Give me your letterbox top 4, and I’ll roast you. (Inspired by the tik tok)

  1. Can’t say much here because those are all great films, but I’m getting the vibe that you have bland taste in movies.

  2. I have no idea which Christine you’re referring to. There’s no movie called Christine (Clarke), the two movies called Christine are directed by a Carpenter and a Campos respectively, and the only thing that comes up when I search “Christine (Clark) movie” on Google is a short film called Corn: A Story of Addiction.

  3. My current top 4 is what I feel needs more attention. They're Ritual, aka Shiki Jitsu, Love and Pop, Punishment Park, and Fail Safe. Actual top 4 are Schindler's list, Ritual, Walle and Hardcore Henry

  4. i rotate my top 4 often based on what’s been on my mind so rn it’s Halloween vibes and have been on a darker movie kick. yes I know none of these are criterion standard (except climax should be in the collection with every Noe film)

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