Since we haven’t gotten an exotic auto rifle in a long time, I suggest my beloved Fabian Strategy from D1 as the next one (if it’s gonna be a returning exotic)

  1. If nothing else, I'd love for them to bring back the weapon model. It looks sick and was also one of my favorite guns in D1, but I'm not sure it would hold up as is in the current game. They'd definitely have to make some changes to it.

  2. Technically it’s the Hakke Halfdan-D model with a metal plate on the barrel. But actually, I think it’s perks are really nice. If they kept the same mechanics for it, I’d totally use it all the time. Or give it a catalyst where the metal plate blocks the headshot multiplier lmao

  3. Everyone says that it was garbage and that other guns do it better but I still love it, the sound and feel of it was pretty unique, even the weapon model.

  4. Why bother wasting an exotic slot for bottom tier output from a bad gun? It was awful in D1, and we can roll a gun with subsistence and rampage.

  5. I am and will forever be a man of Khvostov. If it were to ever come back I wouldn´t need it to be a Ruinous Effigy - collapse your enemies in void balls and use them as a weapon type of gun. If I could get it back with it´s trait being "customization" like what kind of sight, a drum mag or lighter mag with a heavier caliber those kind of things, I would be more than happy.

  6. The problem is autos are in a bad place right now and outside of the very small chance to heal a little it's just a worst huckleberry, even in d1 I can't remember this sucker being all that good, however I'd love to see it reworked and returned, I loved the model and I used it for the memes

  7. I really wish they would have brought back the class exclusive weapons for the 30th anniversary. Tlaloc, Fabian’s Strategy, and the legendary weapons as well like Still Piercer

  8. As a hunter.. man I want stillpeircer so badly. The closest things we have are adorned and thousand yard stare. Both are absolutely phenomenal but.. imagine getting a bonus like mida does when using it with ace?

  9. Fabian Strategy was my baby. It warms my heart knowing there is at least one other person that enjoyed it that much to also want it back in D2!

  10. Oh hell yea, i can already see the possibilities! A million ways for this thing to collect dust in my vault

  11. I'd want it reworked. While it was a workhorse, it was never flashy. In fact, this AR could be used for either an entry as a stasis exotic or have it reflect Zavala's relation with Caiatl by letting those side fins act like a shield. This gun's identity is funny, because a lot of people either forgot what it does or made up entirely different things had a group of friends swear it's fins did something).

  12. It really hasn't been the same since those pinnacle weapons man :( Ritual weapons or whatever they're called just make me sad asf

  13. I remember back when this was buffed, it went from worse than a white gun to actually usable. Although I’m pretty sure Zalo did the same thing, but better, and more.

  14. I want it back but reworked to be different, instead of the rpm give it a gun shield like gibby from apex and when either the shield is down or broken you get swashbuckler on kills

  15. I like it 🤷‍♀️. Although comparing huckleberry in D2 to Fabian in D1 is bit of an unfair comparison.

  16. That works too. That’s why I said if they bring back old guns in the title. I’d prefer they created an awesome new exotic auto, but I’ll take what I can get

  17. Imagine an ornament for this thing. Instead of the shield in front like so, it could be like a sort of, Cabal Phalanx shield

  18. I’m all for old exotics, but not one that gets lost in the wash. Fabian strategy we bang average stat wise and the exotic perk was trash.

  19. People calling Fabian bad didn't use it in Rise of Iron. It's launch state was weak, but by the end of D1 it was a close range machine.

  20. As a Titan main that gun was only briefly good. Which is unfortunate because I really did enjoy it. Maybe it’s new perk could be deployable rally barricades after a kill. Red bars require 3 kills. I also wouldn’t mind getting The supercell back but risk runner exists soooo….

  21. Back in the day, this gun was a meme. It was never good, but it looked cool imo. They could really make it good by letting you shoot through Barricade & Bubble with it.

  22. And then you hear the Warlocks mourn about how they want their Tlaloc also back and then PvP is gonna be busted again because that weapon is a nightmare

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