David King - The 1st official gay character in Dead by Daylight

  1. Maybe get involved with this GaymerX group, since they were the consultant group that worked on this. Sounds like your experience may be useful to them and it's a cause you seem to care about.

  2. IIRC doesn't David mention having a girlfriend in his tome? (or at least having one until she broke up with him). No hate of course but Im curious about that.

  3. Hmm. On one hand, kinda feels like he's getting Dumbledore/Soldier:76'd. Especially since past lore has stated he has a girlfriend. And it also feels like they chose the least stereotypically LGBT character to try and break stereotypes. But on the other hand, I feel like any new character made would be immediately cast off as pandering, and even if it feels a bit like compensation, I'm glad they went with a masculine character like David rather than someone who plays into stereotypes more, like Dwight.

  4. I am the same way, it doesn't feel like much thought went in, but hey, who really cares. Gay, straight, bi, pan, whatever, we're all getting fucked by BHVR in the end.

  5. Nah give me an original character with some outlandish outfits from pride parades if you want me to take them having a gay character serious. I mean it needs to be the human torch when I load into the lobby I’ll be shining so bright screaming flame on. I need sparkles, glitter, bright ass eyeshadow, a horse rp fit, a dildo on my hat, a bear suit and ball gags for the cosmetics.

  6. David comes off as hyper-masculine, so yeah, they usually are struggling to some degree. You see a lot of this in gay culture. But I welcome him all the same.

  7. I think it works better with David though, it doesn’t rewrite or change his pre-existing story, and it isn’t unnecessary/something to prove a lack of homophobia like Dumbledore was. David is getting a new story and I’m pretty sure it will actually incorporate his sexuality into something interesting for his character. I personally think David was a really good choice, but maybe it’s just me.

  8. Representation is fine, as long as it doesn't feel like it's forced down your throat, which this is. If there's a pattern of character development that has long trended towards David King being gay, great. But this entire statement feels like representation for the sake of representation. "Oh we don't have any LGBTQ+ representation, which male should we pick that would make sense to be the most gay?". There's been literally 0 character development beforehand, and anyone telling you that David's first tome implies he's gay is doing mental gymnastics worthy of the Olympics

  9. This implies that behaviour have specifically only made straight characters... or they have a brain an couldn't care less who people wanna fuck until it apparently upset people that want everyone to know who they wanna sleep with like come on grow up who cares if your gay straight black white human or a fucking grey alien

  10. Love to see that instead of actually taking hard stances against hate in their community, BHVR decides to stick to the empty gestures and pandering. Just look at the comments and reactions to this stuff, it's actually insane how LGBTphobic some players are.

  11. One of these days this stuff will just be presented naturally, and not retroactively or openly announced for publicity's sake.

  12. Ironically this gives the biggest ammunition to the players who like this change the most. Remember when we had losers insisting that Bubbas wearing Claudette's face were racist and using blackface? Now we'll get loads of people insisting everytime they get tunneled/camped as David that the killers are intentionally homophobic

  13. Wouldn't this make him the first character who's sexuality is confirmed? I remember hearing that all the survivors had purposely ambiguous sexualities so people can insert there own head canon.

  14. Well you see, in dead by daylight, the characters have these things called "backstories" and "personalities". Since we are currently in the tome about learning David King's personality and backstory in more detail, things like his sexuality are fully reasonable to come up.

  15. The only people who say that are people who have never had to worry about being represented in a medium.

  16. As someone who knew they were gay as young as like 5 or 6 having attraction to boys in my elementary school it was so nice to see shows like Degrassi that had gay characters in it and this is just another medium where gay people can see themselves in games. It doesn't impact that game at all, but it helps people feel more comfortable with themselves

  17. It's not wrong for some representation. It might not affect you personally but some of our peers might feel more happy knowing they're officially getting recognised.

  18. They've entire months-long events dedicated to characters' back stories for years now and it only bothered you when one of the characters turned out to be gay?

  19. he's being murdered because he's gay obviously. i think that's what they're trying to say. hate crimes in DBD are real.

  20. We do tend to hide in plain sight sometimes lol… not all of us are running around with pride flags and stuff

  21. I do wish they just came out with a whole new gay character instead, but also David is daddy so I'm game. Anyone who wants to bitch about it should just play Ace, the straightest and whitest of all the survivors.

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