What have Date A Live taught you?

  1. too many harems nowadays are best girl wins (bokuben, nisekoi, quintuplets) or excessive nudity (dxd, to love ru). We want with one with good plot twists, good character design, good, villains.

  2. I mean, if someone introduced themselves to me that "I will turn you into my flesh slave and make you crave my body" I would yotally fall for that person.

  3. That are girls are different and approaching them with the same idea will always work differently. Every girl likes and dislikes different things, you have to adapt to them to score.

  4. Movies are a bad or at least weak idea for a frist date since that's when you're supposed to be getting to know the pther person. You can't talk during a movie. (Might've figures this one out myself) Dinner is also a weak idea since that somewhat requires you to know what kind of food they like however, it does allow you to talk freely unlike the movie.

  5. You can get away with as many plot-holes as you want as long as it's a good story, with memorable characters, and possibly the best harem anime/series ever made.

  6. Some people who are attracted to 2D find out the reason is that they are is in the fact that they don't want to feel the negative feeling of being betrayed in a relation or to be jeolous in one

  7. Nothing. ☺️. Why? The way Shido solves crises is the way I think. Everything can be solved peacefully. That's why I love this show. Also that not everything is what it seems. That's cool idea.

  8. The names of the Archangels that oversee the branches of Kabbalah. I knew Sandalphon, Metatron, Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael from Persona, but the others are all new to me

  9. Season 4 has taught me never to be hyped for another kadokawa IP based anime ever again due how much of the ecchi and mature humor has been toned downed

  10. That light novels can be very good to read(it was my first light novel and I was skeptical). Also now I understand when people told me "the book was better than the movie"(same reasoning I do while watching the anime after reading the novel xD)

  11. In a alternate universe under very specific circumstances, "Make Love Not War" is actually good advice. And you should have only one wife not because having multiple wives is disrespectful toward women but because then you have to deal the insanity and destruction of multiple women.

  12. Tohka's story taught me that you're worth the effort, and you deserve to be happy, even if you don't get to be exclusive with the first guy you kissed.

  13. Okay... So just started watching DAL.. Pretty good story... But finding for anime which actually has some sex scenes you know?? Anyone knows any anime like that??

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