Day 1 of my nomad adventure starting in Austria!

  1. I'm staying in the small town of Leogang, sandwiched between mountains. Luckily I don't need to pay for accommodation during this short stay but everything costs slightly more than the average of central Europe. It's a fantastic location for hiking and biking in the summer since you're surrounded by nature. Highly recommend if you need a bit of a getaway from society.

  2. Your last post mentioned that your job is finished and you're away for 6 months. Isn't this... a holiday?

  3. I speak a little bit of German. English is quite widely spoken here apart from some locals living further up the mountains.

  4. It looks like you are posting an image, so I'd like to ask you to provide some context in the comments. Please post a comment with any applicable answers to these questions:

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  6. I was working from an amazing coworking space last summer in Wörgl, and liked it so much will be returning there again for a month!

  7. Nice. I’ve been wanting to go to the valleys east of Wörgl. How is the town itself? Why were you there? What would you recommend?

  8. Internet is pretty good in bars and cafes and great in accom. Cost of living is pretty similar to the south of England (not as bad as London obviously) since you're in the mountains.

  9. Damn, that really is off the beaten track. I've been through Salzburg and Vienna, but you are in the mountains.

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