Dropped a Man Song. Very Rare but Useless

  1. Come on! This is not useless! For those of us who can’t find a crystal sword, a monarch, and 2 of amn tal ort Thul runes this thing is awesome!

  2. Mang song with a good roll and faceted is pretty decent for a fire or light sorc compared to 2 spirits. Obviously you get none of the resistances and need to make up fcr, but I would use it for coolness factor until I found the gg weapon.

  3. Wish they’d buff some of the elite armors to be somewhat on par with runewords, or at least useful for some builds…

  4. Useless is such a strong word. If you can't find 4 opensocket monarch shield for a spirit runeword then this is pretty good. Also lack of resistances builds caracter.

  5. I lol’ed at “lack of resistance build character”. Very funny indeed. I think some may have taken you seriously.

  6. The likelihood of finding a 4os monarch is higher than finding one of these. AND finding a plain white monarch that you can give to larzuk for 4os is EVEN EASIER to obtain. There's a huge reason why no other shield apart from class specifics see ANY time of day.

  7. I think it's useless because 1 handed + shield is just better for end game and Mang Song is worth nothing. Death's web has about the same drop chance, I would have been happier with that :')

  8. They really need to buff this item. Just increasing the minus res range to like -35 to -45 would at least make it usable but probably would also need +all res or some more fcr just to compete with spirit + hoto or spirit + any unique sorc orb.

  9. Useless is a bit strong. It's the same amount of plus skills as a hoto+ spirit. Maybe not best in slot, but calling it useless is off base.

  10. My mang song rolled perfect. Well it might if I ever identify it. Unid archon staff has a nice ring to it though.

  11. I use mine on my wolf barb. Those five skills are very nice when I cast battle orders and then transform. 2x Hoto would be better but only slightly and it's fun to have a use for Mang Song.

  12. Working my grail (only Tyreals left) but I’ve found 5+ Dwebs, 5+ Astereons but only 1 of this bad boy. Thing is rare indeed.

  13. My first char has been a hybrid orb/light Sorc for ages now. I'd love to slap a light facet in a mang song's, throw on 87 FCR elsewhere and rock one of these. Is it better than Hoto+Spirit? 100% no, not even close, but it would be fun.

  14. I've found one of these. Trashed it due to it being useless vs spirit shield and other caster items like hoto or occy. It's a shame.

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