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  1. Honestly I wish the Aurora princess costume at the Disney parks looked like this, I know she fills the “pink dress” quota, but I think this would be SO COOL.

  2. This is actually inspired by her dress in disneyland's magic happens parade! She has her colour changing dress there. Having made this dress I think I can understand why they don't have her in it all the time - it isn't very durable. It frays so much so I had to be really careful with it, and there are already spots on the fabric where pieces of thread have unravelled so there's a black line where it should be pink for example. The fabric is essentially woven with the pink/blue thread in alternating order if that makes sense? So it's like blue, pink, blue, pink etc. When they unravel it shows the lining underneath which is black.

  3. Aurora had a dress like this in Disneyland’s Magic Happens parade. I agree though I wish they would make it her face character dress!

  4. Thank you! I did make one out of foam actually! I took it off for the first picture but you can kind of see it in the other two

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