Trailer for Rob Zombie’s Munsters. Felt like it belonged here.

  1. I was thinking it looks like a Spirit Halloween Store commercial but you just summed it up absolutely perfectly.

  2. I have no idea why Rob Zombie puts his name at the start of his movie titles... But I do appreciate that it helps me quickly filter out the rest of the title and the movie itself :)

  3. Looks cheap, but not in an endearing way. It's like they got a 8 figure budget and want to find the best way possible to make the cheapest looking movie.

  4. My favourite part was when the woman in the Halloween costume fainted at seeing Herman Munster, who looks equally as fake as a Halloween costume.

  5. I’m not sure what’s more cringe. The fact that it looks like a B roll movie. Or the fact Rob zombie puts his wife in every movie. Also if I do watch it I’m turning off color. I didn’t like OG Musters when they put them in color.

  6. Is that his wife Sheri as well? Every time he crams her in yet another movie I physically cringe. She can’t act, but I guess he feels obligated every time(?) At this point in just seems like she’s with him for her career

  7. She was alright in House if 1000 corpses since all she had to do was be a loud psycho. Plus Sid Haig and Bill Mosley pretty much carried all scenes they were in together so she could piggyback off them.

  8. When I first watched the trailer I was shocked because Rob Zombie LOVES The Munsters. Why would he do this? I’m hoping it’s an “ugly Sonic” situation, but I don’t think it is.

  9. As I understand it, Universal is producing this film through its “straight to video” studio part of the company. It’s been in production hell for some time. But the straight to video piece I mentioned explains why they filmed in Budapest and why it might look naturally less of quality than a standard film. Editing and color correction I can’t defend or explain.

  10. I smell a huge bomb here, I was groaning the whole time during this pre-view of the new Munsters movie at all the forced lame jokes being used in this film, I don’t think comedy is Rob Zombie’s strong hand, should of stick to horror movies.

  11. It's crazy to me that it looks like it has worse production value and acting than the original show. This looks like it was done by complete amateurs

  12. Dear lord this looks horrible. Rob Zombie's movies are only tolerable when they're full-on schlock. This is so campy, colorful, and looks like it won't work on any level. I'm also surprised they got Ted Cruz to agree to play Grandpa. They must have called his wife ugly during the meeting.

  13. Ummmmm...wasn't the original show campy? I feel like this seems like it's the same as the show was. I'm down for it. I'm sure it won't be great, but I like Rob Zombie's other work, so I'm sure there will be redeeming parts.

  14. So my theory? This is clever marketing - and this trailer is bait, and the switch is coming. They made a bunch of fake dialogue for the trailer to get a fake PG rating.

  15. Won't happen, Rob's been saying since the beginning that he's trying to make it as close as the original TV show as possible.

  16. I mean maybe, but to what end? They've already lost people because of this. I know people think the OG sonic design was fake and say how successful it ended up being. Even if it was fake, the reason the movie did so well was because it was a legitimately good movie, not just because they lowered expectations with that shit design. Maybe I'm totally wrong, I just can't see how this is a better strategy than just releasing a good design/show to begin with.

  17. It’s not… cute like The Munsters were. There’s no endearment. It’s all tacky and I’m saying this as someone very into Rob zombie’s terrible films. I just love the old Munsters episodes more. I have them all on dvd.

  18. I think a lot of commenters here are mistaking camp for cheapness. Everything in the trailer looks very intentional. It appears to be doing what it intends to do. I happen to think it looks interesting enough, I’ll probably watch it. But taste aside, it shouldn’t be judged as cheap when that’s what it’s setting out to do. It’s like saying the “Paper Mario” looks cheap because the characters are made of paper.

  19. Just seen this pop up a few minutes ago and it instantly peaked my interest. House of 1000 corpses is one of my favorite movies of all time. My interest was instantly squashed. Seen someone say it looks like a high budget school project and/or a money laundering scheme and that’s a pretty accurate observation.

  20. It is weirdly low quality looking, almost like Rob put a lot of the small budget he had into sets but overshot and couldn't make it work. Or it could just be the way the audio is cut in the trailer + the low quality of the actual upload. Hard to tell.

  21. Why did they spend all that money buying costumes at Spirit Halloween only to cheap out on the camera and lighting? It looks like it was shot on my Dad's camcorder.

  22. Today on The Clamp Movie Network: A classic colorized and updated for modern audiences that no one wanted. Done in the most cringey way possible and starring one of the worst spouses, er, i mean actresses in history. Rob Zombies' The Munsters.

  23. I didn't think it was cringe. It seems like its trying to be faithful to the original. It definitely was a little too campy but I wasn't cringing.

  24. i agree. i mean i don't know why everyone is shitting on it. it's intentional and it's a trailer. the whole point of a trailer is to give you an idea of what the movie is like so you can decide if you want to watch it. will i watch it? idk probably not. do i get what he's trying to do? yeah, he loves campy horror stuff. it's totally on brand for him. i never thought of rob as a master horror director. he just a guy doing what he loves for people that have a similar taste.

  25. That's what I'm thinking! I'm only in my 30s, but I watched The Munsters on Nick at Nite, and this looks exactly like the show. I'm down for it.

  26. I love camp too as long as it’s funny or has some charm to it or whatever but going by this trailer it doesn’t look like it has any of that, just cringe. Who knows though maybe it’s just a bad trailer.

  27. Ummmm....I don't think it looks that bad? It's supposed to be nostalgic for people who watched the show. Even though I'm in my 30s, I watched the show pretty regularly on Nick at Nite growing up, and this looks like it's the same vibe. I'll watch it!

  28. theres a million things to say but I just want to point out that the narrator in the first 10 seconds when he says "the greatest love story ever told" is making the mic pop with the T sounds. That level of amateur, I just don't understand how this happened.

  29. A few decades after the famous Universal production of Frankenstein, with its truly magnificent visual conception and makeup, and the unique, inimitable portrayal by Karloff (despite ridiculous attempts by even Lugosi), the image of the Monster was arresting and still a little traumatic. That was another time. This movie is likely to fail miserably. No one cares about the Monster to the point that seeing him parodied is some kind of revelation.

  30. Yikes. You can tell it was made purposely cheap looking. If your really wanted to capture that low budget feel just do it on a low budget. When you make stuff look cheap on purpose it just looks cheap. When you do a lot with very little it looks brilliant.

  31. To a certain degree, this feels correct for a new munsters. I use to watch a ton of it on late night tv in highschool. So it is jarring to see a new movie feel like this. should it be done just like the old one? idk. But it does feel weird in the wrong way, even if it does feel sorta correct.

  32. I wonder what the average age of the people ripping this is and if they have ever actually seen the show because this looks like a pretty faithful adaption of the stuff i would I would see on Nick at Night. The Munsters was always kinda cringey to begin with but thats part of the charm.

  33. I hate all the Zombie fans who are defending this by claiming "The original Munsters was campy! This is honoring the source material!"

  34. It's just terrible. The oversaturated color and terrible cutting make it difficult visually. The Munsters was suppose to be a sitcom, where they thought they were normal. It seems like this is doing the opposite, focusing on the outlandish. Hopefully it's just an awful trailer and the movie will be great... but I don't have high hopes.

  35. I've never liked his movies, personally, but I at least hoped this one would be different since I'm a massive fan of The Munsters. This trailer was just painful.

  36. was saddened by the fact that this wasn't just gonna be a remake of the old show (which is still funny today + holds up well in most cases)

  37. I'm going to blunt, and I know this won't get a warm reception but... I have not enjoyed any of Rob Zombie's movies that I've seen.. He seems like a decent guy otherwise with a genuine love of film, but they just do nothing for me.

  38. I’ve been seeing this get made for a long time. Finally seeing the finished product. It doesn’t look bad but it is weird. Not really my thing

  39. Rob….Mr. Zombie if you will….your collaboration with Lionel Ritchie on the remake of the song Brick House was the shit….saw you at a music fest and damn near rocked my spine out my back…but THIS?

  40. it looks fine, like one of those movies good for a couple of laughs but is forgotten about until someone posts it in a compilation of bad movies.

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