GOP operative illegally funneled Russian money to Team Trump

  1. Of course he did. I’m just glad the gop has found a new douche bag for the conservative turds to flock to. DeSantis is like a methadone clinic for trumpsters.

  2. Crime we were aware of before he ran for president..yet he still became president.. committed more crime.. his impeachment was ignored by the Republican Senate at the time.. now we have mountains of proof of his further crimes along with insurrection, stolen documents etc.. and somehow this human bag of trash is free and seeking reelection.. WTF is wrong with our legal system that poor people are still in prison for smoking pot and a rich person can walk free while being a traitor to the country...I think I'll fall down with disbelief if this asshat ever pays for his crimes.

  3. Unfortunately unless you can prove he was acting with the knowledge or direction of someone higher, then he's just another shitheel who gets to rot in jail for a while. Changes nothing.

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