What is your dog’s “actual” name and what is your dog’s nickname?

  1. My dog's name was Dirk, but my wife and I would often call him "booty". It was because he liked his butt scratched so much we would be like "who wants his booty scratched" and it just kind of turned into booty.

  2. Sasha, but her nicknames (she has many) are Bunny, Buddy, Bug, Boo, Boo Bear, Sashimi, and What's In Your Mouth? Seriously, What Do You Have?

  3. Ooh man that is a beautiful dog!! And cute and handsome and perfect. He’s totally a little blonde babe angel ✨🤍

  4. Ahh!!! My Wiley is a husky mix and we sometimes call her huskaroo. Bolt is such an apt name for a husky haha.

  5. Hahaa! My cat is called Kal, but we also mostly call him Moo, or Moo Boy. (Sorry please don’t lynch me for mentioning a cat in

  6. 💓💓💓 Sending all the love to you and appu. Hope she’s having a beautiful night up in doggy heaven.

  7. Actual name: Elizabeth Victoria April 1st Aka: EVA, Lady, girl, good girl. She was name after the movie WALL-E

  8. I have an Eva named after the movie WALl-E. We call her Evil (she likes to get in trouble) or itsy bitsy chunky monkey. Her big brother’s name is Sprout. We call him gooby or goober.

  9. Name: Yoshi. Nickname: Hamboy (short for handsome boy) Other Dog; Name: Taco Nickname: The Queen.

  10. LOL I love this. We originally named our rescue Darkseid but called him Dee. My roommate’s dad called him Debo one time and that stuck significantly more than either previous names.

  11. Arlo, but he gets called Pup. He’s a mastiff, so when I call out for my pup, and this huge big dog comes instead it’s pretty funny. One guy yelled out to me, “That’s not a fucking puppy!” once, and that cracked me up even more.

  12. Frances, but we call her Francie. Her nicknames are Francie-pants, Francing Queen, Frances McDogmand, Dame Frances Bacon, Francie, Francie the Wonderdog, et al

  13. Indiana, but we cycle between the following nicknames: “Indy”, “Dr. Bones”, “Indoraptor”, “Indy500”, and “Maligator”.

  14. Grip - thunderpants because every time he jumps on the sofa he uses his own gas to get there. Louie - poo bear because he's a big bear of a dog that like to poo in the woods. Lillie - turtle or squirt , not sure we're turtle came from but squirt because she is the youngest.

  15. Red Standard Poodle. Ruby when she’s naughty. Roob or Roobster every day. Roobacca when she needs to go to the groomer. She’s going to break my heart someday…

  16. Oh I can see her flopping around already.. big booty wiggles are the best haha, I love it when my dog scoots me over in bed with her butt

  17. Also Carly, adopted from a neighbor who named her after ICarly….we call her CaCaCa, KwaKwaKwa, Carla Delavigne, CoraLee, and Fat Fat Water Rat ❤️

  18. Our dog has a very proper/boring/common name, but my husband once called him "damn soft wiggle boy" and it really stuck. Or just "wiggle boy" for short.

  19. Of course it stuck, that is perfection haha. We also use Wiggles for our Wiley!!! Those little floppy angels 🥰😇

  20. oli is corg, corgo, olipop, schmooples, schnorg, schnorglette, ollerton, turd bird, gabooin, doggins, oli bear, badoob, short stack, short stuff.

  21. Hahahaa same in our household, who cares about proper names most of the time.. we have so many similar ones, just extremely cute lowkey gibberish

  22. Delilah. Deedie Peedie. Or idiot. :) She’s a weimie and still insanely anxious even after turning 10. She’s always been an absolute basket case.

  23. Haha same, I’m always calling my girls by their nicknames. Sometimes I even accidentally recall with bubba or wigs when I’m not thinking 🤦🏻‍♀️

  24. Her real name is Mandu, which is dumpling in Korean (we live in Korea). Her nicknames are: furry butt, donut tail (she’s got a double curled tail that looks like a donut) and the white bullet.

  25. Name: Gunner Nicknames: Gunner Bunner, Sugar Bear, Bubby, Little Dude…somehow he knows they’re all his lol

  26. Malo; Malo Bear, Malo Walo, Luv Bug, Momo(used less after that creepy internet stuff lol) Mooer, Baby bear, buba, little woofaz, good girl, awwww, gibberish baby talk, gsbrdffttsz, high pitch squeal sound. I think that's it lol

  27. We have a white Husky named Tokyo but we usually call her “Toke” or “Baby Girl” she answered to all three though but is more alert to Tokyo like saying someone’s middle name, lol.

  28. Scotty. Real name. Nicknames are pup, puppy, buppy, dum butt, and anything that comes to mind. He can be smart but sometimes not as smart as he looks. He's my best bud.

  29. Indie. AKA Muffin, Muffin Pants (sometimes Muffin Pie), and when he was a young pup/dog, Mr. Wigglebottoms. My mutt ( mostly lab) has a strong and chaotic tail. His whole backside moved from side to side when he was younger. He's 13 1/2 now and he's mellowed considerably. Still has a tail of chaos though!

  30. Bella and she gets goosey, bumblebee, dumbass and a ton more. Dumbass is curtsey of my partner who claims he hates her but is willing to drive 4 hours to pick her up from my sister.

  31. My dog's name is Molly, but I like to call her Mopsen (meaning "Pugsy" in my language), because she is so tiny and cute.

  32. My dog1 is hooter he's nick named poops, dog 2 mango is dot, kiwi is Kew, our cat Pepper got the name chun this all is from family but it so of name great topic , pearl is pearly Luna is meh because she meows like meh lol list goes on

  33. Her name is Lilie, but she is my ham bone, love bug, hunny bunny, jelly bean. She also responds to all of them...

  34. Dog #1 Actual Name: Frasier (Neapolitan Mastiff) Nicknames: Babbitos, bubba, bubby, Protector, lovey, Mama's good boy, Frasier Basier, Sleepy Doo

  35. So my dog is named Buddy! But one day, we called him Pablo and he looked at us. So that's his nickname lol

  36. Fuchur wich is German for Falcor. He's a Pomeranian so my family calls him Fuji (for Fujiyama cause he is tiny) I call him Fuchurius, Angelbug, Baby boy, Sir or, If he's an asshole Mcbitcherson of Assholestein.

  37. Myah! her nicknames are Myah bean, my bean, miss ma’am, Myah ma’am, little ma’am, tiny ma’am, baby ma’am, little ham, stinky, sticky, princess Myah ma’am, and angel girl

  38. Bastion- aka poo doo doo/peachy puppy poodle pie,D-O-G. Newly adopted dog is Nora and so far the nickname that has stuck is squirrelly girly and stank butt.

  39. HORNZ, but my family didn't like the names so she also answers to Pixie. Some of them call her Pix or Pixel

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