Man caught for lip syncing in an interview

  1. I mean, as ludicrously stupid as this bamboozle tactic is, if I HAD to lip sync my way through an interview, I'd use a bigger mic with one of those large pop filter attachments and place it between the camera and the bottom of my face so that my mouth would be hidden.

  2. How could anyone possibly lip sync in real-time when what's being said is spontaneously generated speech?

  3. This is apparently ridiculously common in the Salesforce developer community. So much so that recruiters will sometimes have candidates turn their cameras around and show them the entire room, verify their ID’s before beginning the interview, etc

  4. Not directly related but I once saw a candidate for a developer job calmly Googling the answers to the question we just asked him. He had his webcam on and we could see his screen in the reflection of his glasses.

  5. I had a firm ran by Indian natives (not race dropping, just stating recruitment firm geographic original), that tried to get me to apply for a position WAAAY above my grade when I was in my late twenties. I had just enough bullet points in my resume to be related to the position, which was basically "knows what a crayon is" being used as credentials for being a teacher.

  6. I still don't get it. Assuming he makes it through the interview and is hired, then what? The first meeting or task will show that he cannot speak English and/or has no clue about Salesforce.

  7. We use Salesforce at work. It is crap. If you leave it to time out (if you are busy with other work) the automatically generated url for the login screen causes the login process too fail, you have to remove all of the string apart from the homepage.

  8. i use sales force daily and working with the development company from india we contract with is a nightmare

  9. ServiceNow, too. I hope our recruiters are doing that now. We recently fired two people in the same week (their first week) because they had other people interview in their places. I believe we had one other people get caught at some point in the past too.

  10. Lift that ENORMOUS microphone pop filter half an inch and it covers the whole mouth… “LIP READING INTERVIEWERS HATE THIS ONE SIMPLE TRICK”

  11. Here I am, suffering from imposter syndrome and regularly second-guessing the decisions I make at work. Meanwhile, there are literal imposters out there who seem totally fine getting paid to do something they are unqualified for.

  12. Guy at my work was getting a sponsored visa by my company, but due to certain rule changes in my country his position (some hospitality floor manager role) was removed from the allowed professions for sponsorship as it's a relatively unskilled job. My company did the dodgy and listed him as someone in finance like an accounts manager or whatever instead so that they could still sponsor him and in return he would work for them for a few years at a relatively reduced salary knowing that he would get Permanent Residency in a nice western country afterwards as his reward.

  13. Same here man. I question everything I do and a project somehow gets completed at the end of the sprint 🤷‍♂️

  14. What’s the reason for doing this? Does he feel like he has the technical skills for the job, but doesn’t feel confident speaking or giving the interview?

  15. My dad who works in IT told me people secure the job in this way, and outsource all the tasks to someone that knows what they’re doing. This is especially prevalent in the South Indian community where they have tight connections and want to help each other out. but idk why this guy is applying for a senior position where you’re not just doing tasks like the interviewer said

  16. Jesus. Isn’t it insanely difficult to get an H1B visa? There would be like 4 rounds of interviews surely, and you have to meticulously prove your skills and past experiences with references etc. I can’t believe faking one interview like this has ever led to someone getting an H1B visa.

  17. We just ran into this while interviewing a candidate. I had know idea what was going on. But my co-interviewer caught it right away and put an end to the interview. He called it a ‘proxy candidate’ and seems to be common in some communities.

  18. Why someone should lip syncing an interview? Like... they will find out, clearly, and seem kinda pointless to me.

  19. If hired, they’ll be paid until it becomes clear that the person hired can’t do the job. That’s months, possibly a year of free monry

  20. Indians are such shameless people. Did he think about what would happen if he actually got the job and then had to show up to all those meetings ? Absolutely idiot.

  21. The guy being interviewed isn't qualified for the job. So, he had his buddie (who presumably is) answer the technical questions for him.

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