Is this worth trying to fix? Every CRT I pick up seems to have similar issues. Thoughts?

  1. This really doesn't look so bad to me. Have you tried adjusting the focus control? Looks like it can use some tweaks to the vertical position and linearity, and the convergence is not great, but it is otherwise solid IMO.

  2. The games look pretty good. If I could fix the geometry things you just mentioned, then I'd keep it forever and ever.

  3. geometry doesn't look too bad, it's just that the grid is designed to highlight these issues, while it might be totally fine during actual gameplay

  4. Update: after booting up some games and playing for longer than I intended, I no longer care about the issues. It's so beautiful that I'm just going to keep it and use it.

  5. That's good to hear, I think that sometimes we get so caught up in trying to get things perfect that we forget to enjoy what we have.

  6. I have a 27PS55, similar to your set. It has some issues; there's some green discoloration on the left hand side, and the left side is kind of "blown up" and larger than the right. When I first got the set, I struggled to try and improve the geometry and got frustrated with it... But when I actually just sit any play games on it, I don't care at all. I'm sure all the TVs I had growing up had the same issues and I never cared back then either.

  7. I feel like people see BVM / Pro monitors and see their geometry, and then forget consumer sets are consumer sets and won't hit that precision level in most instances.

  8. Phillips crts are better than trinitons to me. Did you tried going to the service screen? it's a series of numbers on the remote then you press menu, you can adjust geometry from there, just don't mess with anything else. I have a Philips too, another model. I got it fixed by a guy that fixes crts. $75 repair. Image is beautiful and colourful and detailed. A filter was broken on mine and he replaced it.

  9. I'm noticing less while I'm playing final fantasy 9 right now. It's quite beautiful really, so I think I was just overly concerned about stuff that doesn't matter that much to me I guess.

  10. What are you concerned about? Geometry is imperfect, but looks pretty good overall. Overscan is acceptable. I see no huge convergence issues. You could get a cleaner image through S-video, but otherwise seems to have a nice image.

  11. honestly I find if the scrolling is good, and the picture is bright you're golden (unless the geometry is super wonky of course, but this looks perfectly serviceable)

  12. Don’t let perfect be the enemy of great. That’s kind of the reason why CRTs are beloved. They don’t produce “perfect” images. They produce soft, slightly distorted images due to the scan lines, shadowmasks, aperturegrills, flickering, etc. The beauty is in the unique experience, rather than a homogenized one.

  13. This is the 240p test suite. I'm emulating it on a homebrew Wii via snes9x and component cables. It's essentially a snes ROM that boots like a game. Although lve heard the Sega Genesis version is better, I'm too lazy to get it.

  14. So this is going to sound silly but could you please educate me to what exactly am I looking at that turns off people with this stuff in wanting to have things 'perfect'? Been interested in learning this stuff for a while so I hope you could shed some light on what is wrong here and what it is supposed to look like exactly.

  15. It took me a minute to see the issue, squished geometry on the bottom... notbsure how to fix that one, but it might be doable via system menu. Internally I have no experiece repairing them physically...

  16. Growing up in the 80s we never had this dumb test suite to obsess about grid patterns and geometry. I never knew this crap existed until I hopped on this sub a few years ago.

  17. Our sets also came out of the factory in perfect plug and play fashion then too. it's been upto 40 years of bumps, drops and failing components since some of these sets came out. There also wasn't anything better than a CRT

  18. Why is everybody saying it's fine? The vertical linearity is the most atrocious i've ever seen; it's why i stopped using my best Sony, it's fucking unbearable on 2d content.

  19. if you want perfect geometry youll have to learn to adjust them. Shango66 said it best, everything is so preferential with these the user also needs to be the technician.

  20. I'm capable of figuring it out and performing the work. I was more or less looking for opinions about it's condition. Like whether or not this was something that could be repaired easily or more extensive such as recapping. I think I'm more of the mindset that if somebody could point me to the issues I need to solve I could proceed in that direction.

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