For those who played the old Dissidia, who thinks that NT would’ve been better if it stayed more like an RPG game?

  1. True, I just wish they kept the world roaming in the story mode like they had in 012, having to unlock the story by playing pvp or arcade is kinda dumb imo and the whole grid thing with just cutscenes (and usually cutscenes with pretty large gaps between each other) and then a fight here and there is really low effort.

  2. I really preferred the first two Dissidia games, the rpg mechanics, the completely different battle system and the huge amount of solo content (especially in 012) was better in my opinion. I also enjoyed the ease of playing any character, which in a game based on nostalgia and fandom seems like a good thing.

  3. I like all of them in their own way. The poor reception of NT vs the seemingly positive reception of DFFOO however worries me. Many game companies are already realizing they can make more money with less effort on gacha games than AAA titles and I'm worried this is going to push SE further in that direction since they don't seem to understand why people dislike NT.

  4. Nah. Most of the RPG elements of the older games were essentially useless. The only thing I prefer of the PSP games to NT is the story. I appreciate the fact that they considered gameplay more this time around instead of tacking on half baked concepts like the equipment, summon and assist systems from previous games.

  5. only if that meant it would get the full rpg treatment(hours of story, exploration, character interactions, lore etc). If NT stayed the same but was just built like an rpg (stats, equipment etc.) it would still have most of its current problems and might even make the game worse because all that extra stuff would literally be nothing more than busy work and would probably open the door to some less than favorable DLC practices

  6. Both have their pros and cons imo, it's hard for me to definitively say "x is better," however if I had to pick, I'd say I probably prefer the older games just slightly more. NT is definitely more competitively focused, which can be fun, but I kinda prefer the PSP titles' more casual, almost sandbox-y feel.

  7. No, I honestly find NT better than Duodecim. After having played a ton of NT and going back to Duodecim, I much prefer the balance of NT to the outrageous bullshit in the PSP games. If people want a crossover RPG, that’s what World of Final Fantasy or Opera Omnia are for. Dissidia is supposed to be a fighting game and I think NT is a great way of doing it. The main reason it suffers is from lack of servers and being released at a really shitty time between bigger games.

  8. Holy shit yes, I love Duodecim but my god, the whole grinding for levels/equipment/weapons/accessories/summons/bullshit is what forced me to just download a 100% Save file. I'm NOT doing all of that just stand a basic chance against the AI (that sometimes cheats, to make things even worse).

  9. When you have Team Ninja, a primary fighting game development team, creating the game. What else would you expect besides a fighting game system. Would I want to to stay like an RPG game? Mainly no since the original Dissidia relied too much on gear and 'get out of jail free' Ex-Mode / Assist Characters (if you want to throw in DDFF in).

  10. while this is true, it can easily be done while having all that extra fun stuff in there. just look at smash. the items and custom attacks are tons of fun to mess around with in the single player/local modes, but when you go to ranked online matches, it switches all that off automatically.

  11. I think NT addresses a lot of the problems with the first 2 games. They were fun but did not work on a competitive level. The dev team seems very disconnected from the players with NT though. Imo the combat in NT is fine, everything else is bad.

  12. Not only that it was developed for an arcade console. Single player was never a priority. Neither was the western market.

  13. For all the balance improvements of that NT had, the change in format also took out so much of the stuff that drew me to the original. I enjoyed the way the story mode was laid out, the equippable weapons and items gave me long term goals to work towards, the characters were way more customizable and it had a few extra modes to spice it up. The team based combat has its charm, but it doesn't appeal to me as much as 1v1 and the changes in level design made to compensate for 3v3 make them feel less fun to wander around. The 3v3 makes the single player stuff slightly more irritating to play because I can lose because of AI mistakes.

  14. I dont feel like they are watered down because at some point you’ll stick with the brave and hp attacks that work best for your playstyle in the original games

  15. This game is leagues better than the old Dissidia entries. If not for the online problems, it'd be my GOTY. I never cared for the old RPG elements. You guys found it fun grinding CPUs looking for those drops that helped making the ultimate weapons? I know I didn't.

  16. No I think DFF works better as the full on fighting game like it is now. But I would prefer that it stayed 1v1.

  17. As someone who played a semi embarrassing amount of Dissidia on the PSP, I can say I actually like the way NT is set up. No more Judgement of Lufenia bullshit, no more set boosts, just pure skill. Don't get me wrong I miss a lot of things from the PSP games but this game is VASTLY better balanced. It's good if you can work as a team.

  18. I dunno why we have to choose between the two when we can have both in the same game. Current NT is a full blown fighting game but SE could have easily implemented the RPG mechanics in a single player mode campaign. If they really can't do so for some reason, then they should at least do a remaster of the prior games. I think that should be enough to please both sides' of players.

  19. No offence but why would they remaster the old games for the RPG mechanics if Opera Omnia (which arguably does it better) exists

  20. I will hand NT some props. The graphics are beautiful, I am honestly glad they did away with the equipment (anyone can start the game and try to hold their own against anyone else), the summons are leagues cooler than Duodecim, and I love the inclusion of Y’shtola and the doing away of the bullshit amnesia plot.

  21. I think NT would be much better if it was follow up to the old games. I wouldnt really call the previous games rpgs though.

  22. The gameplay, I don't mind. I'd have personally preferred more RPG elements, sure, but that isn't why I play the game. It's the utter lack of effort into the minimal excuse for a story mode the game has that's disappointed me most

  23. I've thought about this for months. And I really like that we have functioning online battles now. That's what I wanted in the first 2.

  24. The RPG elements were fun, but made the old games a balancing nightmare. I like that NT is almost entirely reliant on player skill to do well.

  25. While the equipment was something I didn't quite like (the meta revolved around one or two specific sets anyway, and grinding for those parts wasn't exactly fun), I do miss the ability to equip different bravery attacks.

  26. Ex bursts were cop outs anyways, ex modes gave hp regen, stronger attacks, auto guard breaks, and using 1 hp attacks makes things much more hectic. Knowing which hp attack the other team has makes things more fair but it doesnt make it easy

  27. I prefer old Dissidia, NT seems fine for what it's trying to do. I enjoy playing it, but it's not what I was wanting out of a new Dissidia game.

  28. I like that NT puts a lot more thought into character balance and making just about everyone fun to play, but IMO it came at too high a cost.

  29. nah it would suck. NT gets played more daily than previous Dissidia games. I deleted Duodecim from PSP, its obsolete now.

  30. Dissida would’ve been fine if they’d kept it the way it was. The combat mechanics were fine the way they were, gear grinding and story consolidation is fine, but they ruined the combat formula. It’s no longer rewarding to play as certain characters (because they all fought differently per the title of game they came from). Jecht is a perfect example.

  31. The original was not RPG, it was skill based fighting the character growth, the combo's you could edit to make up for the characters inability to attack from certain angles, the reaction time. All these were better while NT tried a new formula, destroying character growth, 3v3 is all around annoying, its doable but honestly spending 3 minutes chasing some dumb AI down even tho they are targeting you simply because the AI is always attempting to gang up on you is a waste of time. The 3v3 has potential but the way they did it is just too clunky. It's too easy to destroy one person in pvp by hanging up on them because the characters dont react in time with the player like they used to. It's no longer about skill. It's about relying on others. And with can never rely on them. The moment you stop babysitting is the moment they die. They should've simply stuck with the original formula instead of tried this new thing or at least made 3v3 optional in story mode etc. Because the AI is useless and if you dont have friends you are guaranteed a bad time. Plain and simple. Only masochists who enjoy dark souls games like myself could possibly enjoy DISSIDIA NT on single player.

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