"Please don't dc, I brought cake"

  1. I've had a handful of BMed games, but honestly I'm getting more lucky with this event. I have had more great games then bad

  2. I had four matches in a row last night where two survivors dc after getting caught. Last match I played the first one to dc didn’t even get caught. He got unhooked, I very clearly chased the unhooker, he gets downed zombie and immediately dcs.

  3. ive noticed a lot more boosters on the rank 6–10 games. i had a demogorgon that just kept slapping the gen over and over and had us slam pallets on his face.

  4. So many disconnects. I was playing killer just last round against a team with 3 flashlights. I hooked one of them nearly instantly and the three with the flashlights disconnected at once. I gave the lonely guy the hatch. :(

  5. Prior to this big controversy I rarely saw a spirit. Now it seems like I see them every other match. And while they all bring cake they also try their hardest to ensure we don’t get more than 10k points lol. That said I have been refraining from DCing for that delicious cake.

  6. Spirit has always been one of the most common killers to play against, really strong and really easy to pick up.

  7. Shout-out to the Spirit I played recently who brought cake and decide to just 2hook after our teammate DC'd as soon as they saw who the killer was.

  8. I've also come back to Spirit recently, but for different reasons. She's one of the very few killers I have (or can run) BBQ on. I seem to be the only killer main in existence who cannot get a kill with her, nevermind a 4k.

  9. That's why people DC, certainly. It's the killer's job to entertain the entity, not to noscope 4k the match 5 minutes in for 15k points while you all earn 3k to 7k. I know a lot of jackasses play killer for the power fantasy of killing running targets that can't fight back so you can feel superior, but sometimes the other kids will just take their ball and go home.

  10. Two faced mf, you go to have some cake and then her face contorts into anger as she starts hacking away at you

  11. I think an idea for helping counterplay is more obvious use of her power? Her eyes dull in colour or something, maybe her body goes a little opaque? And maybe when she’s nearing there’s eerie audio and glimpses of her flickering back into reality, allowing her to be lightburned even?

  12. There is almost zero fucking indicator for her phasing, ESPECIALLY if you can see her body, cannot tell you ho many times ive been grabbed with 0 woosh noise and 0 terror radius. Fucking bullshit every single time I play against her.

  13. Am I the only one who can hear it come closer? Like, you can tell when she’s phasing to you. I’ve been puzzled by the ‘has no counterplay’ discussion.

  14. Sure, I won't DC unless you slug me at 7 hooks and one gen done when I seek you out and point at a hook. Just let me have my 5k match points and move on. It would make no difference to the match result even if I had DS.

  15. I don't understand it. I had a spirit running dhope/undying with mother daughter ring, who would wait outside of dhope unhook range and then phase back the second someone got unhooked. We all died with little to no counterplay and she only got 20k points. Just felt like no one was having fun.

  16. It'd help if some killers didn't play like someone's gonna shoot their mother if they don't get a 4K. They don't have to let me win but maybe chill out with the decked out meta build for one game?

  17. “Sorry, Spirit. The WiFi here was acting up. I appreciate you’re patience and warm welcome before brutally killing me ”

  18. The cake has spirit's blades in it when you bite into it. El oh El, you'll never know, it's her coinflip mind game

  19. I was playing spirit earlier and the other 3 survivors instantly dc’d when they heard the phase lmao. She let me farm the rest of the game since there was 4 cakes

  20. genuine question, is there a reason killers specifically aren’t bringing cakes?? i played 9 or 10 games last night and in almost every single one, the killer didn’t bring a cake or just brought a personal offering. not quite sure why this is. why not bring a cake for everyone to enjoy? you can’t tell me you don’t have any, because at least 1 or 2 spawn in every bloodweb.

  21. I mean personally I am levelling other killers for perks, so I don’t have any cakes on the killers I play in games.

  22. I think you model has a big unbalance on weights management on the right side but anyways its pretty nice, love it.

  23. Spirit is the next character unlock for me. I have never once managed to escape her, regardless of what survivor I’m playing. Also, I never noticed the candles on the cake were fingers. That’s kinda.. cute? I think? In a super bad gross way? This made me smile, and I appreciate it.

  24. I know this doesn't have to do with this pic but how long does DBD give us the irredentist shards because no have 7,155 and I'm trying to get Spirit

  25. This. Is. Adorable! Still hate Spirit though. Happy 5th anniversary to everyone in this community, no matter their mains <3

  26. I actually had a great game against a spirit! they weren't great, but neither was our teammate who kinda got gen grabbed twice on dead dawg. during EGC the spirit got a 4man slug while 1 teammate was afk at the door while he was hooking someone lol. but the spirit let the rest of us go, even carried 2 of us to the door

  27. The only Spirit I faced in this event hit me once and downed me with Devour Hope, got it destroyed as she was hooking me then proceeded to facecamp me the entire 3 hook states. (to add onto that she had mother-daughter ring, Yakuyoke, and Stridor)

  28. Happened to me yesterday 2x in one game. I just burn my Cakes before p2 and don't play completely serious (bp cap is annoying btw) - taking the k when it's basiacally handed to me. Still 18 to go ...

  29. The number of ppl disconnecting is crazy but also I get it because most of these killers are trying WAYYY TOO HARD & tunnelling for no reason 5 cakes and they still give the game 5-8 minutes of play. You'd think they'd actually want to rack up some blood points

  30. I got so many indecent killers today that it saddens me. I bring them cake and play normally, but they play dirty. One of my mates was left to bleed out ALONE with closed hatch. Now, that's bullying!

  31. Lol at all of the salty babies downvoting this. If you intentionally DC from a game, you're messing a game up for 4 other people and you're a piece of shit. It's that simple.

  32. TMW you've been shown more care & kindness from a murderous, phase-shifting, zombified teenage Japanese girl than anyone in your family :)

  33. I just 2 hook everyone then keep downing them so everyone earns BP but only if they brought cakes too. Else I will sweat my ass off

  34. It's funny, I just played against a spirit where one of our teammates instantly DC'ed when he knew, and the other gave up on hook. The spirit became nice and chilled with me and Leon - we weren't even doing badly, we got all but one gen done! I let her kill me so Leon could get hatch, she was super sweet in the post game chat.

  35. It's more people expressing their distaste for Spirit which is completely understandable since it requires zero talent to play as her.

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