This mission scared me shitless

  1. Cartoon is definitely freaky, but what freaked me most is that woman figure behind the curtain in the BD that disappears when you get close

  2. Way out on the edge of the badlands there's another spot loaded with landmines. There's a gig in the middle of that minefield but I drove right through and finished the mission before I noticed them all. I spent a good hour disarming them but a few mines lie forever out of reach because they're beyond where the game makes you turn back.

  3. Say what you will about the game, but the storytelling and atmosphere is amazing. It is well worth replaying sections to try and do the choices you would never otherwise make, simply because they are so well made. Only recently tried the "path of least resistance" ending, and it was excellent and quite emotional.

  4. What about the one mission with the soldier suffering with PTSD and you have to convince him not to kill himself. I got him to say he was going to get help and when I walked out the room I heard a gunshot, I walked back just to see he shot himself anyway.

  5. Truth. Even one simple gig has few alternative endings and lot of gigs are related with main story/other gigs as well. Even the order of completing quests matters. People who say that they saw everything in Cyberpunk 2077 are just lying because it is not possible to see everything. I have over 1900 hours in THE GAME and I just found another, alternative way of completing The Rescue quest, the very first quest after completing prologue.

  6. This is the mission I most often point to when I tell people how great the story telling in Cyberpunk can be. Despite the flaws, the story telling in this game can be amazing.

  7. "He's fucked in the head, the world's fucked in the head - and you're fucked in the head 'cause MY fucked up head is inside it. Guess if you want to save the world, that's the first step - get fucked in the head"

  8. Did you notice that the restaurant where Simmerman is having his last meal…is laid out almost exactly like Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Last Supper” painting?

  9. I just re-played through this side quest, the first time through I convinced him not to go through with it, this time I just went with it. I stopped playing for a couple of days after that it just didn't sit well with me.

  10. Dude that mission actually made me feel sick like I couldn’t play for a couple hours after finishing it up, that BD in the barn was fucking horrifying.

  11. If I recall it's a side job that starts in Pacifica maybe heywood? Possibly the badlands, or thats just where you end up. It's one you do with River.

  12. That cartoon disturbed me more than the rest of the mission, honestly. I guess because it's sort of blends silly and horrifying together instead of just sticking to one.

  13. I happened to do both in the time span of like 4 hours (did not know what to expect) and needed a break from the game for a good two weeks.

  14. This one is way more fucked up to me (compared to sinnerman), maybe because I'm not religious? I did that in one go, all nails. The cartoon however haunts me for weeks

  15. Maybe I’m desensitized, but this mission didn’t rattle me. I found it super fucked up, and even had a few “holy shit” moments. However it didn’t really get me how it seems to get most ppl

  16. Only mission that had me cringing (in a good way) was Sinnerman. The crucification thing came straight out of left field

  17. I think the folks who are claiming to be rattled or messed up after these quests are either being dramatic or are young/sheltered.

  18. Can someone explain to me what Anthony Harris was actually doing to those boys? Like it’s obviously super creepy and fucked up but other than “treating them like cattle” and giving them hormones, I can’t figure out what he was actually doing.

  19. I think the answer to this is whatever you think it is. It's very Tarantino-esque in that the violence happened off screen. This lets your imagination fill in the blanks, which is much more powerful than being explicitly told. After all, everyone has different levels of fuckedupness.

  20. If you read the computers you can get a lot of insight into it. Gonna also share some additional thoughts on the whole thing:

  21. Keeping them captive, restrained, and drugged isn't bad enough for you? They were conscious, seemingly, at least some of the time, and possibly all of the time--since that one boy is trying to escape in the BD. He might also have been torturing the boys in other ways (e.g., sexual abuse, further psychological abuse, assault) though that's not explicit.

  22. Without spoiling, how do I start whatever mission you all are talking about? I'm in the dark here and I want to go in blind.

  23. It all starts with Peralez first side quest. After you finish that River should ask you to help him with something later.

  24. Completed this one last weekend. This mission managed to invoke a feeling of sickening dread in me, I absolutely loved it. One of those moments you realise that Cyberpunk 2077 is a work of art.

  25. Honestly it was scary enough seeing the cows hooked up during the BD. Hooking humans into the pipes with the blue mask covering their face is a pretty disturbing thing to think about, but think about how many cows must be like this.

  26. During this mission, I couldn't put the controller down. I really couldn't do anything but try and fix the situation. When it was over, I had to take a break for a few hours. They did really well in getting us invested into this story.

  27. This and the Parelez's quest are the most freakiest and fed up quest I think I mean NightCity is already fed up already, and this and the other questline goes beyond.

  28. The crucifixion did affect me, mostly as I was still a Christian back then (was already deconverting), but yeah. This mission did indeed do nothing to me. But it's good that the storytelling did affect a lot of people. Goes to show the quality.

  29. Nah not really, Randy does look like a 40 year old dude and why should be this scarry? Alien Isolation was scary, Resident Evil 1 was scary, Amnesia was scary but this? Just another fucked up gonk doing fucked up shit.

  30. Is this an: "Other people are not allowed to have different emotional reactions and experiences from me and if they claim to be different they are wrong" post?

  31. Has anyone ever hurt you before? And have you learned to understand and cope with that pain? I usually only see this kind of comment from people who have never been hurt or have never contextualized their pain.

  32. I feel like this mission and Sinnerman are over-hyped, especially Sinnerman. I had more emotional impact from Scorpion and Evelyn than either of those. Maybe I misunderstood - isn't he farming their thoughts for BDs? Keeping them in poor conditions like cattle? Direct comparison to the cruelty of our existing reality with livestock turned up to 11 and whatnot? Now Dirty Biz, that was disturbing

  33. As much as I found River to be pretty run-of-the-mill, this questline is one of my absolute favorites in the entire game. I’d love to see a NC-noire style detective dlc or something

  34. Well considering I'm just in the middle of this mission and this pops up yeah I'm even more unnerved now, haha.

  35. This was hands down the best mission in the game imo. I would love a detective dlc where you go around solving cases like this

  36. Dude there were some bugs that made me freak out even more.. like the braindance scene in the cafeteria are had the nightmare cows placed accidentally in random areas.. it's creppy and scary as hell when you just look around the corner and this static cow stands there staring out of the void into your soul.

  37. Took me by surprise how fucking sadistic and dark this quest really got. Proud of them for having the balls to really go there story wise

  38. Yea…that was nightmare fuel. There’s definitely a few other fucked up missions like Sinnerman and the father and kid duo with the BD’s but this takes the psycho and turns it to 1000%.

  39. I did this entire mission at around 1-3am in my first playthrough and stayed awake for much longer staring at my ceiling trying to sleep after it lol

  40. Took a few seconds to realise what it was, wasn't in the sub at the time. Had the most physical reaction of disgust and distaste. It's been over 6 months since I saw it last, this game strikes deep.

  41. Still gives me the creeps, as soon as i saw this part I knew there's was something going on like a human farm and sadly my predictions were correct but also the backstory was sadly aswell as I thought he's gonna stab his teacher with the fork. They really master on the story tho

  42. I’m replaying the game and I’m literally driving to the barn rn, most messed up side quest; only Sinnerman and Peralez come close in terms of being messed up.

  43. Great quest. The only part about this and River’s line in general is the lack of context we have on Randy. We don’t meet him until we rescue him, and there’s no interaction. V asks River about him later as if we’d had some kind of relationship but we just don’t. It rang hollow.

  44. Probably the best mission in the game, imo. Only one that properly stuck with me when compared to all the games I’ve played

  45. Without spoilers (because even now people are still playing the game for the first time) I recently completed it myself. I have to say that it was one of the best side missions in the entire game and gave a glimpse into how people in the outer regions of Night City live.

  46. Meh. At some point I find our about this creepy farm but I wasn't really invested in Rivers story line and never really tried to start it again. He's a nice guy but I can't be bothered to care about him in the first place.

  47. This questline gave me kind of trouma tbh, I don't want to experience it in BD or VR, imagine analyzing every part of fucked up memory in almost real-time.

  48. When I first played this quest I had genuine nightmares for a while. It was some of the freakiest shit I've ever seen.

  49. Wait till u meet the child killer bd scrolling father and son team. I have a special save file right before their big moment so I can get creative😈.

  50. This is hands down the best mission in the game. You just can't even compare the others to this masterpiece. It has everything: horror, romance, mystery, sneaking, combat, grief, hatred, love, it makes a great use of braindance has some of the best characters in the game it's sickening it's twisted it's everything you can ask from a cyberpunk world. I wish all questlines were like this. Playing trough it and trying to get into the mind of a sick psychopath was pure extasy.

  51. One of the hardest parts of that mission was seeing the dad verbally (and physically?) abuse the kid. It made me so sad for some reason.

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