Man, newest pod topic is so alienating

  1. It could have a slight amount of substance that doesn't depend on me knowing about everything they mention, like any other episode so far

  2. I'm from the UK, so very few restaurants were relevant to me, but I really enjoyed the episode today. Same with Go! I don't like sports but I enjoy the conversation Mark and Tyler have about them

  3. Maybe I'm just greedy but I love hearing people talk about American food πŸ˜‚ The UK just can't compete and it was very obvious how much more I enjoyed food when I was in America... delicious delicious chemicals πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  4. Honestly most of the time I don’t really care about the topics, I just love outstanding because it’s funny to hear them fight with each other and just be stupid in general, ya know? I don’t listen for the topics I listen for the boys

  5. From the US, so opinion might not matter on this topic, but anyway I have found that there have been several episodes that I just didn't care about the topic of discussion and that's okay to not care about the topic. I live in the US and several of the ones mentioned I had neither heard about nor been to personally. I also found some of their opinions about some of the food and places to be not of my own shared opinion, but they didn't agree with eachother on a lot of these places either. Whether you choose to listen to the episode or not maybe you would like to educate some of us as to what your Tier List would be for fast food or even just restaurants in your own area. This would allow many who choose to read your post understand what kind of food you may choose over others. Overall this episode is kind of a flop because even when you look at how the fast food places are ranked overall they don't match with any of the three fully.

  6. I wish people would take this opportunity to post about food places unique to your area. I wanna know about food places I've never seen or heard of before, either common fast food places outside of America or even local joints that just have good food. That's what I did 😊

  7. You can probably get "dulce de leche" somewhere, it's like a candy made with milk, you put in in/on stuff like Nutella and it's universally loved here in Argentina.

  8. We have Gregg's (a bakery). Most Brits would put it S tier, but I don't rate it in the least, so F tier for me

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