Do you send nudes to people you are dating? Why or why not?

  1. OP: Please try on this critical thinking: Long long ago before cell phones with cameras, generations of ppl formed & developed relationships with sex! Your parents got here, so did their parents, etc., etc.

  2. I would not send photos with anything that could potential reveal your identity — no face, no scars/birthmarks/tattoos, nothing of your home visible, and make sure to erase all the data from the photo file beforehand (plenty of free apps that can do this easily).

  3. Not unless they do it first. I'm not gonna take a risk by trusting someone with something like that.

  4. I have never sent a nude. This could also be because I’m in my 30s and I think I missed the era of heavy sexting. Of course dating in my 20s, I’ve been asked and I’ve just straight up said no lol. Personally, that’s a great decision. Can’t imagine the thought of naked pics lingering out there still today

  5. With any nude there's a lot of trust you put in the other person, assuming you don't want them shared publicly. You lose all control the moment you push send. And they now have that picture. They have it today, they have it the day you break up with them, they have it the day you move on to a new relationship and they're still upset. If you're ok with that then that's fine and feel free to share them! But I wouldn't share them unless you're ok trusting that person also on a day they're mad at you.

  6. My wife did when we first met. Like day 1. I liked them. I thought no way I am gonna date some woman who does that. It turns out not only will I date them, I’d marry them, too.

  7. Women I dated sent them to me and I sent them some of me. When the relationship ended I deleted them. The last one to send me nudes is my wife. When I sent them I made sure my face was not visible though. You never know what can happen with a bad break up. Luckily my breakups were mutual and ended on friendly terms

  8. As a male, I wouldn't. Maybe an 'out of the shower pic', but that's about it. If the person I'm dating wants to send them to me, then that's fine.

  9. It really is not a very smart thing to do that could obviously backfire on you . seriously male or female why would you want a nude photo of you circulating out into the world unless you got paid to do it and even then I would question the wisdom of doing so.

  10. I share nudes once i am at the point of sleeping with someone. I trust them to not share them, but i am not to bothered by if they did get made public. Its just not a big deal to me.

  11. I’ll do it if I’m comfortable, but my philosophy is to never send any picture I would hate posted online or distributed to my family, etc. So for me that means I’m fine with nudes as long as they’re not in obscene poses. I like my body, so it would be a little embarrassing if an ex leaked naked pics of me, but not the end of the world. (I’d still prosecute the hell out of him though.)

  12. This is exactly my approach! I don’t LOVE the idea of my parents receiving my nudes, but if it ever happened it would look a lot worse on the asshole who leaked them than me, and I’m not even slightly ashamed of my body or my sexuality. It would be far more embarrassing to have an emotionally vulnerable text exchange leaked, to be honest.

  13. If you don’t care who has your nudes, no problem. But if you do care, then do not do it. Once you press send, anybody, anyone can and likely will have your nudes. Once you send it, you have given up all control of the photo sent.

  14. Before I met my ex, I sent nudes to few guys that I talked to. I shouldn’t have done it though. I regretted it, good thing they haven’t used it against me. They admitted that they deleted my pics after I cut contact with them. I didn’t send any nude pictures to my ex but he have few in his phone that he took himself, I know the kind of person my ex is so I assumed he deleted my pics after we broke up

  15. No, never ever… once in internet always on internet… or you can say once in bad hands…. So NO is just my politician, I never send any kind of pictures much less nudes… You never know what people are capable of

  16. Yeah I definitely do. I’m not bothered if they “get out” or whatever. I don’t worry when I go to the nude beach either and anyone could take a picture there. I just don’t think nakedness is that big a deal.

  17. I know it may be a “dating trend” for some but personally I think it’s incredibly stupid. Unless you’re getting paid for it on onlyfans not worth it. Have no idea how pictures could be misused, even if the person you sent to didn’t intentionally mean to they can be hacked/leaked.

  18. In this day and age sending a nude is essentially the same as sending it to the world because things change and people change and along with it comes a world of worry that can all be avoided. It's not hard to take a screenshot. It's not hard to share it and even if the person doesn't, if the phone or photos app gets accessed by the wrong person that can get shared so fast. You have no control over that and any pros of doing this doesn't outweigh the risks.

  19. I’ve had terrible experiences both as the sender and receiver - it really is not worth it and even the most sex positive girls I’ve talked to or been with draw a hard line at never ever sending nudes. I wouldn’t even ask for them - it makes you seem like you are in high school at best

  20. Yes, mostly because I enjoy building some sense of eroticism in between her and I, and I do not mind them falling in the wrong hands, after all, I am proud of what I send

  21. Nope. As a man, I don't ask, don't send. If they wanna send them? Sure, I'm happy to look, but I have no interest in putting nudes out into the universe.

  22. I never do. I'm not sure many girls are interested in receiving them. I've had several girls send nudes and some that refuse. My current gf won't send them lol. I've gotten an underwear pic but probably won't get more.

  23. What is wrong with you, are you serious? Ya sure go ahead and send nudes so the picture can be shared with everyone, and live forever on the internet. If that is the only way you can develop a relationship you have problems.

  24. I’m an exhibitionist and sell nudes as a side gig and I never send nudes to guys I date, a suggestive and sexy one sure, but unless you’re long distance or something I don’t see why it’s necessary? And if they are asking for one I’d be immediately suspicious.

  25. Tips for sending nudes. Please don’t send them to people u army 10000% sure of. Don’t send them unless it in a serious relationship for awhile.

  26. I only sent one picture to a girl i was dating in 2014 but haven't done it since. I just don't care to send nudes as a guy but my ex sent me a nude while we were together of her chest for something we were talking about that night but i normally don't do it. there is nothing wrong with sending nudes but it does come with risks if you send it to the wrong person by accident or someone else uses that persons phone. keep that in mind.

  27. When I had my "fun time" I did send a lot of SC but barely any pics as those could be store, then I only sent pics or SC to the guy I would have a relationship with. It's kinda cheeky and flirty, I find it hot. Just a game of teasing eachother and phone sex or video sex was good too.

  28. Any time you so much as take the photo or a recording just know it can get out. I had a video once that I thought was safe because it was low tech. On something that couldn’t be connected to internet. Had a break in and that item was stolen.

  29. No, they would be seeing it in real life. They can see naked people anytime, the special part about you would be that you would be three dimensional.

  30. If I was really serious about them and like we were basically a thing i would, nothing like extreme but in a cute outfit or something . I like to feel sexy and take sexy pics and I would want them to enjoy it to

  31. I send my girl snap nudes, but they're tasteful. She however refuses to send any back. Sometimes it bugs me. Most of the time idc and when I think about it I still don't care.

  32. Never send unsolicited nudes. I would explicitly initiate sending nudes/pictures with your partner, and talk about boundaries.

  33. I would, but them gaining that level of trust means I would know enough about them that trying to use anything against me would merely result in them going down too, mutually assured destruction 🤷

  34. I definitely would not. My rule of thumb is do not post images or videos that you wouldn't share yourself or would not be alright with seeing out in the public. I still send photos of me dressed up and such- but always fully clothes. I always respond with If they want to see that stuff, they must come see me it in person. As a bonus you get to see them not just talk online. I do not trust that it would stay between the person I am with and me alone as it is so easy to share images now plus no easy way to get the images/videos off the web/ out of circulation if shared. You also have no clue how long the relationship will last, if they really are honest/do as they say, what they will do with images if things do not work out( use it for revenge-share it with family members or your new love interest)or at the start if they are only interested in getting pics- not getting to actually know you/a relationship with you. In my opinion, (and I do not judge others if their opinion differs as on this topic of sharing nudes it is about level of comfort and preference) it is not worth the risk and you can find out a lot about if your interests align or if they respect your decision/boundaries by saying no.

  35. I don't. My nudes don't exist and I don't want them to. I feel like that's a pretty contraversial opinion and stance to hold in this day and age but that's my choice.

  36. I used to send my husband pics and videos all the time. I knew he would never show anyone. Even when we broke up I never worried but it’s cause I know him so well. Dating- I’ve done it but must be comfortable with the person.

  37. Definitely not, if someone asks politely decline. If they can't take no for an answer they're saving you a lot of trouble by tipping their hand early. You can be the best lay of all time and the best partner without putting yourself in this position.

  38. I have, but only with someone who insisted (and sent me quite a few before that). I'll NEVER send anything like that unsolicited.

  39. Yikes, never! Why would you send a stranger you just met nudes? It shows me that you aren’t remotely interested in an emotional connection or me as a person. It’s desperate. No one likes desperate people. It also shows you have poor judgment, are manipulative or easily manipulative. Qualities no one likes. I’m assuming they send everyone they meet pictures because they have no other qualities. And if we are in a serious relationship I hope I have good enough judgment to pick people who understand that once a picture is sent it’s out there. Too risky. Absolutely no reason to do it.

  40. I'd avoid sending any concrete files with proper nudity. If you want to show off to your partner and be sexy, video chat exists and is undoubtedly much hotter in the moment, and comes with the added advantage that most people don't have screen capture software on their phone. Screenshots, sure, but no recording, and it'd be kind of awkward for them to ruin the moment by taking a few captures.

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