Jesus loves you. Always.

  1. It's been a while since I read it but I would like someone to point out where the bible says trans people are sinning since I don't remember it saying anything about it

  2. The closest thing we have is Jesus discussing trans folks is him discussing eunuchs. I suspect this might be insulting to trans folks as this may not be a great comparison.  However, but it does seem like Jesus is not too concerned with the status of a person’s private parts.

  3. 12 years of Catholic school didn't teach me anything about trans people but it sure taught me that everyone is welcome at Jesus' big-ass afterlife pizza party.

  4. It doesnt. The place that most people point to is where it says that God made humans like him, "Male and female He made them." They then ... try to make that to say that your gender identity has to match your sex but ...

  5. The pastor at the church I went to growing up use to say after nearly every sermon something like, “Please, for the love of God, do not put our (name of church) bumper sticker on your car if you are a jerk. Your behavior is a reflection of your beliefs and convictions. True believers aren’t jerks and we here at -name of church- do not want to be associated with people who choose to act like one.”

  6. I'm not christian anymore, but I have been integrated with the church my whole life, and it pains me to see christians doing and saying such HORRIBLE shit in the name of a loving god. Some of the best, most kind, caring people I've ever met were christians, they truly lived by jesus teachings. But the people who disregard the actual word in favor of wanting to feel above others give the whole group a terrible reputation.

  7. My pastor refuses to make any signaling stuff. No bumper stickers, no shirts, nothing. If he does an object lesson it doesn't have our name on it.

  8. Same. I'm no longer a believer but I'll still go to church occasionally because wise words are wise words. The pastor I grew up with instilled Christ-like goodness in me, and I still as an agnostic follow WWJD principles.

  9. Pretty sure the Bible says "judge not and therefore you will not be judged," and "love one another as I have loved you." There's absolutely 0 excuse to be hateful to anyone.

  10. And the rules of our Sub agree. If anyone needs to judge others let them go somewhere else to do it:

  11. Leftist here, I am a open Christian and in pretty left wing circles. No one had EVER a problem with that. If the second pannel is to depict leftists, it's just a strawman born in hatred

  12. I think it’s supposed to represent people on the farther left who wouldn’t respect this person’s belief in God because of Christianity’s bad reputation. Obviously, not all people on the left are like that, as I myself am on the left and Christian, but there are some people who would act like that. I think both sides are a little exaggerated for effect though.

  13. A lot of the LGBTQ community and leftist communities in general have trauma related to (bigoted) religious upbringings. Speaking as a lesbian Christian, it can feel very isolating sometimes to belong to the venn diagram overlap.

  14. I can't remember if it was this exact one but saw pretty much the same meme posted on leftist Christian sub. The poster was a bit down about constantly taking flak from that particularly gobby subset of leftists who like to just scream "opiate of the masses" and run away. That's what panel two is.

  15. Agreed. They're obviously just trying to peddle 'both sides' bullshit when there's no real anti trans movement on the left.

  16. This could have existed as a perfectly good meme with just the first and third panels. I find it interesting that OP felt the need to add the second panel--I assume it's so that "both sides" feel represented, but I ultimately feel like this makes the meme overall miss the mark.

  17. my Quaker meeting has been so powerful for me as a trans person. really shows there're still people out there who see the God in everyone

  18. I was wondering about the yerba mate and why it was there. I checked the comments and instead everyone was talking about loving their neighbor and stuff

  19. I'm not trans, but the meaning behind this meme really strikes a cord and half in me. I've never had a meme make me cry before lmao

  20. Yes! Yes! How often do we forget that Jesus not only reached out to prostitutes but also to tax collectors, aka rich oppressors. Think of the worst, most hateful, person you can imagine -- God loves that person, too, and Jesus died for that person.

  21. I think it’s super important for us as Christians to respect the trans community when it comes to pronouns and preferred names. I know a fair few of people who identify as trans and pretty much all of them are feeling disconnected from the world in some form, which is something that we Christians have in common as well. I know none of those people would want to step into a place that would immediately brand them a heretic and tear down what little self esteem they have built up. I thought I identified as trans when I was younger but it was just something I was going through and I’m really happy and lucky I had kind people who led me through that and supported me both ways.

  22. Leftists (who are more progressive than your average liberal) are unfortunately well known for being pretty aggro toward religion, especially Christianity. It's difficult to be a Christian leftist for that reason - neither side approves of you.

  23. Since when were communists christian? While its true that religious freedom is a right in most communist countries, karl marx says in his manifesto that religion is something created by the worker to inspire hope. Communism is inheritly atheist though it does allow all religions and beliefs

  24. Actually, Christians were socialists at about the same rate as everyone else. A lot of early socialist movements were explicitly religious, as it is very easy to see that as the logical conclusion of Jesus's teachings. It required a concerted effort to co-opt Christianity for capitalism.

  25. It’s a shame I don’t feel loved by my congregation if I come out as a Trans lesbian, I do like the community of a Christian brotherhood but don’t want to compromise that part of myself

  26. It's because "brown" Jesus as you're so aptly put it, is the actual rendition of what he would have probably looked like, meanwhile the Anglo-Saxon brown hair blue eyes tasty Jesus is a tool that people had to use for centuries to disconnect the idol from people of other nationalities.

  27. I'm here for the funny memes but the bible sure does teach some decent life fundamentals and virtues. Some bad fruits but also some good fruits in the community. Regardless, love never judges. we should all be patient with one another.

  28. Dear OP I know you won’t see this but thank you. I could go into detail as to why but thank you for making this to calm me when undoubtedly I freak out over this exact issue again

  29. Good to know my meme gives you something you need, when I'm in trouble I always remember I can't fall deeper than into God's hands.

  30. I love this meme, but why is there a Wiccan citing the Bible in the second panel? I’m honestly curious.

  31. I can imagine it would be difficult. Jesus was also hated by a lot of people, don't forget to love your enemies friend :)

  32. No one on the left hates religion that much. That’s a complete strawman. The meme would be perfect without the second panel.

  33. I don’t like becoming a progressive due to it becoming a social norm and I’ll always hold conservative values no matter what.

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