What a crap situation

  1. Johnny's performance is something, why do I hear a drunk Brit and see Hunter S Thompson lol. But every time that stuttering douche of a lawyer tries to hammer home is weak ass questions I get nauseous. Your honor I tried every substance that I could find to treat my affliction, but she refused to leave me alone.

  2. The best part is her blaming it on their dogs. Depp deadpans says "They're tea cup Yorkies" Not capable of those levels of turd LMAO

  3. whats the context with this. i knew the Depp- Heard trial had another hearing recently, but idk what the shitting herself part of that is about

  4. Amber turd shits the bed cus Depp was late to come home, blamed it on the dogs, but later take a pic and blame it on Johny

  5. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when this happened. Then a fly on the poop because that's what fly flies do... ;-)

  6. This looks like a meme that would be shown in a "woke" movie that doensn't actually understands meme culture

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