Which state buys the most hot sauce per person.

  1. Incomplete data isn't necessarily useless, it just requires extra caution. Even if the average instacart user is different from the average consumer, the map would still show relative differences between states, the ratio between states would remain the same.

  2. I’m pretty sure that Coloradans use so much hot sauce because the takeouts/restaurants here are typically pretty awful.

  3. this is people ordering from instacart, so its probably heavily skewed towards people who live far from the store have to order food online if they want something like hot sauce. i dont know what the food desert situation is like for instacart shoppers in ND, but that would be my assumption. people in louisiana, texas, arizona, california, and other pepper-loving states are more probably just buying their hot sauce from the grocery store

  4. Hawaii should be redder. They have chili pepper water! They might not eat what you call hot sauce. But they eat plenty spicy things. Wasabi, ginger, garlic, curries, loads of Thai and Vietnamese foods.

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