Yeah that seems about right

  1. how would we do gray ace, the door is unlocked but itโ€™s very heavy or the door locks on it own at random times

  2. Isnโ€™t bi technically more narrow then pan? I feel like pan would be the hole in the wall right? I donโ€™t know that always confused me

  3. Imma guess the revolving door canโ€™t stop revolving with you in it until someone stops it with the right key, just my thought on it as Iโ€™m the same

  4. I feel for me itโ€™s more like having a spare key that you give out once someone is super close. Though that analogy in general falls apart when you talk about sex as well as sexual attraction.

  5. My doors are revolving doors but are locked most of the time. And the guy who's supposed to unlock them lost the key and is currently changing the lock.

  6. I guess I'm one of those hidden doors from cartoons that looks like a wall but then you unlock it and it spins you around a bunch before finally shoving you into the other room like in those episodes of Scooby Doo with the haunted mansion

  7. My door is actually a large Mythologically Fortified Zoological Park Entrance Gate surrounded by vegetation and guarded by a multitude of wildlife from all around our planetary habitation who seem to possess a knack for repelling anyone who draws nearer to the aforementioned gate.

  8. I'm old enough I don't really care for lock and key metaphors for my demisexuality. I'm done romanticizing my capacity for love, and I believe there are any number of people out there who would be "good enough".

  9. In my case, the door is an indestructible glass sliding door, there are several keys, but they've all been misplaced, and I myself am starting to believe the keys never existed.

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