How to get over getting no matches?

  1. This post is not clear. Did you actually try putting a picture of yourself or are you saying you think you wouldn't get matches if you did?

  2. im curious as to what you like that you get little to no matches. that sounds like something like most guys here have to go through. what insecurities do you have? i think we all have those.

  3. Can you improve your appearance in some way? Lose weight? Bluntly speaking, that’s usually the reason for a girl not getting matches.

  4. I've matched with 3 bots in 1 year of using tinder, 4 girls im highly unattached to on plenty of fish, and zero on bumble and other dating sites.. "there's plenty of fish in the sea" they say "dating is easy" they say 😂😂 I blame being sorta shallow to be honest but at the same time I have kinda given up on dating and have focused on making friends with random people.

  5. If you are obese, you wont get matches. I have to know, i was obese... got no matches. Now iam normal, i do get matches. Simple as that.

  6. Don’t feel like you’re alone with the whole being a female and not getting matches. Some people do make it seem like women get a lot more matches than guys and sometimes that’s just not true (girls just tend not to talk about it I think).

  7. Wow. All your experiences you wrote are exactly what I went through and am going through down to the letter. But yeah like others I am surprised you're having such difficulty getting matches being young and female. I would expect you to get a lot if matches even if almost all are just lust or spam or whatever.

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