I'm 13 bro... WTF IS WRONG WITH THIS GUY (I had to repost this, because I accidentally didn't censor some things)

  1. Same sort of guy talked some shit to me the other day, calling me a ''snowbunny''🤮 and if i like BBC so i told him that i'm not into BBC, CNN or fox news because i don't watch tv. It's so embarrassing how they're making a fetish out of themselves.

  2. When I was younger I was obsessed with doctor who. Around 4th grade I went around asking kids if they knew what bbc stood for, totally unaware of the nsfw meaning. I look back on that and giggle sometimes, just thought I’d share

  3. This happens on every social media platform. I had some creepy dude 30 year old dude talking about wanting to fuck me in the ass back on an old instagram account. Like bro I was open about liking cock but I was more open about being 14 jesus christ.

  4. I would’ve blocked him immediately. Please don’t even entertain these disgusting pieces of trash. I really think they get off on even being responded to, even if the response is one of disgust.

  5. I know it says “no advice” but a reminder to not click links from strangers because they can gain your IP address and then your location, name, and more. Even if it looks like a trusted link, I wouldn’t do it

  6. He might be North African, but he probably doesn’t live there based on his English. Especially his use of “milkers” is kind off a dead give away. My point is, there is a change that he lives in the same country as you and could be dangerous.

  7. That’s clearly a white dude posing as a black man…. Milkers??? Come on man! I hate it for the women out out here. They get this creepy shit from all sides.

  8. Wowww. I’m sorry these people exist and feel the need to do this. The way he talked was weird af too, like I guess he’s 16(maybe), but he’s a creep for life regardless.

  9. Idk as a F in late 20s I can say this has been happening on the internet since I first got on it in the early 2000s and it was definitely most common from men in mid-late 20s and 45+ age range. I had engaged a few times because it made me feel some kind of way to tell them to fuck off but 1) they definitely get off on the engagement, ignoring your boundaries and treating you as an inferior object really gets them off. 2) the overwhelming interaction with men constantly devaluing me as this fleshlight that deserves literal abuse and (scary but very often) r*pe, definitely affected my mental health and view of the world, how I live in it, etc.

  10. The best thing to do in any of these scenarios is just to block them as soon as they send something creepy they probably get off in your just responding

  11. jesus. Sometimes this sub makes me want to scream. At a certain point, please stop engaging with these awful people. They get off on your reaction, or they wouldn't keep doing it. When I was 13 I did the same thing, because I didn't want to be rude and not reply, but these creeps do not deserve a response after you've said you're not interested and they keep going.

  12. Completely agree with you. I almost wish teens were blocked from posting here because it’s starting to seem like this sub incentivizes them to respond.

  13. You let that go a little too long. Don’t disrespect yourself like that. You never know how those conversations and images embed themselves in your subconscious. Just say eff that close the chat and go enjoy a bag of snickers or chocolate pretzels. Don’t allow anyone to make you uncomfortable for that long.

  14. 100%. Back when random pervs would call my jobs I would start saying weirder shit back at them and they'd hang up. One of them always wanted us to step on his weiner. One told me I was disgusting. 😆

  15. dont respond to people like this, its exactly what they want. sadly there are way too many creeps out there.

  16. I'll never understand why these interactions last more than the initial fucked up message. These idiots get off getting a rise out of people so just shut the shit down before they even get a chance. Block, report then move on. Maybe the behavior would start to curb..

  17. Seriously… I’m so disturbed by this sub lately. There’s so many comments encouraging young girls to keep talking with strangers on the internet who want to send them explicit content, just so they can laugh about it here. This poor girl is 13 and was talking to this man so she could get content for this sub. Is no one else upset by this??? Can we have like a rule that minors can’t post here unless it’s initial messages only???

  18. buddy i dont think this guy is actually black. sounds like a white guy obsessed with race. i’ll give you the slack because you’re young, but don’t fall pray to racist remarks, especially when it is bait

  19. I’m so sorry you had to deal with that. I wish there was some kind of rickroll you could send these creeps to get them automatically put on a watchlist for child endangerment or something.

  20. Please don't engage with creeps like this. They don't deserve your time or energy. By giving them a reaction, even a negative one, it gives them attention which is what they want. They don't care if it's positive or negative attention, they're pathetic enough that any attention will do.

  21. Don’t keep messaging creeps like that when they talk to you. They belong on 4chan talking about how every girl needs some bbc lol.

  22. Ughhhh I am so sorry! A few months ago a man came up to me and asked "when is the last time you had some quality young BBC?" I said no 6 times and lied I said a bf and he was not deterred. Had to yell at him and literally run away.

  23. Look I know it's not your fault he did that or messaged you but stop responding and just block. Responding to them means they still win.

  24. Chile, you don't owe an explanation of your sexuality to a predator. I see so many of the younger people try and say "I have a bf" "I like girls" "I'm underage" This kind of behavior isn't acceptable to anyone, you don't have to have a bf or like women to not have to deal with this. You can be a straight, single, horny woman and still NOT WANT A STRANGER TO SEND DICK PICS

  25. I was just thinking this, like she kept the chat going for so long only to use it as an opportunity to farm karma and then has some sort of internalized racism

  26. Christ, cut her some slack. I highly doubt she was serious, and she confirmed she wasn’t. This comment is too chronically Reddit, even for a person that follows leftist progressive subs

  27. FYI - you replying to him there definitely 100% added to his "kink". Try to avoid it in the future - best thing to do is to report, block and try to forget it ever happened. A good visit to

  28. I'm confused why do people even continue talking in that situation. It's not particularly difficult to just, y'know, stop and block em instead of feeding the asshole troll. This dude wants this negative attention.

  29. I’m surprised to see people responding to messages like this. Wouldn’t it be easier just to ghost. Block these accounts?

  30. I dont get how people keep falling for this, if you look at the account it's a super obvious bait account, they post in lfc subs, stating their age all over and nothing else. Wouldnt be surprised if the creep is just another one of their accounts.

  31. You heard it here first, guys: rejecting the aggressive advances of someone who’s threatening to rape a minor makes you racist

  32. Say you’re going to r*** me when you find me, don’t get mad when I say I’ll fucking end you if you so much as ever come near me 🙃.

  33. As a dude (who is white, not that it matters that much), WHAT. THE. FUCK. Pls do not use him a as a representative of us. The male gender disowns him.

  34. message to op and any other 13 year olds that see this: if they say “it’s ok bc i’m 16!” it is not okay. 13 and 16 is a predatory age gap, take it from someone who’s 18 and has been 16 before. if a 16 year old is interested in a 13 year old something is wrong edit: also please don’t entertain the creeps. i understand you needed evidence but you should never let it get to the point where you’re ‘trolling’ them, the more you interact even if it’s out of humour the more they get out of it. for your own safety, and i say this out of concern, block and report and do not interact. it’s not funny, it’s dangerous

  35. Don't reply to these sorts of messages, just ignore and if they persist say you're reporting it to the police as you're a minor. That always seems to shut them up as the police can track them.

  36. I know you're really young but you should just block people who do this instead of engaging with them, which is giving them exactly what they want. The longer you let them be a creep to you, the more they get off from it.

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  38. This makes me so sad. I have two young daughters and there's probably no way for them to avoid this garbage if they use social media...

  39. Yeah, there's no way to avoid it. All kids/teens who use social media got at least one message like this (I talked about it with my friends who are the same age as I am and they're using social media for loger time than I am using it, and they said that this kind of messages is pretty common. Which makes me sad.)

  40. Just a question ... Why do you guys continue on with these conversations? Is the block button hard to find? Not being rude or nothing, but me, myself, would have ended that after the first link.

  41. Don't worry, I just wanted him to feel bad. I have in fact some friends that are other race than I am, and they're the best friends I could ever have. So really don't worry, I'm not a racist :)

  42. what makes you say that? don't underestimate men of other races please. I can show you some disgusting screenshots from people of every race. I never understand this ''this guy is not black but white'' A black brit told me yesterday how he's going to rape me with his BBC after calling me a snowbunny. Some men aint shit no matter what race they have.

  43. I really wish people like this didn't exist. Why can't everyone just be respectful, and not a creep. That level of creep can scare Jeepers creepers. You handled that well, especially with the relentless gross comments from that creep. Stay safe, that goes for everyone that reads this too.

  44. I think the real question is: are people ok. There are sane men and women, but there are also men and women who have a screw loose like the guy in the picture. It’s a form of mental illness and maybe even being poorly raised, something that can happen to both genders, it just manifests differently.

  45. As another sixteen year old this just disgusts me. He needs to keep his dick in his pants, contact the police and get a fuckin restraining order if you can not only is this sexual harassment he even threw in threats and even if it’s over the internet the police can do something about it. He’s prolly like a 40 year old in real life too pretending to be 16 so maybe throw in a pedo charge

  46. kinda feel like you kept humouring him. i would have just threatened him and left idk. or maybe sent a horribly revolting image to maybe counteract the horn dog behaviour

  47. Hey just to let you know you handled this really well by staying firm on your boundaries. But showing what self defense moves you’d use on someone isnt the smartest. If someone were to attack you and you give them that information they’ll know how to handle that and overpower you

  48. Gross gross gross gross grossssss. Oh god, as of yesterday I'm 10 years older than you and the sad part is that it doesn't necessarily get better. Being a ~*~girl~*~ on the internet just kinda. Makes creeps come to you.

  49. Fun fact, bbc is fake. The average penis size across race demographics is just about the same so yknow. Go figure he’s a creep and a fetishist

  50. Would’ve just deleted the convo. Even at 13 I knew better to not entertain creeps like that. Think she’s never heard of a block button 😂

  51. I wish people here would stop congratulating OP and encouraging her. What she should’ve done is just blocked and reported him and stopped talking to him.

  52. I gotta leave this sub man the amount of posters that don’t immediately block these people after 3 msgs at most is infuriating

  53. We do not endorse or condone baited content/going along with the creep "just to see" or for content. We do not want our users (esp underage) putting themselves in potentially dangerous situations. Should you wish to post these on other days please feel free to visit our sister sub

  54. Yes. I learned that Reddit thinks it’s a good idea to encourage 13 year olds to click on links from sexual predators. It’s great he was banned but it was not her responsibility to endanger herself for this.

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