220923 - Weekly My Day Discussion Thread

  1. first we got sungjin singing on vlive and now jae playing guitar (i know he's played it on stream but this time there's a

  2. the thing i'm more happy about is (1) he seemed comfortable playing it and (2) he played it in a studio, which means he probably isn't just playing it for fun (like he did on stream in may) but he might be even writing with it, love this character development! also that hollow body electric is a beauty ❤️

  3. At least I have 2 concert memories to hold on to 🥲 i've been detached to DAY6 in general (like member updates but still regularly listen to their music) but this still hurt lol.

  4. Do u guys think jype would manage them better ? Im worried but at the same time the boys wouldn’t renew the contract if they didn’t come to an agreement with jyp/jype about the management stuff idk ill just trust them and wait. Hopefully we can see jae with them in the future..

  5. Imagine day6 x 88rising…imagine them performing at HITC!! I should stop this isnt good for my mental health especially after the contract renewal 💔💔

  6. In other good news, EOD has been filming for their immortal songs episode today! The members seem to be genuinely happy to

  7. I'm a multistan and some groups I stan also lost members due to diff reasons. However, I think that the reason I am having a harder time letting go of Day6 Jae is because of the ~vibes~ he adds to the group's music. I mean, I DIG EOD's discography and their solo works but when you listen to Day6' songs, it just hits different when there's 5 of them. Jae's voice and guitar things bring a different kind of chemistry(??) to their music.

  8. This! Even Brian himself said "Without Jae, the song would be very plain". Asides from having a gorgeous voice, he adds a certain energy and flair to their music which is more apparent in their live shows. He's the most "extra" on-stage performer and their presence would not be the same without him.

  9. I just watched a youtube documentary aboout Maroon5's career and I could just not stop thinking about how I'm grateful to be a fan of a band (Day6) that puts each members individuality in the spotlight. Like litterally Maroon5 went from being a pop-rock band that prided themselves in writing their songs together to a solo driven Adam Levine formula where he is the only one having an input on the songs lyrics with others songwriters and being the face of the band (which is not even a band anymore in my opinion). It subsequently changed their initial sound (with Songs about Jane) to radio-friendly stuff (they progressively lost their core fanbase) and it came to a point where Levine was dragged a year ago for saying that there arent any rock bands anymore (this man is so conceited for real).

  10. So I got curious and checked what the highest note in In My Civic is. It's a G6. I remember Jae telling something about how he thought he pulled a note in the 7th octave in IMPYO and I didn't believe that because even for many female vocalists that was out of range. Put he pulled a G6 and he said IMPYO is actually higher than IMC so that can deffo be true and I'm trembling at that thought what the heck is this man's vocal cord even.

  11. Wait...isn't it a G5 in IMC? I think his primary high notes tend to fluctuate between F#5 and G5. They tend to be very clear and stable whenever he sings them, like they just come out of nowhere. But I think the 6th register is going into the whistle tone register, (think "Lovin' You" by Minnie Ripperton). It can be hard to differentiate between octaves. OT5 lore is fun. We need to figure this out lol.

  12. I'm from the States and think it would be so cool if Jae could help Sungjin/Brian/Wonpil/Dowoon break into the American music scene (which i guess was part of the intention anyway when they were OT5) by getting them involved in his eaJ project. Also. Can you imagine all members coming together and doing shows as each others' backing band? Like Young K or eaJ or Wonpil doing a solo show at HITC and instead of hiring session musicians its literally the boys. Oh the places they would go...

  13. with the news we were given today I think it’ll take a bit longer for this to happen :-(( but regardless I still have a sliver of hope left and I believe this could happen one day ❤️‍🩹

  14. I just checked KOMCA's website and apparently Sungjin, Young K, Wonpil and Dowoon are not under JYP Publishing anymore (I think due to their contract expiring on the 7th? Because Jae hasn't been under JYP Publishing since his contract termination). Wonder how this would affect the release of Sungjin's solo, in case he eventually releases it.

  15. Agreed on that last part and very respectful thing to suggest imo. As far as the news, I am excited. I feel like the farther they get from JYP the better...im sure kpop and JYP management has so many limitations regarding songwriting and image. but if they don't want that I would be happy for them no matter what! Just saying this for myself, but who are we to judge anyway? Even if its touchy, what we say or feel doesn't matter (not that its invalid, but that it doesn't have much to do with how they choose to make themselves happy) and I hope the boys know that we want them to do what they think is best for themselves, I know the mydays who just want there to be peace all want that, and nothing more. Thank you so much for this info.

  16. it would be fun to have each of them cover these songs. i think jae did a tiny bit of man in the mirror on stream once but i might be remembering it wrong.

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