this guide should help you identify what killer you're up against

  1. i feel like 95% of my matches against oni are on a yamaoka estate map… BHVR is trying to push their weeb agenda and i will have none of it!!

  2. Now that I think about it I've committed the worst crime possible......i bought Ghostface a month ago and I still haven't moried noone.

  3. I've been running Devour Hope and sometimes Undying on him lately. If they cleanse the totem(s) in time, 2 hooks each and friendly peek-a-boo games for the rest of the match. If they don't, they're going in the scrapbook.

  4. My friend bought me ghostie for my birthday, the first thing I did is do a custom and mori'd everyone while everyone else photo bombed. We have a series of pictures where I mori'd one with the other 3 behind. Then I mori'd the next one on top of the already dead one. And so on. It's fun to do.

  5. I’m the exact same, I just haven’t been levelling him fast enough to get the tokens. I know what the next thing I’m doing is.

  6. Very unpopular opinion. But RPD is suprisingly my fav map. Expecially as Survivor or Killers like Trickster, Demo, Freddy.

  7. I just picked up twins yesterday and i have no idea how anyone could ever call them broken. Sure they are good at slugging, but with boon of healing and dead hard hit validation right now they are literally helpless against even average teams with those hard counter perks. Also im not even sure if the developers intended twins to play the way they play and that slugging is really just something we made up in their kit to make them atleast a tiny bit viable. Sucks tho cuz they are a blast to play, just cant see how she would be broken, especially not in the current hiding and healing meta. To be fair i still miss alot of my pounces, im generally not the best killer and i dont have the best perks for them yet. But even in matches where i hit nutty pounces and have alot of pressure i get max a 2k if im not slugging.

  8. as someone who plays a lot of twins, they are strong because the pressure they can generate. yes they can hide and heal, but that means they aren't working on gens. you're essentially just keeping them off gens until the opportunity to slug presents itself.

  9. Keep trying. I main Twins and get plenty of 4ks without slugging. You really don't have to slug with Twins to get kills. I wish people would try playing Twins without slugging just to see that they're super fun to play without it. I find slugging to be a boring style of play anyways, but I know they're kind of built specifically to slug.

  10. Your question's already been answered, but for what it's worth: the obsession mechanic always chooses a survivor as the obsession (that didn't used to be the case) and barring certain survivor perks and addons, it's always random.

  11. I really don’t get how pig is all that bad. I understand it’s very hard for her to get a 4K, but a 2k is pathetically easy. If she decides to be an asshole and follow a trapped person they have little hope.

  12. The things you’ve put are really funny but Jesus Christ is the presentation bad! Have you even seen a flow diagram before lol It’s all supposed to be connected!

  13. I tried to use a flow chart maker website but it was too time consuming so i decided to make one using text only

  14. The whole point of not seeing the killer in the lobby is so that you have to figure it out yourself. It’s intentional design and it honestly doesn’t make a difference 99% of the time.

  15. I could laugh at least at some points but the annoyment that I expected a cohesive build when I saw the top to be let down let my dissapointment be immeasurable and you ruind my day

  16. does the killer have a useless power? - pig: Sounds of crying head popped survivors that went against tampered timer and crate of gears.

  17. Did your whole team d/c should be connected to trickster instead. Never had a team Insta d/c against a nurse. Even really good ones. Trickster though... fuck him

  18. BHVR needs to add points for getting morid, similar to points for dying as the obsession. Like yeah, surviving is the point, but getting lifted by my neck and stabbed through the chest is lore accurate.

  19. i’m a spirit main but i’m currently starting to main nurse and i feel the disconnect thing so hard. i had atleast one person leave every game i played as her last night lmao

  20. The obsession one was pretty reliable if u knew nobody was running decisive in lower ranks... now theres always an obsession

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