I made a bot that exposes my server members if they have been playing for too long (any game)

  1. Is your server member tyler1? I don't know anyone who plays league that long and not have a mental meltdown

  2. Pretty sure @everyone as text will not work as a mention anyway, but the Discord client a normal user would use replaces the text with the actual mention syntax. On the other hand, an actual mention as a game name could possibly be a problem, if the bot isn’t checking for those.

  3. Even though it isn't finished I have made my github repo public in case people would like to contribute and help expand the feature.

  4. Annoying for Linux users that leave their pc on ("30p87 has been playing pkgkitd for 28 hours")

  5. Yeah it gets a little annoying like that but if you have an active general chat it shouldn’t be too bad

  6. Or PC gacha game players (if you forget to close Bluestacks before work/sleep, although the obnoxiousness of having to go into Device Manager and rescan to get your sound back after the screen goes to sleep, due to an annoying nVidia HDMI bug that's existed for years now, tends to quickly get you out of that habit).

  7. what is the update interval for the bot? cause wouldn't discord hate you for requesting so much data if the server size is big, which could end in discord deleting your token because they might think you are doing something malicious with all the user information

  8. beautiful idea, especially if it has the option to ping the user in question, and maybe also says "take a break buddy, get some water, or a snack, or even just walk around your house" and maybe includes a motivational quote or something. just more feature ideas, either way i love it and would love to be able to get it whenever you make it public : )

  9. Great! This bot would probably expose me for being on a game too long, mainly because I forget to close them out. Still a really cool bot though

  10. I love how you had to include "(every game)" to clarify that the purpose of this bot is not limited to slandering people who play league if legends.

  11. And if someone just leaves the game on? When I walk away from my pc and I was on mc I just leave it on until it wanna play again wether that’s a day or a hour ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  12. You should have it announce immediately if the said game is league of legends, cago, or overwatch so that other people in the server can help care for their mental health and get them to stop :) [this is a joke]

  13. I honestly don’t know / understand the purpose of this. Can somebody explain? I’m actually serious, lmao

  14. Will the source code be publicly available (github or something [Open Source]) and if yes, under what licence? Cool and chad GPL or Virgin and lonely MIT ? GPL Respects your freedoms(4) and MIT violates some of them.

  15. A friend of mine and I were inspired by this and decided to create one with relatively the same functionality but in discord.py instead of JS. We'll unleash it on the masses tomorrow lol.

  16. We're hoping to add quips for things like Valorant and CSGO and VS Code so if u have any good quips let us know. Right now we've got "{user} just give it a rest. It wont work." and "Dang {user}, trying to get to radiant or something?"

  17. Hello this might be unrelated but recent one of my admins deleted 2 of my Important channels, is it possible to recover them and if possible then how?

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