I’ve been paying close attention to the contrails/chem trails in my city recently and found something odd.

  1. Years ago, I was on a conspiracy forum. Someone posted from Joplin, Missouri that they were seeding the skies above in a criss cross pattern. I turned to my two friends who were in the room and said:

  2. Please can somebody explain to me why our evil overlords have spent so much time and money making criss cross patterns over every town in the world for years? What have they achieved?

  3. Would you willingly ingest aluminum, barium and whatever other chemicals the government requested on a daily basis? Keeping us continually sick, weather modification/ climate change, calcification of the pineal gland..

  4. I live near an airport and Zero of the planes that take off or land produce any chemtrails at all and they are all commercial flights. The chemtrail planes on the other hand, are typically silver/grey, have no commercial markings on them, fly at very high altitudes, never land or take off at the airport, and also dont start spraying until after 10:30 a.m. They also sometimes have entire days off and on those days, commercial flights continue taking off and landing but there are zero chemtrail planes out.

  5. I agree with this but would like to add that not only to they fly at extremely high altitudes but in a formation that looks like the rough outline of a plane and you can only see that its a squad in formation under a telescope or binos.

  6. Chemicals didn't need you to believe in them to be real. They have been in our skies for decades now. And I'm sure you have seen them many times, you just didn't care before. But you care now and that's what matters.

  7. I've watched them spray my city for years now. They usually start at dusk and by noon the entire sky is covered.

  8. Also I tend to find the Chen trails follow the sun. They can start at one point in the sky but always end up with a layer of “clouds” over the sun from noon until sundown. The rest of the sky may even be blue but the sun is covered.

  9. I'm a dog walker that walks miles per day 7 days a week & I watch the skies. When I've witnessed jets with a trail behind them that suddenly stops & then starts again leaving a gap between the same trail, that's when I knew without a shadow of a doubt that this is spray & not exhaust. Also of note, check the upcoming weather forecast in your area proceeding heavy consecutive days of spraying- it's no coincidence.

  10. And after discovering it’s true that governments are trying and actually are controlling the weather it all comes down to this…what can you do about it?

  11. Chemtrails are definitely true. It's barium and aluminium, it is apart of a geo-engineering project. They will start slowly dripping out more info on this soon. Here are two great clips on them.

  12. US Military admitted years ago that they were the ones spraying it into the atmosphere and they have been doing it for decades.

  13. It’s about a desperate attempt to block out coronal ejections. The sun is heating up. Anyone remember when the sun used to be yellow..? Yeah…

  14. Are you a suspicious observer? The sun has many cycles and according to suspicious observers we’re approaching the 12,000 year cycle where the dust from the galactic current sheet triggers our star’s micro nova. This was, according to some sources, the actual main objective of the moon landings. Would also explain why so much effort has been made to move large assets like military bases, seed banks, and long term living spaces for a select few underground for many decades now. The disaster playlist is on YouTube if you look up suspicious observers. Even if you don’t buy into the catastrophe cycle there’s still lots of great information daily on solar activity.

  15. Ummm…at any one time there are 8-10k planes in the air. Chemtrails only appear at higher altitudes where it is cold enough to instantly turn water vapor from jet engines into ice. Night? It’s dark. Cloudy? Planes at that altitude fly above clouds. Last for hours? More like minutes. Close knit…again thousands of flights. Fun theory. But I would say just that.

  16. I’d also like to add the reason the cris cross in the skies is because they are flying over Navigational Aids (NAVAIDs) which are physical devices on the ground that aircraft can detect and fly to.. which nowadays doesn’t always mean physical. There are GPS locations that thousands of aircraft fly over which are required by ATC for traffic flow. Planes don’t just fly from point A to point B.

  17. Bunch of people in here not understanding that water turns from solid to liquid to gas at varying temperatures depending on pressure.

  18. Contrails have been around as long as high altitude airplanes have been flying. The water vapor from the engine condenses and forms cloudy streaks behind the aircraft.

  19. Operation Popeye, it's out in the open fact lol. Cloud seeding is a service you yourself can buy online, just Google "buy cloud seeding" and see for yourself.

  20. Clemson University is and was doing atmospheric aerosol experiments from jets. There’s a YouTube video where somebody called the responsible department to ask questions. They made it sound as though it was just perfectly normal stuff: like nothing to see here.

  21. It’s not a diabolical conspiracy. It’s more of a “don’t tell the masses because they’re mostly stupid “ type of conspiracy. They’re engineering weather.

  22. What is happening today? Everyone is talking about chemtrails like google is pushing it into my awareness...

  23. Vapor off the wings.. they look like a lot of instances, because planes are often in the same flight pattern, but wind moves the chemtrails out of the flight pattern. My Mom is onto this shit and it gets annoying.

  24. It’s not chemicals designed to kill us, but it is also not just vapor trails. They are engineering the weather. It’s not a conspiracy, nor is it even a secret. It’s fact. In 2010 they made it rain in Dubai 52 times, or once a week. Search for “Controlling the weather in 2025”.

  25. Ummm yes these are standard and I’ve noticed them all too the last few years. I moved from Colorado where they have a government ran cloud seeding program to make more snow in the vail for aspen and other ski resorts. But here in Virginia, no government ran program can be found by my research at least, and i see the same crap. It always bright sunny days too. They do that to “filter the sun” maybe? I’m not super sure. It usually always causes bad storms the next couple days later though

  26. Every time I see people talking about contrails (not a spell correct error btw) I remember that quote about sufficiently advanced technology being no different from magic to less advanced cultures.

  27. My advice, get the hell out of this group, grow up and get a science degree. That will solve all your stupid conspiracy problems.

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