Is there a fairway driver that will not turn but also isn’t a meat hook?

  1. While agree with what you’re saying the most recent run of champ eagles are nearly as os as normal. I picked up a new one and can flip it flat out of the box. Which I normally can’t do with a new champ eagle x

  2. Thrown flat eagles will show their turn (especially DX and GStar) though maybe not the INNStar ones they are pretty beefy. OP might have oat or accidentally anhyzer though

  3. I don’t think it’s the discs. Focus on your form and your release angle. Turn is just a product of physics. Every disc has some turn.

  4. A teebird or teebird3 in champ/star/halo should fit the bill. My halo teebird3 goes dead straight with no turn for ~325' and then fades forward.

  5. Sounds like you might need to work on your form a bit. If you're throwing under 300 and turning over neutral or stable 7-9 speeds, you probably have some OAT in your release, or you might be throwing on a little anhyzer when you try to go for big distance or something. For 300 power, a star TL3 is a great option for something that won't turn much, and won't finish with too much fade. The Crave is also a solid option.

  6. The new discmania FD has very little turn and a dependable low fade at the end. I genuinely love TJ's new C-line plastic also. Really good summer/hot weather plastic.

  7. I used to bag a Royal Rage 2 (Instinct) until it hit a few too many trees, have swapped it for a Viking Discs Barbarian. Those are both the exact same numbers as your Explorer so YMMV.

  8. My champ Teebirds will absolutely not, under any circumstances, turn at 300' power. Champion plastic is a good bit more overstable in my experience, so I'd recommend trying that.

  9. I am sorry that I don’t really answer your question, but I’ll try to give some thoughts that might be helpful. I max out a bit above 300, but identify as “not a big arm”, and was sort of looking to solve the same “problem” you describe a few years back.

  10. Spin = stability (remember that stable, overstable, and understable is a triangle, not a line). It sounds like you're not getting enough spin on your disc. This is most commonly due to either a rounded pull or improper grip. Speed is generated through the whip motion that a pull through the power pocket creates, and proper grip gives the disc spin when released without off-axis torque (wobble). I suggest revisiting your grip. If turnover is happening later in the fight (30% to 50% distance), that is when the disc has lost it's stabilizing spin and shows its true stability (worth replacing). If the disc turns sooner than that it's either off axis torque, anheizer release, or lack of spin.

  11. If your average drive is under 300 feet every single one of those discs shouldn't exhibit a single shred of turn. Something is going on that you're not accounting for.

  12. I would tend to lean towards a less stable disc thrown with a little less power. My average bh throw is around 320 and I use a sidewinder for dead straight shots up to 320ft. You can throw it in a mini hyzer and it will stand up and just go straight with hardly any fade. I only throw it at like 60-70%power and it does it every time. Also useful for rollers and big anny’s that you want to hold the angle.

  13. Ok I think the majority of players are bringing their flippy discs to a wooded course, so I’m just trying to picture something more overstable than a thunderbird going “straighter” for tight lines—but to answer your question, a regular esp raptor is a great disc though without much power it may be a bit meat hooky at first, you’ll find it has the feel in the hand of a firebird/fd3/felon/fireball/etc type of disc, but has significantly more forward carry than its cousins. Like a beat-in Firebird out of the box.

  14. Focus on form to make sure you aren’t rounding. But also, the Getaway from Dynamic Discs might be a good option for you. I have a dozen of them. You can put a lot on them and they are stable enough not to flip over, but not a meat hook.

  15. A new champ Leopard or Leopard3 might do it for you. Or a Dark Rebel (FD), TL, TL3, etc. If you want a straight shot, though, I’d recommend a hyzer flip.

  16. If OP is seeing an eagle turn then every single one of those will also turn, either similarly (if throwing flat) or into oblivion (if OP has some accidental anhyzer in their form).

  17. Highly recommend you simplify your bag. Pick one or two molds for your fairway drivers and then bag them in different weights and plastics (offering slightly different flights/stability).

  18. Agree with the comments on oat. However, since others are throwing out disc names, I'll mention Drew's disc, the Era by finish line, as the disc most closely matching this description.

  19. Try one of the INNStar eagles, they are pretty beefy. Most Eagle X will show it's turn if you're throwing it flat. I use a banshee for the "eagle but absolutely no turn", but they aren't easy to find.

  20. Try to really really focus on putting as much spin on the disc as possible. That will help with OAT and you should have no turn on even a teebird

  21. I was going to recommend the discs you already listed as in your bag…so instead, like everyone else said, trying throwing a baby hyzer. Probs my favorite shot with a River.

  22. Prodigy X3. Only fairway I have that can be thrown at 65mph and not turn out of the hand, and yet doesn't fade back hard at the end either. This is my goto in the woods long tunnel shot.

  23. Thank you everyone for all the very valuable info. I’d agree with the fact that I have been adding some OAT. Which would explain why some days my discs are more flippy than others.

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