Shakespearean Criterions?

  1. Kurosawa’s three Shakespeare adaptations are great, Throne of Blood (Macbeth), Ran (King Lear), and the lesser known one, The Bad Sleep Well (Hamlet).

  2. Polanski’s Macbeth is my favourite, just barely ahead of Kurosawa’s Throne of Blood, but both are amazing.

  3. Polanski's Macbeth is the best film Shakespeare. The dialogue just punches you in the head. Swell dream sequences! Groovy soundtrack. Gritty-looking Scottish mud (actually shot in Wales, but gritty).

  4. If it says Orson Welles on it, it’s gonna be incredible (Chimes at Midnight, Othello, and Macbeth — the latter being released by Olive Films)

  5. My favourite Bard movie of all time, which I wish was in the Criterion catalog is Peter Hall's King Lear with Paul Scofield.

  6. I like Chimes at Midnight and Ran as much the next guy, but Titus (which is on the channel) is super underrated and absolutely worth your time.

  7. Throne of Blood is the best Shakespeare adaptation in my mind. The Richard III starring Ian McKellan is extraordinary, and Al Pacino’s Looking for Richard is a terrific movie too.

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