In my opinion, season 2 art is still better 😆

  1. I totally respect ppl that like the new art style. NOW, the art style from before is much better. It looks old but damn it looks nice

  2. So far that picture of Tenka is only from the next episode preview so I'm not gonna judge until the episode get's fully released, not to mention I saw a good expression of her when she was trying to feed shido (angry serious expressions and it suits her, and they also darkened her hair)

  3. Agree, prefer earlier season artstyles, and its sad that every new season had New studio. I don't have anything against current studio tho, their artstyle while soft and more cutesy like some sort of slice of life is still enjoyable. I swear tho if season 5 has again New studio in charge of date a live.

  4. The old style looks a lot better for Tenka. Makes her look scarier while the new - I don't know - makes her look squishy almost, not like someone who could end you in an instant.

  5. Yeah we waited 6 months for nothing. The arts not bad. But there's no increase in quality, especially nowhere near good enough to justify a HALF A YEAR WAIT! It's just less detailed and more shiny. I have a life I didn't just wait but still, this is one of the 1st anime I'm going to stream online right when it comes out and talk about each episode online as it aired, so I was mad when I found out that the wait got extended by six months when the art from the 2nd trailer was slightly different but equal to the 1st trailer. Also did they change Tokha, Reine and Tammy's voice actors?

  6. left all the way but if u like the right thats fine but i like the left. just looks more how she should for what she is suppose to be.

  7. Likewise, in my opinion, both have a good design and there is no such noticeable flaw other than quality, but I do prefer the one from season 2

  8. S1 artsyle was definitely the best one in my opinion, but the quality went to shit so much in S3 that the change we got in S4 feels really fresh to me.

  9. The only thing I don’t like about the new art style is the eyes, they feel lifeless for some reason, as though they’re being mind controlled by Misaki Shokuhou.

  10. Animation wise it's hard choice buy I like season 4 more but story wise season 4 beats it with ease especially when next episode drops today

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