April 19th. Thanks for putting this post together.

  15. I have been commenting about the potential for a 'rug pull', for a while. I thought that I had arrived at this idea on my own, perhaps not bearing in mind all the help I get from my fellow redditors. A few thoughts.

  16. If this turns out to be an AIDS 2.0 bait-and-switch, then I’m throwing away my clown-o-vision goggles. Everything just looks the same.

  17. Something about the writing style on that site reminds me of Miles Mathis. Who is very likely a committee based limited hangout. Its an interesting discovery.


  19. conspiracies are interesting but you've seriously lost touch with reality if you believe this crap as much as it seems like you do. set yourself a reminder and when this shit doesn't happen make yourself an appointment with a therapist.

  20. Go back to the normal conspiracy theory sub you people ruined. This concept is cool, but focusing on the vaccines etc just ruins it

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