Uh oh! DAL is slipping.

  1. Just started watching first season. At first glance it seems pretty template. Like I knew right ahway that red head was going to screw him over. It's pretty hard to find new ideas in an Isekai.

  2. The one from this week will be reflected in next week's poll, I think. My guess is that this poll is for last week.

  3. I'm not worried, so long as they stay in the top 10 for a little longer (perhaps the rest of the season).

  4. there was next to no cgi in the last episode. Rankings were based on the prior week's. Last week's episode was a fantasy setting similiar to many isekai which isn't that difficult to animate, explaining why a lot of isekais showed up. Mecha in general is a lot more difficult to animate often forcing animators to cut corners as seen with some of the cgi. Even sunrise's cgi looks pretty bad and I saw some pretty noticeable cgi in spyx. Ufotable is like the only studio that can make cgi look flawless.

  5. Executioner episode 6 was end of a volume and there were a lot of shocking reveals and well animated fights. They also add depth to Akari instead of her just simping on the girl who is leading her to her death.

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