What is God's name?

  1. No, no it wasn't. They all came from Dyeus Phtr. Jove which is a corruption of Jupiter which is a corruption of Djous Pater is pronounced Yohweh. Yahweh is the equivalent to Zeus and Dispater, aka Deus, aka Jupiter. The name first meant Sky Father. A synonym for that name is Heavenly Father.

  2. We get it Zeus evolved into the Christian God, can you please stop posting this everyday? It's not even funny

  3. So crazy that the Christian God is named after a god from a pantheon that is historically younger than him

  4. 🙄 the meme doesn't represent real life. Is that how you're taking it? It's wrong. It's a narrative. It's a meme ffs. The point is... Well. You know the literal Hades follows the figure "Death" around in Revelation? And you know Tartarus and the Underworld are mentioned throughout the Bible. Inferus was the old testament and infernus was the new in the Amiatinus. Inferus declines to Inferi. It means "the below," and it's full name "Dii Inferi" is the "Gods Below" because everyone went to the underworld because that's where your body goes when you're buried.

  5. Assuming you mean Christianity/Judeasism his name is something close to "Yahweh", although the vowels are unknown since the Jews refused to speak his name aloud because it was considered too holy and their writing system doesn't use vowels.

  6. "God the Father" is not a Christian construct. It's not a strawmam argument. That's always the line when Christians are confronted with history. Yahweh is a storm deity, Father, king of the gods, etc. Greek, Hebrew, and Roman Mythology is tightly wound. How do you think the partrician laws are all within the Tanakh? Judaism was polytheistic before being monotheistic. Judah means "Let him be praised." Him is Jupiter. Jeudi is the French word for Thorsday. Thor is equal to Zeus/Deus. Thor comes from Tir and Tor which came from Tiw. Tiw comes from Tiwaz. Tiwaz came from Dyeus Phtr. Dyeus meaning "Sky," and Phtr meaning "Father." Every one of those gods mentioned above stemmed from Dyeus Phtr. The father that sits in the sky. Aka, the sun. Later it was anthropomorphized into other weather gods, and as cultures grew apart, the name and mythology grew apart as well.

  7. Just because the Christian God is named after Zeus doesn't mean that he is Zeus. It's like that it is false that a hispanic person named Jesus is Jesus because he was named after him.

  8. That's a bastardization of history. 2 Peter 2:4 has Inferni and Tartarum. Inferni is the Roman Underworld. Tartarum is Tartarus that was changed in translations to "darkness." It's in both the Greek and Latin. Revelation has Hades as a deity. Not hades as in hell but Hades the literal character from the underworld. Zeus and Yahweh were found atop a Mountain. Dyeus Phtr is who all of those characters are based from.

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