1. The only reason Excel is preferable is because you are doing non standardised work. Excel is extremely efficient for this. Not so much if you want to repeat the same task twice.

  2. We are the same person. It’s embarrassing when someone asks me to screen share what I’m doing and I have to explain that I don’t know anything about Excel

  3. yea i dabbled with them quite a bit but as i've gotten promoted more and more i'm getting to the dark side of "i'm fucking lazy i'll just do what needs to be done in excel and not try to make it look pretty"

  4. Lol I used to be an excel monkey, but I’m now deep into python, SQL and Power BI. Unless it’s a one-off analysis, I refuse to use Excel with just the GUI. Excel + VBA? Slightly better.

  5. how do you use it? I was asked to automate a task. was easy in python. Then i figured, I couldn’t upload the code to the company server to run it. There was no server. I programmed it -cringing- in vba.

  6. Manager was trying to do some weird data manipulation shit in excel with a file with over 10k rows. He was chuckling about how it’s been running since morning. Wrote a quick script to do the same exact thing in Python and let him watch it finish in 10 seconds.

  7. It really brings everything together. If you want to add in python and R to the mix you can. SQL server, Alteryx, a little bit of Python, and Power Bi or tableau for viz. I try to stay away from doing to much DAX or coding in power bi, but sometimes it's good.

  8. Wild that STATA is on here. The amount of people I've met in consulting that have never even heard of it is ridiculous.

  9. Right tool for the right job. Excel, R, Python, SAS, STATA all have their time and place. Knowing how and when to use these tools, puts you a head of the curve. Bring obnoxious about a language or program slows you down.

  10. Yep, use all of them: R, SPSS, Strata, Tableau and Excel....at school it was R, IBM it was SPSS, Tableau/Power BI at another company and Strata/Excel where I work now. I love the drawing of the oaf...your illustrations are great!

  11. I would rather use SQL for large lists of marketing audiences or data cleansing etc. but excel is stupid powerful and if you have the right mindset you can basically find the key to immortality with it.

  12. You’re all too far gone if you really believe this. I love me some good excel, but there’s some straight copium ITT if you all really think excels the best tool for every job

  13. I must not have a high IQ bc this makes no sense lol in what world is Excel > Python? Excel is a giant 2D array whereas Python is a real language with many constructs. Unless every data structure ever is isomorphic to a 2D array I don’t see how this can be true

  14. Was at a client today and they wanted me to take a look at a bond selection excel one of their traders use, felt like it was a key man risk issue because no one else knows how to use it. It was 200+ columns, 12 sheets, fed by 4 data sources he drops in every two weeks. Had to tell them that other than sourcing the data easier there’s… probably nothing we could do.

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