Why not wear more protective gear? #roadbike

  1. There's no particular need for that level of protective equipment. Cycling isn't especially dangerous, nor is road rash. Why don't pedestrians wear helmets, or kids wear knee pads in the park?

  2. In my experience, cycling is extremely dangerous. Cars, pedestrians, other cyclists, aquaplanning, chain failures, tire failures - you name it.

  3. Hot, uncomfortable, won't actually do anything, and it's not a slight aero disadvantage. Hairy legs are a slight disadvantage. A bunch of random, useless padding is a major aero disadvantage. Would probably cause some ungodly chafing on the back of your knees, too.

  4. This. I recently bought a pair of bib shorts that are longer than normal. They come down to right above my knee. When I'm riding they bunch up behind my knees and are super uncomfortable. I have to fiddle with them to pull them up higher but not too high to bunch up.

  5. I think it's a mix of odds and stakes. Road bike crashes are actually pretty rare, and most of the injuries aren't that bad. They can be...but it's even more rare.

  6. More likely a major aerodynamic disadvantage, heavy, uncomfortable, possibly restricting movement, expense and maintenance (they are going to get really sweaty), not entirely effective. Every crash I've had my forearms and side/hips take the damage.

  7. I think a lot of us cyclists deal with a concerned girlfriend/wife/significant other… mine was seriously concerned after my first actual crash (brushed my front wheel on another rider) but I think most crashes result in more road rash than anything else, and if you are unlucky enough to be more injured, it’s probably a collarbone which pads unfortunately wouldn’t help with.

  8. For the same reason we don't wear helmets while driving a car. It would be a silly pain in the ass for measurable but negligible safety improvement.

  9. Redbull did something like that in the early 2000s and 2010s, I think the cost of road closure and insurance stopped it. It was set up like 4cross on the mtb side

  10. In the pro peleton, this concept is actually a thing in recent years. There's an apparel company (EVOC) that make low-profile kit for a few teams that wouldn't so much pad a fall, but make a surface that would slide on asphalt and allow a crash to perhaps coast to a stop rather than a jarring flesh-ripping mess.

  11. I feel like you should be telling us why we should be wearing knee and elbow pads. Literally never been in a situation where they would've been useful so I'm not sure what the point is here? I've had a couple falls and those just aren't parts of the body you tumble on to.

  12. Unless things got really hairy, an elbow pad or knee pad won't do much. Knees would burn off from a knee pad, or the knee pad would fly off to visit their Nan instead of work if you do end up in a wreck.

  13. Was hit by a car, can confirm my elbows and knees were untouched while my humerus went in many pieces. Got some kewl scars on my knuckles, though.

  14. It would be very uncomfortable with a lot of chafing cause you spend a lot of hours pedalling on a road bike compared to a MTB ride in my opinion. I once wore knee pads as I decided I am going to cycle to a trail. Was a 80km round trip on a full suspension MTB. I took off all pads by 15km.

  15. If I wore more protective clothing to the point where I look like the Michelin man I would die. I go to a lot of races in the summer and I would not be able to survive. Also wearing that much clothing limits your speed you know with the whole aero dimension thing. You’ll create more drag which intern will slow you down. The only time I ever really bulk up is during winter time and even then it’s usually kept light since I create my own heat by Cycling.

  16. If you fall on your head you can almost garauntee death or serious injury, but if you scrape a knee it won't be the end of the world. Additional pads can help, but the weight and restriction can cause you to ride slower. Statistics show that slower riders tend to fall victim to ill attentioned motorists, hence why female cyclists are sometimes killed at a higher rate.

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