Tirade Tuesday - 13 Sep 2022

  1. I wish the 75+lb jumpy dogs weren’t allowed to run around unleashed in my gym. They’ve scratched me up, which was annoying, but this week they terrorized one of the coach’s kids and I had to get between them. I mean, really? What possible benefit is to be had by allowing this that offsets the risk?

  2. I'm going on 3yrs...my biggest problem has been a neuroma in one foot that 2 podiatrists said they can't help me with. It literally hurts to walk on but they can't fix it (?!) so extensive dub practice is impossible.

  3. I sprained my left middle finger about 4 months ago after using a pair of victory grips for T2B. It’s finally come good, well 90% good, and now I’ve literally just done the same thing to the same finger on my right hand doing the same movement wearing the same god damned grips! At this point I’d rather cut off my godforsaken finger than go through another 4 months of not being able to use my middle finger properly, especially since it’s my most used finger when I’m driving!

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