1. In my experience, MLB is the most volatile sport of them all and the most difficult to be long term profitable simply because anything can happen on any given day. Mike Trout can go 0-4 with 4 strikeouts and Philip Humber can toss a perfect game.

  2. What would you say your ROI is for baseball? I'm assuming you have a rather strong knowledge of the sport.

  3. As an MLB fan all of my life, I found that it was generally easier to cash for me. But since I sometimes struggle in NFL and NBA because I don't follow it as much, its hard to compare. As philly says, it is possible for a stud to go 0-4 on any given night. Therefore, the match ups are always the most important thing for me. If you pay attention to all the little things that go on in a game, you have an advantage. I found that winning or not generally came down to being able to pick a middle tier pitcher playing against a team that likes to strikeout and struggles. I would also take one stud pitcher and count on that value. As far as hitters, I would take guys with high OBP and who had a chance for a home run. So grinders may have an edge but it will come down to instincts a lot of the time.

  4. Lineup stacks are money makers, if you can predict which offense will go off, stacking the 1-6 hitters on a team facing a low end starter or if a team crushes left handed pichers and are facing a low end lefty in a hitter friendly park, it will help you tremendously. Ive won the highest amount of money in tournaments in MLB, but also had the lowest winning percentage in MLB tournies.

  5. This is why I don't play mlb on DK. There's a clear advantage to big bankrolls who can just stack every team they like and hope that team goes off instead of players. 6 players from one team is too high of a cap.

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