Necessity, convenience, luxury, or not needed? [OC]

  1. 7% responded that clean and safe water were not needed. I am hoping these were the kids who just marked the same Scantron column for everything or Christmas Tree'd it so they can get back to flicking paper footballs as soon as possible.

  2. Maybe there’s some overlap with the 12% who think alcohol is a necessity. Don’t need water if you can stay hydrated with beer.

  3. "You figure this stuff is safe to drink? Actually, I don't care, I drink it anyway. You know why? Because I'm an American and I expect a little cancer in my food and water. I'm a loyal American and I'm not happy unless I let government and industry poison me a little bit every day."

  4. IIRC it's a known factor in anonymous surveys that you need to discard N% of answers because you get trolls.

  5. So that's about 400 living, breathing humans that answered this poll 20 days ago, who don't think water is a necessity.

  6. 21% saying justice is either a luxury or not needed is why I'm one of the 12% who thinks alcohol is a necessity.

  7. Is this asking the personal opinions of the people polled? Or is it asking them to evaluate each item’s importance in society right now? Depending on the questions this can be misinterpreted by the respondent and affect the results.

  8. 3 minutes without air, 3 hours without shelter in a harsh environment, 3 days without water, 3 weeks without food

  9. A stronger variance in color would make this easier to read. Even if you want to stay in the bluegreen colors, darker green to a light blue would be helpful. Interesting data.

  10. The only thing to take away from this is that the survey was garbage. None of this data makes any sense.

  11. "we asked them whether they think Americans believe certain consumer goods, services, and individual rights are necessities they can’t live without, conveniences they’d rather not live without, luxuries they want but definitely don’t need, or are not needed."

  12. I don't know what to think about "Access to Contraceptives" being where it is on the chart. I feel it should be higher, like more important than a microwave. Instead it's almost the same as "Low-cost, rapid delivery service."

  13. The people saying free speech is anything but a necessity can fuck right off to North Korea.

  14. I wouldn't put it as a necessity. Americans get rock hard by the idea of free speech to the point of literally seeing it as more important than water. But the reality is it is a desirable, you do not need it to live, which should be the deciding factor in something being a "necessity".

  15. Not 1/3 of the pop, 1/3 of those surveyed. And all of those things are luxuries, not everyone is fortunate enough to have them. Look at Russia, NK, Or mainland China. You can't openly oppose the government without getting disappeared. Hear? Shit talking the government is practically a past time.

  16. If there are any ellioticians in the audience its interesting to note how, at the extremes, the 61.8% (+/- 1%) ratio shows up

  17. Have you ever been to the South/Southwest? I was once passing through and the news was saying it was currently not safe to be in a place without AC for long periods of time. For a significant amount of America its something you could literally die without

  18. I’m all for free speech, but saying it is more necessary than clean water is absurd. Murica and their obsession with something any developed country has lol

  19. I'd be really curious to see a regional breakdown for the answers on A/C. Some places you'd never notice having or not having it, some places you can die without it.

  20. How on earth is free speech ahead of clean and safe water. It is like you can speak whatever you want and drink your own piss.

  21. the number of people who think that Clean Safe Drinking Water is a "luxury" is the same percentage that thinks that Brand Name Clothes is a "Necessity".

  22. By definition anything thats not a necessity is not needed. So how do you differentiate what is not needed between luxuries and conveniences?

  23. So many colors and the graphic decided we needed 4 shades of blue for the different answers. Makes it impossible to visualize how bars compare to each other.

  24. In the wild, there is no health care. In the wild, health care is, 'Ow, I hurt my leg. I can't run. A lion eats me. I'm dead.' Well, I'm not dead. I'm the lion. You're dead.

  25. I really wonder what kind of people voted like that edit: its American boomers youre doomed guys 😔

  26. Yeah, I still don't like this sensationalist comment, even with the correction from right to necessity. You are claiming younger generations can't live without delivery and streaming services, when majority said they are either a convenience or a luxury.

  27. No, what it says is they think it's a necessary service. I don't see anywhere where I should equate Necessity to a Right. They're different concepts.

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