That’s my QB!

  1. He's worth way more than that! Matt Stafford is listed at 232lbs. If Gold is worth $1,558.80/oz then then he would only cost $5,786,265.60. So his cap hit in 2020 is about four times his weight in gold.

  2. It must be so cool to be just working at an IHOP and all of a sudden the Staffords walk through the door. It might be common for people living in Detroit and suburbs to see these types but I would be total fan girl... While trying to respect their right to privacy lol

  3. I'm going to really miss Stafford if he gets traded at some point or retires. He's a big reason why I love this team so much, alongside the fans.

  4. I think we're gonna be having him around for quite a while, but he is definitely going to go down as the best QB in the city's history.

  5. Don't be surprised if we see him get into TV or radio right about the time they start going to high school

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