Next patch coming to d2r.

  1. ding! i dont want to manually sort out my horrid rune or gem tab, just tell me how many!! or have an npc in each act to store these items that hog everything!!

  2. Pass on rifts but I wish we could do a /p8 option as long as you’re in game alone and not just offline. I like playing online but it is annoying when farming because everyone is just trying to click items the fastest

  3. They've said in the past they don't want to discourage online play with a player count option. Which is unfortunate because I play on Bnet for the 1% of times I might want to play with friends; the other 99% is solo where that feature would come in handy.

  4. People are saying this, is it based on any comments from devs or is it just wishful thinking?

  5. The update is welcome but this is a fix/lobby update as they stated. Of course some small runewords or minor balance changes could be welcome in the coming years but but it's better leave a master piece in peace then messing it up too much.

  6. Buff physical melee builds! Make melee hit adjacent foes or something, or just buff WW so it's actually worth using in PvM compared to the meta builds. We need to Make Melee Great Again

  7. I'd like to be able to play my character again, y'know the one I was building for 6+months before they nerfed it into oblivion?

  8. A gem shrine drops an upgraded version of one gem you are carrying on your person. It's the rarest shrine

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