Official /r/Disney 'Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers' Discussion Thread [Spoilers Inside]

  1. I saw a “dip” (the toxic waste stuff that killed toons in Roger Rabbit) reference in the movie, it was one of the tools Peter Pan had in possession before he reached for the eraser.

  2. I can’t believe Ugly Sonic got a redemption. I never expected to see him again. And who knew Zipper and Gadget would be a couple?! That’s so wild

  3. This was a lot of fun. So many cameos. Did anyone see a character at the beginning in the lunch room that appears to be Kearney from the Simpsons but back when he had hair?

  4. They made Peter the villain on purpose to call that out. They made a point of showing how bs it was that he got canned just for getting older.

  5. Space Jam 2 was just "Look at all these IP we own" with nothing clever done with them. Chip and Dale actually makes use of the cameos and references beyond "Hey, remember this?" Like, I would've understood if "Ugly Sonic" was a one-off gag but he actually has relevance to the plot.

  6. If this movie is canon, Linda Flynn is operating as an undercover criminal as her day job while she leaves Phineas, Ferb, and Candace at home.

  7. She may have gotten Phineas involved as well, as we see some weird amalgamation version of him as well getting rescued at the end.

  8. “Last year when Peppa Pig went missing, I fell for a bogus tip and made the whole squad rade Nickelodeon jr Studios, and the toons fought back. The Paw Patrol attacked Sgt. Henderson. The Dr. Said he’ll never have kids”

  9. I loved it. I also love that it followed the 90s “kids movie but maybe don’t take your kids to see this because it will give them nightmares” trope.

  10. The Paw Patrol bit had my wife and I dying, our youngest is obsessed with them so the movie taking that turn with them was the best

  11. I really enjoyed the movie. I love that Ugly Sonic had a supporting role though small. Now I feel bad for complaining about ugly Sonic in the Sonic movie

  12. I’m a huge sucker for the “toons are actors in the real world” motif and crossing franchises, and this delivered on that a thousand fold.

  13. Movie ended up being a lot better then I expected. Disney went all out with they cameos too which was cool. Also I’m having a hard time pinning down the metal song Chip was listening to. If anyone could help me with this that would be awesome.

  14. A new fear of mine unlocked by this movie is having all of Seth Rogen’s characters staring down at me doing the laugh.

  15. This was actually a lot better than I expected. I’ve heard it described as a modern Roger Rabbit and that’s a decent way to put it. But I would also say there’s a bit of Zootopia thrown in there with the hard-boiled organized crime plot.

  16. This movie is like the definition of why Disney+ should exist. I would not have seen this in theaters even though I wanted to see it really bad. Day 1 streaming though! No question I watched it the moment I could.

  17. It was a great family picture, I was having fun with the 90s nostalgia & my kids were having a blast picking all of their favorite characters out of the crowd

  18. I loved that they went all the way crazy with this. Laughed so hard I cried at some parts. Honestly I'd have seen this in the theater! I really want to watch it again. Even the Post Malone theme song cover in the credits was good imo.

  19. I knew from the lack of Gadget in the trailers that she wouldn't be in the movie very much, but I had hoped I was wrong. :(

  20. Ok, I didn't think I'd enjoy it as much as I did. Really funny, great callbacks. Plot was ridiculous, just like the show.

  21. The Polar bears turns into an mogamation of several characters. Does anyone know what the cannon arm was. I'm drawing a big blank.

  22. I think it was supposed to be a Bullet Bill/Bob-omb cannon, but Mario was the one license they couldn't get.

  23. Was this flick a cheesy pop culture explosion? Yes, yes it was. Did I enjoy every minute of it? Yes, yes I did! Also, Paul Rudd’s cameo was gold!

  24. There were references to South Park, Butthead, and Pickle Rick all in this movie. It’s implied Dale performed at a strip club. This movie is absolutely bonkers.

  25. The greatest praise I can give this movie is that I'd have paid real money to see this in theaters if they had released it that way. Very fun movie and I loved every moment.

  26. Greatest praise I can give this movie is: I haven’t felt so bad about recommending to watch something since True Detective season 2

  27. At first, I was annoyed that they'd changed so much with the other main characters, then made a point of how Gadget's real personality was exactly like her character's. Then I went, no, she has the same voice actress here as she did in the series, and with all the changes they made to the other characters, someone had to stay anchored. Kind of like an anti-Bojack commentary. Not every actor has to be terrible when not at work.

  28. I liked it but the animation was pretty uneven with the 2D. Had a real, 3D model cell shaded video game look to it. I felt like they cheaped out by not putting in the work.

  29. I do gotta say the stuff with Sweet Pete is.. admittedly kinda uncomfortable. I'm not sure whether or not it was intentional, but quite honestly they should have either stuck with the original idea of having Pluto as the villain, or replace Pete with some other classic Disney character to avoid it because it gets kinda unnerving.

  30. I don't know why, but Chip taking out his airpods and hearing he's listening to death metal was one of the funniest Goddamn things.

  31. Gadget and Zipper ending up together was legit the last thing I expected. And having Dennis Haysbert do the voice of Zipper was hilarious!

  32. I liked it very much and I'm gonna rewatch it no doubt. But no one is gonna talk how, in the end, they tease us with Darkwing Duck?

  33. Nobody is talking about the Shrek reference melting its products to create portable toilets... Knowing the origins of shrek and its creator... I wonder how Disney got the rights to do that, or why in hell Dreamwork accepted that deal...

  34. I felt like this was written by a reddit group who wrote it for adults and didn't care about getting sued. It is art

  35. Goofy does briefly appear in the Smash Bros. parody in the end credits. Donald is mentioned by name early on, but not seen.

  36. Wow that was, awkward as it could be. I guess they solved that Chip or Dale & Gadget debate with as much awkward as they could cram in there.

  37. I get that this was satire of the film I industry, but at this point it feels like the movie is mocking us for being a dumb enough audience to watch all these crappy spin offs and remakes.

  38. In reference to your last point, I think you missed it. Noone blamed Dale. Noone even blamed Chip. The story highlights that they both needed the other whilst thinking that the other was the more confident/self-sufficient member of the team. Its moreso wires being crossed than anything

  39. I highly doubt Disney would allow anyone to touch Oswald. He hasn’t been used in years. Same with Julius. I read online that Pluto was going to be the villain, and to be honest, that would’ve worked.

  40. I truly can not think of anything on this entire planet that every single person likes or dislikes exactly the same. What is bad for one, is good for another; and that's perfectly fine.

  41. You're not alone. I turned the movie off about 2/3 of the way through. I've always hated the "cartoons as actor" trope, but I knew that going in to it.

  42. If it were cheaper than the other options, I would 100% eat a whale. I would eat it with a smile on my face and a Disney song in my heart.

  43. I will probably post other comments and reply to many, but the only thing I personally did not like was the Gadget/Zipper relationship.

  44. Man-o-man, I really enjoyed this! I was in that age group that saw Rescue Rangers, Darkwing Duck, Goof Troop, Tale Spin, DuckTales, etc, when in elementary. I started remembering things from childhood watching this, even the Roseanne show because my parents would watch it in the afternoons. Wish they did this with the other shows.

  45. The whole rapping bit is the funniest thing I've seen in many, many years. That might sound like an exaggeration, and/or it might make me sound like an uncultured idiot, but I truly don't remember the last time I laughed so hard. Probably in the 2000s? I don't know, but man, it really hit me hard. The backing track. THE BACKING TRACK. The fumbling of the intro. The exact timing and exact delivery of the "fumbling." Chip's interjection. The "fixed" version having rhythm but Dale getting stuck on one rhyme. Oh, it was so glorious. It's one of those scenes where if it had been done even slightly differently, it very likely could've been a "meh" from me. But it ended up being done perfectly and that made it a gut-buster.

  46. Loved every moment of this movie. A lot of moments were so perfect I had to pause just to fully appreciate them without losing plot. Too many to list especially for a movie that just seems kinda like a blow off in a world of cross over movies. Definitely would love a sequel.

  47. Just started watching the film and I'm thrown off a little by the use of Tenacious D. I mean, I love it, but never expected to hear them on a Disney release.

  48. That moment when that policewoman mentions the incident of PAW Patrol hurting someone SO hard they can't have children ever again...

  49. Just saw it and I gotta say while it was enjoyable I thought they were gonna do something else for the ending. I thought Sweet Pete was stealing parts from different cartoons to sort of Frankenstein himself into a younger version or something because he keeps talking about his 'reboot' and has all the parts on the wall and the surgery machine. Idk if anyone else thought this as well 🤷 What did you think the big reveal and ending was going to be?

  50. Completely taken by surprise how much we loved this, we started it as a Sunday afternoon background movie, but 15 min in we realized something was up and basically couldn't believe what we were seeing on D+.

  51. I have a feeling this was meant to be a theatrical release, but the suits decided to let this go to streaming instead.

  52. This immediately became my favourite movie of all time. Like many others here, I grew up watching Rescue Rangers. This film is the most nostalgic I have ever felt in watching something new. For me, this tops all the reboots/comebacks. Mulaney and Samberg really did it for me. What a ride

  53. I could do better either as a rp or a tv show. And it be more into the story of who framed Roger rabbit than chip and dale. In fact I might write something about it or whatever and call it Toon Angeles. Catchy right?

  54. Anyone know what body parts the code edited peter pan becomes? I recognized a wreck-it-ralph arm but not much else. Is that foot from Battle Angel Alita?

  55. its strange becuse this movie is charming, fun, funny and strangely realistic yet complete bonkers. Acting chould use some improvments, especialy the humans, but its okay. I realy liked Chip in this and Dale was funny becuse he was so selfish, wich is atypical for him. The refrances where nice, and despite the controversies of sweat pete he was great. Realy liked this film 6,8/10

  56. Ok Ill eat all the crow at the table. I legit thought that movie that was going to be non stop cringe but that was easily the best movie I've seen in probably a year. It had just enough nostalgia, and all the 80s/90s puns I never knew I wanted. I freaking loved the ugly sonic and convention references. Honestly my only wish was that gadget needed a bigger role.

  57. This is like a who framed roger rabbit. I died when I saw dobbey from Harry Potter on the sign. Modeling for Gucci.

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