Is it weird that I take every first date to Chili's?

  1. I think it depends on where you live. If Chili’s is a prime dining experience in your area, then sure why not. But you wouldn’t catch me dead in a Chili’s in my area because we have bomb ass local restaurants here that blow Chili’s out of the water. I do think you should expand your horizons but you do you.

  2. I passed an Applebee's at one point in NYC and couldn't believe that there were people who would walk past dozens of amazing options to eat at an Applebee's!

  3. I mean, if you enjoy going to Chili's all the time, sure. I use to do something similar when I was dating and I'd always go to the same chain bar. If were to date now I'd make each date someplace new. Most dates don't work out so I figure may as well scratch off some places on my list to check out.

  4. It’s skirting the line between “a controlled environment to see how different they are” and “playing a game that they’re not in on.”

  5. Tbh I’m a guy, but I appreciate a really committed to bit that someone has. There’s probably women out there like me however rare they are. But that’s what dating is all about isn’t it? It’s not about attracting the most people. It’s about attracting YOUR people.

  6. I wouldn’t choose a chain restaurant for a first date. I’m more of a take a walk in nature, get a drink type of guy for a first date. But if it’s working for ya, keep at it.

  7. What if she doesn’t like chilis? I’m not a fan of those chain restaurants bc the food is usually frozen, unhealthy, and just not good. It wouldn’t hurt to be open to a new restaurant if your date is opposed

  8. This guy knows how to date. Chilis is my date spot with someone I’ve been dating for a while because we split an appetizer and get drinks. As a first date, those places get old.

  9. This is what I’m looking for on a first date: uniqueness or at least not a chain restaurant. I’ve been looking for somewhere to move and you’re adding to my reasons to move to Denver.

  10. My dad did this with mini golf! He took all of his first dates there and that was his litmus test for how much fun he had with the person vs. activity.

  11. No it’s not weird. I’d usually suggest the same nearby coffee shop for my 1st dates. I did wonder if the staff judged me though 😅

  12. Hmm, I don’t do this and wouldn’t. BUT, I (autist) do madly respect any bit that is this seriously committed to. And so does my autistic friend. So I think there is a pattern here.

  13. I wouldn’t do this, I think it’d be a bad first impression. You might be filtering some high quality matches with your low quality choice.

  14. If I were a woman and you took me to Chili’s, there wouldn’t be a second date. Not because it’s not fancy enough, but because it shows that your taste is questionable at best and I would assume that you make a lot of poor choices.

  15. That's faint praise at best. But like I took my ex wife there from time to time on Friday nights, it's good for shit like that. It's a good casual date night. God damn I'd never do that on a first date.

  16. Yes, it is weird. The fact that it’s been a thing you’ve been doing for a while is weird too. And comparing your dates and the women you were with using Chili’s as a way to do that is twisted imo. If a man suggested to take me to Chili’s for first date I would consider it a red flag. If I found out he had a first date at Chili’s more than once I’d consider it an even bigger red flag. Chili’s sucks. Find local places. Also the fact that you’re doing this as a joke is lame. Like no wonder you keep having to go on dates at Chili’s..

  17. But then you could feel confuse the feelings you had on the date based on the activity with the connection you have with the person. I'm not against having exciting dates but I want to know I connect with the girl first.

  18. I always feel like first dates ARE kind of like interviews - on the flip side, a good job interview should have similarities to a first date. You're getting to know each other and feeling out if you'll be a good match together.

  19. Is it weird? As long as they don’t know you do this every single first date. i personally wouldn’t agree to a date at Chili’s though. I’m not saying you have to splurge, but a nicer place (think visually pleasing and also tasty) shouldn’t be hard to find in the same price point as chili’s. Also, have never heard people go this hard for chili’s.

  20. You don’t mind that the staff of Chili’s knows your dating life? What if you have multiple first dates in the same week? I do admire that you don’t care about their judgement.

  21. There are certain people that wouldn’t mind going on a date to Chili’s. They’re your kind of people. Some of us on the other hand would rather stay home than be taken to Chili’s for a date (or any occasion for that matter). We are not your kind of people. Good way to differentiate!

  22. I have to be pretty bored to date, but I like going somewhere kind of expensive for a first date, I don’t mind paying either.. If my date enjoys subtly mocking social norms as much as I do, then it’s totally worth it.

  23. Maybe it’s funny to you, but a lot of women aren’t going to love Chili’s. You have developed a completely generic first date. Instead, why don’t you put some effort into picking someplace appropriate for the individual you asked out

  24. Chillis just microwaves frozen food that was precooked in a factory. If you're cool with that, go ahead. I go to restaurants to avoid microwaved food at home.

  25. I used to do this at this local Chinese place by my house. It was always the same woman who took our order and she never wrote down anything you said and always got your order perfect so you KNOW she had a great memory. She was always super nice and acted like she didn’t remember me but she had to have hahaha I was bringing her so much business in college lol

  26. Brilliant. Don't change more than 1 variable at a time or you won't know if the result is due to the date or the food.

  27. I’m 100% not a picky person but if someone suggested chili’s as a first date spot unironically I’d drop them. It’s trashy. HOWEVER, I think going there or like Applebees ironically to take advantage of the $1 drinks as a meme would be kinda funny

  28. It's a bit weird but more importantly dinner just isn't a good first date. If you really like it then it's fine for you but I hope no one's take away from this post is to actually take first dates to chili's. Go to coffee, boba, ice cream, drinks etc. Not a restaurant

  29. I like to start with an activity, then land at dinner afterward if we're clicking. Wanna know if you're gonna bond well? Find somewhere beautiful and go for a walk together. I'm near NYC, so shit like renting a carriage around central park and then hitting a nice place for dinner is definitely doable. Go hit a pier, find a fair. Play some mini golf. Fuck, do something fun!

  30. I for one appreciate your Chili’s commitment. I applaud you friend. I think that’s fucking hilarious too.

  31. I get it. It is pretty fucking funny. It would be hilarious if any of these girls ever met each other and always wonder why the fuck you take everyone to Chili’s

  32. I think it’s good in a silly/ironic way. Takes some pressure off of going somewhere new or fancy, but still pleasant to sit and eat and chill. I’d say it would be good to support a local business but I think it’s be funny to really lean in. Put it on your profile!! But I wouldn’t want to date someone who always wants to eat at chilis. Make it clear you’re willing to try new things on future dates.

  33. Finally found a woman in these comments with a damned sense of humor lol. Really leaning into something makes for a funny “how we met” story to someone with the right sense of humor to match it.

  34. Honestly I love this haha. I always joked that Maccas is a perfect date spot. My boyfriend and I had our first date at a ramen joint, and that went well enough that he felt comfortable taking me afterwards to impress me properly at a fancy bar.

  35. OP, IDK why some people are hating on you. It's a FIRST date. If she's not down, let her come up with a place - but since you say it's a running joke, seems that never happens

  36. Chilis is garbage, pick a better spot. Someplace local instead of a shitty chain restaurant where everything comes frozen in a bag.

  37. I love to see so many women saying it's lame, they want something unique. Ladies I have a great news for you : you can make it unique by inviting the guy !

  38. I took a girl to chilis on the first date and she ate my ass...can confirm that it works. We did walk at the park after chilis too

  39. This is a great idea cuz if it works out and years later you'll be able to easily remember where you went on your first date lol... just be careful that you don't mix up the ladies and talk about how she got the chicken when she had a burger.

  40. There is a small Japanese restaurant/marketplace that is my go to first date spot but not all of my first dates are there.

  41. It was easier in college to meet people than online. You just have to worry about taking too many girls from the same friend group to the same spot.

  42. One time I showed up early to a first date at a bar and started chatting with the bartender. Explained I was waiting for a tinder date and she said she’d keep an eye on me. Date didn’t go very well but I became friends with that bartender and I started suggesting that place for every subsequent first date I had. She’d pour my drinks a little extra heavy and then text me after with her opinion on the guy. 10/10 recommend. My motivation was probably a little different than yours but I love chilis so I approve this post.

  43. Going to a restaurant for a first date is kind of awkward. Do something with a little activity then you guys are not 100% focused on conversation. A good mix like mini golf!

  44. I try to go to the same place every time I have a first date. Makes me less nervous, cuz even if the date goes bad, I know the food is good.

  45. Eh. I mean not bad but… I can get all you can eat Korean bbq for the same price as the one time I went to chilis as a joke. I would rather take the all you can eat Korean bbq.

  46. I mean……I wouldn’t personally do that lol. I do kinda think it’s funny but it does not make you look like a cool guy with cool taste.

  47. I don't think it's a bad idea at all, but there are better places and it depends where you are. Another option could be just a simple café. :)

  48. First of all, kudos for the chili's thing as I appreciate the atmosphere there and restaurant itself. I was wondering if you were a bot placed here by the company but you addressed that lol. My question is, have the servers caught on to you being there with different women and given you the smile or nod like "i see you there"? 🤔😄

  49. Back before the pandemic, I used to take all my first dates to the same barbecue diner (that's a thing here) that was next door to my uni. These dates were always a nice opportunity to get to know these people in person, nice price range and location for broke-ass students such as myself at the time, and the food was great, so...

  50. I like Chili’s but I feel like this would show no personality in most areas unless for some special reason your local Chili’s is revered by the community.

  51. Ehh I wouldn’t feel special finding out my bf took me to the same place he takes everyone to. I like it when my dates put thought into it. For example, I’m vegetarian and love pizza so whenever a guy took me to a vegetarian place or pizza place, I thought it was sweet and thoughtful.

  52. I don't think that is a problem. Do you pick up the check? As long as she is OK with it and agrees to a date I don't see a problem. Now Mc Donalds might come off as cheap, but what the hell, it is a first date.

  53. I don’t think it’s weird. I like the idea and it seems to put you at ease which is a key ingredient for a good first date. You’re also perfect to ask for recommendations because you could basically try everything on the menu over time.

  54. For awhile I made most people I met on dating apps have the first meetup be at my house while we played the flavor of love drinking game I made. It was the right choice.

  55. reminder that red robin has endless fries. they legit have to keep giving you more. i never see people at red robin. how are they able to afford this?

  56. This does not work near NYC. Too many actual options with non-chain food options. Only a date I wouldn't want to take would go to a Chili's. Maybe for fun on a later date.

  57. It’s a good way to basically be more objective on a first date. Shaving off an extra variable makes this a little easier to confirm if there will be a second etc.

  58. Actually, it makes sense for you to choose a place in which you are comfortable and if you are going to pick up the tab for most dates it should be a place you can afford.

  59. I would likely say no can’t lie…funny opener potentially but make clear it’s a joke and suggest something less generic

  60. This is genius. It means you're not constantly thinking of places to go, you know exactly where you're going and what you want. Get this person a Nobel Prize

  61. My thing is, I hate any noisy/crowded place, where I can't hear my date. I've got shitty hearing and I don't want to spend half my time saying 'What?' because I can't hear them. So Chili's on a Tuesday afternoon when it's not too noisy... Great. On a Saturday night where your table is next to a family of 5 with two screaming toddlers? Not so much.

  62. What if some previous girl meets new girl and said -“ oh even we went to chill’s. And the new girl be like there is no special thing for me ? You’re fucked up, then!”

  63. when i was single i definitely preferred when men asked me if there was a neighborhood/bar i was interested in going to. i would not be happy being told where we were going without being asked for input. and i would CERTAINLY not be happy being taken to a chain restaurant on a 1st date when i live in an area with so many great local spots. but if that’s the kind of girl you’re looking for and it’s working for you, go right ahead

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