You are given the $300 million Warner Bros. has poured into the Flash and can make as many DC projects as possible with that money, each with a given budget. What do you do?

  1. Put everything into Batcow comics, movies and cartoons. But, in every single project there's gonna be another Batfamily member just to appease the fans (except the Ugly Hood, everyone knows why.)

  2. By my count that’s 38 more seasons of Young Justice. I’m excited to see Young Justice: Beyond, and eventually the Legion of Super-Heroes’ covert ops team.

  3. I’m making my Flash fanfiction real and also doing an animated Martian Manhunter series based off of some ideas I’ve had for J’onn.

  4. 1,000 episode adaptation of Jane Eyre but with Telos and original character and love interest Telass who is a female Telos. It will be called "The Telady And The Telamp".

  5. I am shameless so I would make a YJ spinoff animated series based on the Batfamily, an animated movie a la Teen Titans vs Teen Titans Go! but it just takes a piss out of the Titans live action, just because I can and it’s be funny.

  6. In the most respectful way possible, if I got news that you received said money I would immediately kill everyone in the room I was in and then myself. Have a nice day!

  7. A trilogy of crossover titles that would encapsulate the entirety of the DC Universe with no origin stories whatsoever and introduce characters at a breakneck pace. The first would be Legends, based on the 1986 crossover that would deal with the publics perception of superheroes and end with a battle with the Injustice Society. The second would be a mash up of Invasion/Panic In The Sky led by Imperiex with the Sun-Eater as the super weapon someone has to sacrifice their life to stop. The last one would be essentially Final Crisis and show Darkseid as the villain behind the whole thing. Each movie the stakes would get a little higher. Each movie would end with a tagline encouraging viewers to visit their local comic shop to find out more about the characters introduced in each movie.

  8. I’m immediately greenlighting a captain atom animated movie and spin-off series 12 episodes. (7.1 million)

  9. The Ultimate Warrior but with powerscalers, full of science and computer simulations to determine how long would Goku take to beat Superman. I don’t know about money, but I guess $300 million is enough to hire Chris.

  10. i’ll make a live action movie that will reset the current dceu continuity, with grant gustin reprising his role as the flash

  11. Space Cabbie movie (Logan-style, watch the box office explode), budget $150 million. Then, after first one's success, Space Cabbie 2, which is a musical, with Lady Gaga playing some Space Cabbie-lore female character, I can't come up with anyone right know.

  12. Tho, if the audience doesn't get the Space Cabbie movie's genius, I put the rest of the money on a Batfamily live-action series, BECAUSE SOMEONE HAS TO DO THEM JUSTICE.

  13. 300 million dollars to an extended Logan style series that tells the story of the formation of the Riddler, Azrael, Batgirl polycule and their subsequent adventures against obscure batman villains that haven't been mentioned in 40 years, (and killermoth).

  14. Animated Series - Full on Batman Anime, reimagine his whole lore of villains and give them bullshit anime powers. Set it in a bit established Batman taking in Dick Grayson Robin.

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