Happy Holidays πŸ’—

  1. I still don't understand how you're able to get a breastplate to look with no seams around the neck I need to learn the Jedi tricks

  2. Its difficult but using a choker necklace and buying a breast plate closest to your skin tone helps. The second bit is a lot more difficult but makeup blending can help on your neck.

  3. I have a type of roll on adhesive that holds it in place, then it's just make up. It helps that ive got a good jaw line as it hides it well, and if I'm feeling a little lazy a nice chocker will cover it.

  4. Absolutely adore your look, how comfortable id the plate to wear for long periods of time? I really want to get one but id be wearing it for 11+hours at a time at larp events and just didnt want to.chaff to death lol

  5. The one I have is filled with silicone which gets Sweaty after two hours. Ones filled with cotton are sold by Roanyer which a cheaper and you can wear for a lot longer. They use don’t give that realistic feel .

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