Which Actor Is More Iconic To Doctor Who?

  1. I'd say it depends on age group for the most part. For younger fans who probably never watched classic and began with the revival Tennant.

  2. I started with Matt Smith. I watched a few episodes of Tennant on Netflix back in 2015, but that was about it. Well, until the BBC came out with the David Tennant Blu-Ray set.

  3. Tennant was my first Doctor but I still voted Baker most iconic because if another piece of media wants to reference Doctor Who, the scarf is a common shorthand.

  4. I grew up with the revival, owing series 1-4 on DVD and watching them constantly. So Tennant is my boy! But I'd say Baker is far more iconic as the Doctor.

  5. You are correct. But I still picked David because there are more and more fans that haven't seen the originals, just NewWho. That's how I judged it, most influential for the current state of the fandom. 10 years ago, Baker would have been the easy nr1.

  6. I think you are right, but I think it's a little more certain than "it depends" because the last decade of Doctor who has had higher viewership and notoriety than it ever has in its entire run.

  7. Yeah, it's pretty subjective. For me, Baker is the first person I would think about when it comes to the Doctor. Though I love Tennant and Capaldi, for me, the iconic Doctor is TB.

  8. To a certain generation in the UK I'd say David Tennant but mostly its Tom Baker by a mile. Ask a none fan to describe the Doctor. Most are mentioning the scarf.

  9. Tennant is my Doctor, but the iconography of Tom Bakers Doctor has ruled since the 70's and I can't deny that he is still the iconic Doctor that still get referenced outside of the show itself.

  10. Yeah, and also iconic as Tennant is as 10, Tennant also has several other iconic or at least big roles, but at this point, Baker is very much known as being the Doctor.

  11. Matt Smith constantly makes me forget why I like Tennant the best, but then I watch Tennant and remember. That said, props to Matt for being good enough to confuse me.

  12. Tom Baker's look is what people use when they want to make a Doctor Who reference in their own work. Far and away the most recognisable.

  13. I grew up with Tom Baker, but I feel Matt Smith had the best vibe for the Doctor. Best blend of humour and seriousness.

  14. When other shows throw references to DW or easter eggs I feel like more often than not its Baker. But I have seen a few Tennants

  15. I think despite the votes, Tom Baker's iconography is more recognisable even now. Tennant is a man in a suit, Baker's got the scarf, no contest.

  16. I think the lack of Tennant's iconography is perfectly shown by the fact that 3D glasses get used so much to symbolise him and he only wore them for one story (He might have worn them for the 3d intro sequence for the 50th, but I'm too lazy to go find out)

  17. Exactly this. Classic Who the Doctors had costumes with Tom's being on of the more iconic. But like Eccleston is a dude in jeans and t-shirt, and Tennant is just a dude in a suit.

  18. Smith's my Doctor, but i voted for Tennant because I trying to think of it from a general public perspective. I think Tom Baker was the clear winner up until ~2009, but idk, i feel like Tennant's more well-known today to anyone under 45.

  19. I prefer Smith over Tennant but cannot deny that without Tennant, Doctor Who would not have lasted as long as it has.

  20. Even though I grew up on nuwho. I still class the fourth doctor as the most iconic. That hat and scarf costume is used in do many parodies and pop culture references of doctor who.

  21. Anyone who votes anything but Tom Baker is mad every doctor who sketch/parody/mock up it's always the 4th Doctor portrayed long scarf big hat he's just the definitive Doctor

  22. I think if you ask anybody about Doctor Who in the general population, outside the fandom, their most likely mental image is of Tom Baker

  23. I'm sorry, but Tom Baker is THE iconic Doctor, you may prefer David, but if you're talking about an icon Tom takes it.

  24. I guess if you judge being iconic based on how the character is recognised by people who have never even watched the show, Tom Baker has the edge of nothing else for having a more distinct look...

  25. I am not surprised about Tennant winning on a poll. It’s down to the age of the voters but let’s remember he is an actor who played The Doctor. Tom Baker IS The Doctor. If you haven’t seen any of his stuff check it out. He’s the definitive article! 😉

  26. I have yet to watch classic who, but I'm still saying Tom Baker because I instantly recognize him....maybe not as quickly as Smith or Tennant, but the fact he's that recognizable sorta tells me he was an iconic doctor.

  27. Hmm. By iconic to the franchise overall, then it's Tom. He's the William Shatner of Britain. In modern times, it's David. If it's someone who will only ever be known for Dr Who, then it's either Tom or Matt.

  28. Because he's not iconic. Good, yes. Well acted absolutely, a fan favourite totally. Iconic in the Canon? No.

  29. I chose Matt Smith because while Tennant is my Doctor, David has been in so many other shows that I now I associate him with them as well, where as Matt when I see him is still the Doctor. I know Matt's been in other things, but I haven't watched them. I could see it changing when the new Game of Thrones show comes it, depending on the character and how long he lives.

  30. Tom Baker's scarf is more iconic to Who than Tennant... Smith's bowtie is more iconic to New Who than Tennant. I say this as a Tennant fangirl.

  31. I started with Eccleston, my favorite is Smith. But I still believe that Tom Baker pretty much encompasses the whole meaning of the Doctor's character. He is crazy, kind, ruthless, caring, shifty, honest and heroic in equal mesures, just as this kind of character really needs to be.

  32. As someone watching before 2005 (no I’m not fifty I’m 28 believe it or not) I’m glad that there’s more than one contender. I picked Tom but David equally deserves the mantle.

  33. Modern? Tennant without a doubt. Classic? Absolutely Baker. It's all very dependant on the era and the age group you're talking about

  34. Well, we can certainly see who grew up with the classic series and Baker, and who grew up with NuWho and Tennant!

  35. I agree that Tom Baker is more iconic in but David Tennant was the doctor at a time where the show peaked in popularity and a lot of people associate Tennant with that era of the show. I remember being a kid around 2007 to 2009 and doctor who merchandise was everywhere. It's insane just how popular the show was back then compared to now especially in ratings (series 4 average rating was 8.05, the most recent series had an average rating of 4.95). While ratings aren't everything (Capaldi era was one of my favorites and it's rating weren't great either), it's an indication of how popular and relevant the show was at the time

  36. Toms outfit is by far the most iconic but tennant is probably becoming the most iconic actor given he is part of NuWho and had the longest tenure of modern doctors

  37. For me and, I guess the majority (so far), Tennant is iconic and embodies the spirit of the Doctor the most. Has to be a generational thing though. I haven’t seen much Baker so I don’t exactly have the biggest sample size to compare David with.

  38. I'd argue that right now its David Tennant. His Doctor has been around long enough to have a whole generation of fans and be regarded as a kind of 'classic' while still relatively recent enough to have a fairly young and active fanbase. Plus, after whoever is the current Doctor, he's probably the one a casual fan or even casual viewer would most associate with the show.

  39. I think nowadays it has to be David Tennant, the guy has been in so many great films/shows and whatever that David Tennant as his himself has a huge fan following and as a result his role as the doctor is reaching so many more people

  40. David Tennant is a well known actor sure, and known for a wide variety of roles. I would even say Doctor Who isn't necessarily his most outstanding role. Tom Baker did some other work and even like some of it, but his outstanding role is the Doctor and his costume and his portrait is just iconic.

  41. No question. David Tennant was the most incredible depiction of a modern doctor. I loved Matt Smith, but good lord, if Tennant had stuck around for the increased budget and interesting interconnected storylines that Matt Smith got, it would have been incredible.

  42. I love Matt Smith but I think as the seasons went on the writers made him more and more goofy which took a lot away from his character. He was perfect in S5.

  43. Tom baker defined the role as a doctor for all future doctor's that came after him he did the show for 7 years and is a living breathing British icon and David tenant can not even compare to tom

  44. Saying it's iconic doesn't necessarily mean it's your favorite. It's like the most iconic captain on Star Trek has to be Kirk, even if you like other Trek series and other captains better. Baker had by far the longest run of any Doctor and really put his mark on it. There are vast numbers of people who, when you say Doctor Who, Tom Baker is who pops to mind.

  45. For older audiences, Definitely Baker. For the modern audience, Tennant. I don’t see Smith as that iconic, though I loved his run.

  46. Seen more of the others, but it's still Baker over all. Even of you've never seen any of his episodes, you've definitely seen him one way or another

  47. It seems Baker's run as top.Doc ends with Ten, which is fair, but Tom held that crown since the 70s, so I'm sure he's fine lol.

  48. I voted Tennant however both were needed at the time of their eras. For example, does the show see a faster decline without Baker in the role during the 70s? Could anyone else really have maintained the resurgence in popularity like Tennant? They are both juggernauts who most of the fan base hold as the gold standard of what the doctor should be.

  49. I think it depends on your age and when you got into Dr Who myself. I got into Dr Who during the Tom Baker years, so to me, he's more iconic. I did really like Peter Davison as the Doctor too. And then later, in the newer series, David Tennant all the way.

  50. Tom Baker for sure. I started with New Who, but when I think of the Doctor or Doctor Who in general, Tom Baker is the first person that pops into my head.

  51. Tom Baker for me. My introduction to Dr. Who was Saturday late night PBS showings of Baker era when I was 7 or 8 years old. It was the one night of the week I was allowed to stay up as late as I wanted and camp out on the living room floor in a sleeping bag, so something about that era is just plain old special to me.

  52. Really not sure what the case for Matt Smith is, at all. He isn't as ingrained in the wider public's view of the show at all (relative to the others).

  53. I actually started with the reboot so choices were David and Matt. Matt had better graphics but David was actually more funny and emotional. But I love Matt intro scene than any other doctors, where there is a montage of all doctors and he takes the persona of doctor. But no one else pulled it off, especially jodie she needed it more than matt.

  54. 10 is the best. I remember being like “who the fuck is this guy” at the start, then he saved the day in PJs and even mentioned Arthur Dent and the rest is history.

  55. If you have Amazon Prime, you can add Britbox to it and it will give you access to the entire 26 year run of the Classic series, along with a lot of other great British television.

  56. I started with Christopher Eccleston but he wasn't around for long but then David Tennant came along and I loved how he was connected to the last war of Galifrey along with the history of the Timelords and then I started watching the old Dr who, like William Hartnell. I could never really connect with Matt Smith but I did love the Day of the doctor and John Hurt as the war doctor. Then Peter Calpadi I felt had a connection with William Hartnell, especially since he was the 1st one of the new regeneration.

  57. Depends on age. David Tennant is the one for me because I am 21 and watched new Who since 2005. Obviously someone who is 50+ then Tom Baker is more so.

  58. Peter Capaldi. He wasn’t my first, by a LONG shot, but no one besides baker has come close to being THE doctor for me.

  59. Capaldi is my favorite for New Who, but even I will say Tennant is the iconic "face" of the revival as Tom was for the classic series.

  60. 12 was old, breaking the modern Who young actor chain while having the drip of a modern Who so Capaldi is the most iconic for me. He looks like a classic Who incarnation while wearing modern Who clothes

  61. I think Tom Baker just because he has a more distinctive weird guy look while David Tennant and Matt Smith are just guys in suits

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