How often do you clean your dog?

  1. I’ve a Dalmatian and same. It’s usually no longer than 6 months unless we went camping or other extraordinary circumstances

  2. I have a border collie too, and we go by the same logic, but I'd add that when he needs it (itch) we do it too. He really hates showers 😅

  3. Well this question depends on the breed and coat type. With my old labradors only when needed, I always rinsed him after he swam in saltwater. However, now I have a poodle so now its every 2 to 3 weeks. This could increase to 1 a week if I grow her into a show cut.

  4. Another poodle owner here. I kept my last guy in a pretty short clip and could go about a month between baths if his activities were limited to home, neighborhood walks, and weekend hikes.

  5. Also have a poodle. I used to wash him once a week with shampoo but realized that that was way too often (first time owner) and now i wash every two weeks. I go on and off with the shampoo and conditioner. Once i wash with shampoo, and in two weeks i wash with just conditioner. He has long fur currently, about 5 inches long. Throughout the week though I do spot cleaning as needed, like just cleaning his paws, sanitary areas, and belly area with shampoo since he gets dirty on rainy walks.

  6. My mom's poodles would stink if they didn't get regular bath ?every other week? My bully mix smells great after 6 months without a bath.

  7. Yep, I have a mini schnauzer and every 2-3 weeks... But if it rains and she rolls in the mud, it's immediately LOL.

  8. Same, I have a mastiff, and while he will allow me to bath him eventually, it’s rough. Also he spends the whole time looking betrayed and just so sad, so by the end I’m worn out both emotionally and physically.

  9. I have a Bernese and tend to wash her properly in a bath once a month or so, she gets hosed down if she's muddy or has been paddling in the water. Then she gets a professional groom every 3 months.

  10. What’s appropriate is very dependent on the type of fur/hair an individual dog has. I have malamutes with short coats and there is literally zero need to bathe them unless they roll in something dead and/or fecal. Dirt dries and falls off or can be brushed out, their fur is so dense that dirt and debris don’t even reach the skin.

  11. Four times a year for a full bath unless she’s dirty or smelly. Sharpeis have very sensitive skin and shouldn’t be bathed often. But we wipe and dry her skin folds and clean her ears frequently.

  12. I believe you’re supposed to apply it when they’re dirty and wait a few days after applying to bathe them. Something to do with the natural oils on their skin carried the medication into the skin

  13. One to four times per year. I prefer them au natural, and they seem to prefer it that way as well. (First time my puppy saw my senior after a bath, he was a little freaked out. xD)

  14. I have a mini-australien Shepard for a year and a half and I'd say that's pretty much how this works with her.

  15. I have a wire-haired dachshund and have never washed him. He's with us now for a year. Coat has a lot to do with that, but to be fair he hates dirt and puddles too.

  16. Spaniels every month or so but our 12 year old staffie has maybe been bathed 3 times in his life when he has rolled in shjt.

  17. Some veterinarians we’ve asked have independently told us that we should not bathe our dogs often or only when necessary. So that’s what we’ve done for all of our dogs.

  18. Bath? Only if they start to smell like swamp or are ridiculously dirty. Brush daily, teeth and nails weekly or every 2 weeks depending.

  19. Generally my dog only ever got bathing done with every change of season when she'd go in for a pro groom. Very rarely did she need bathing outside of those times.

  20. Sadie Sue (PoodleX) goes to the groomer every 8 weeks like clockwork, sometimes we come in “early” for a feet/face/sanitary trim + bath if there’s family pictures or trips to see family so she is clean for other peoples homes. We will hose her off probably once a week, soap if she’s stinky. Usually it’s jus mud from the yard though so water gets it off her paws easy

  21. As others have mentioned, it's dependent on breed /hair type. I have a Rottweiler, so pretty coarse thick hair, and once she's properly dried out dirt and mud shake out easily. I'll give her a little rinse or damp towel wipe when she's dirty and/or muddy, but full-body washes with shampoo only happen if she's rolled in something foul (poop, dead thing, compost, etc.).

  22. I have a very short, single coated dog, she has very little fur and has a lot of skin visible on her underside...

  23. My short haired chihuahuas would get a bath every 2 to 3 months, when their fur would start to feel a bit greasy. In winter their paws get cleaned more often.

  24. My previous husky? She bathed less than 10 times in the 10 years I had her. My 2 now have had 2 this year getting skunked and after someone had diarrhea in the yard and they bothed rolled in it :/

  25. She gets an actual bath like 2 times a year. She’s 14, doesn’t do much outside except walk around and sometimes dig a little so she doesn’t get dirty. I wipe her paws every time she enters the house and wipe her fur with a dry towel to get any grass off. She never smells and her coat seems to repel dirt and stuff since I never need to do more than a quick wipe with the towel

  26. This is what my friend does with her older Rough Collie. Twice a year full on grooming with sanitary washes in between. Brushing every day though- Rough Collie coats are no joke!

  27. About once every 3 months. He’s an English bulldog that is really prissy and doesn’t like outside at all. He runs out to potty and then wants inside immediately. He never gets dirty so I wash him quarterly

  28. We brush him about weekly, kind of fall off a bit here and there but if I can tell he's starting to get tangled (like under his ears for example) he gets a brushing.

  29. Overall might be some truth but I don’t think this can be said across the board. Depend on breed, coat, activity, etc…One of mine has skin allergies and has seen a dermatologist. We currently use a prescription shampoo 1-2 x weekly per the vet. His “ natural “ oils build up rapidly and then he is prone to yeast outbreaks. Another I have is about 6-8 weeks.

  30. My longish haired yorkies, whose hair ends up in everything they eat, get bathed weekly, or after they garbage can dive, or eat anything that ends up smelly, so usually 2-3x/week. My one loves the bath and jumps into the shower with me regularly.

  31. I try to stick to a schedule of bathing my dog every Sunday evening. It does not always work out that way. Right now it's been about two weeks since he had a bath because I've been busy/tired/etc.

  32. He gets a groomer bath once every 4-5 weeks. I have heard that more times than that can dry out their skin. We have made an exception once or twice if he gets covered with mud or something so we do a quick bath at home. But other than that we wipe his paws after every walk and wipe his bum after every poo

  33. Every two weeks and when he is visibly dirty I have a Yorkie. It doesn’t seem to affect his skin or anything.

  34. My Morkie gets groomed every 3 months because his hair grows so fast, otherwise it’s every two weeks at home because he has a white coat and you see everything

  35. Like once every 4 months. We have a husky, and he barely stinks. We also live in a place where it rains a lot so he gets cleaned through that most of the time. The only time we really think he needs a bath is either when he starts feeling dirty , or when we go on a holiday to visit family. Then he needs to be the fluffiest.

  36. My dog sleeps in my bed. Paws are wiped every time she comes in the house. Butts after every poop. She gets a bath every two weeks. Face wiped every other day. Teeth brushed every few days. Coat bushed every few days.

  37. At the groomer every six weeks unless he's noticeably gross before that, which he usually isn't. He gets his paws wiped daily for allergies though and brushed regularly.

  38. Once a week. He’s a hound so he gets very stinky very fast. But his coat is so easy to wash so I don’t mind. Almost no brushing needed

  39. I give my chihuahua a bath every other week. He gets itchy if I don’t and he seems so uncomfortable when he’s itchy 🥺

  40. We have prescription soap because she sometimes has skin issues. So when I notice her getting a flair up, I’ll bathe her using the soap. Which is usually every 2-3 months in the summer. Rarely in the winter.

  41. I have a long hair havanese/papllion cross. She smells disgusting and she’s filthy after daycare so she gets a bath once a week.

  42. My lab swims in my pool every single day, so he gets rinsed off afterwards to remove any lingering chlorine. He gets a proper bath when he gets smelly, which isn’t often since he’s getting rinsed daily.

  43. Mine is terrified of being washed :( He’s a shorthair, single coat kind of pup so I guess I’ll be wiping him down with wet towels and baby wipes whenever he can avoid having a bath. But I would like to bathe him once a month or so because he’s an active puppy

  44. Do you have a non-slip surface in the tub when you bathe him? Putting a towel on the bottom of the tub helped my puppy calm down a lot. He still looks at you with pathetic sad eyes, but at least he’s not frantically slipping around trying to escape.

  45. Mini poodle: bath every 2/3 weeks at home, groomers every 4/8 weeks, depending on weather and how fast his coat grows in.

  46. Every time we do some outdoor shenanigans or she gets in the mud. If it's a hike, camping, in she gets into a pond/river/etc, she's getting a bath as soon as we get home.

  47. Short coated 3 y/o mutt (with some double coat). I hose him down when he has rolled around in mud and wipe his paws if he has muddy/wet feet. I try not to use soap if it’s not necessary, the only time I used it he slipped on wet grass into horse poop. But his coat is pretty self cleaning it seems. I brush him every two weeks.

  48. Our boy gets pretty stinky and dirty from the dog park, both rolling around in dirt and getting slobbered on. We wash him once a week.

  49. I bath my boys(corgi and golden retriever) every 2 weeks and deshed/brush then 1x a week. 2-3 times a year they go to the groomer, especially when the seasons change to get that extra bit of undercoat out

  50. We take our Havanese to the groomer about every 6 weeks for a bath and haircut- her hair grows so fast and it’s human like, very curly. She hates being groomed so it’s worth it to pay someone else to do it lol

  51. My husky mix maybe once or twice a year depending on how dirty he gets.... he's usually spotless and smells amazing....

  52. Short haired mutt mix. Wet baths about once a month or when he starts to smell. Daily dry towel rub downs after every potty session helps with keeping him clean and non smelly. Also prolongs time needed between baths

  53. I have a shiba inu, her double coat is pretty dirt and rain resistant, so she only gets baths when she rolls in something gross. the screaming and temper tantrums she throws -- it's a whole event lol

  54. I have a lab mix that I bathe whenever he starts to stink. That’s about every 2-3 months. The other times I just wipe him off with a wet towel if he gets in dirt.(He is terrified of water and hates baths).He does get brushed out every day regardless of the time of year. He just never stops shedding, so brushing everyday helps keep his coat clean and the shedding down.

  55. My dog has skin allergies and if I don’t bathe him every two weeks or so he scratches like crazy. The baths are vet recommended with prescription shampoo and conditioner. Anything in between that is because he has chosen to roll in something really gross.

  56. Every month, and when she rolls in dirt, garage, or an animal carcas. Dirt I don't really care about, so it depends on how much she picked up. Garbage and animal carcasses are immediate shower when we get home.

  57. I have Aussies. One I groom about once a month as I show him in conformation, the other gets a bath every 3/4 months or if there’s a stinky reason. They are wash and wear dogs. No styling necessary lol

  58. My husky has virtually no smell and keeps herself clean, so only when she rolls in poop/dead animal which is maybe 1x/y.

  59. Greyhound. She gets a daily grooming (flannel, dry shampoo/doggy deodorant, hair brushing and tooth brushing) a clean bed every week (I have three on a wash rotation) and a bath every two weeks.

  60. When they start to get stinky. Probably 1x per month. Usually bath them at home in the tub, an on occasion at the groomer when my long haired one needs a trim.

  61. Depends on the dog. Our Malinois doesn’t have much odor so once a month. Our Norwegian Elkhound has a very strong personal fragrance, so every 2 weeks minimum.

  62. I have a wirehair pointer, and you can certainly tell that he needs a bath because he gets kind of oily. I actually made a little area for him in the backyard where I can clip his collar to a safety wire with frog clips, and I plumbed in hot water. It makes it pretty nice to be able to wash him every few weeks. For a couple months out of the year though, I do wash him weekly when he is in duck ponds, because I want to make sure that he does not have anything left on his fur to bring home or potentially harm him.

  63. I have a highly reactive, traumatized pup. We can brush him, but water is just an absolute no. We use dry shampoo, and occasionally we get caught in the rain.

  64. Only when he rolls around in shit or something smelly like that. Otherwise he doesn't smell and his fur doesn't get greasy or anything like with a Yorkie.

  65. If he rolls in a dead fish. He has wirey fur that dries easily and nothing sticks to it. He doesn’t smell.

  66. I have a Finkie and so far he hasn't needed a bath, now brushing on a regular basis we do but not bathing. Took him to the groomer the other day to get his nails trimmed and this woman started gushing over how well they did bathing his coat lol. We told her he is just like that.

  67. My doggo is a rescue and our guess is he is a Rottie mix (likely with Shepherd). He has the double coat that requires some brush maintenance. We bathe and comb him out once a month or so. When he starts to smell like a dog, we know it’s time!

  68. Italian Greyhound owner here- weekly to fortnightly. Why? Because he doesn’t always cock his leg when he pees and either pisses on his belly or his elbows 🤢

  69. 1x/month to the groomer for nails, "sanitary areas" as they call them, ears, and bath.... as needed in between (aka when it rains and they dig!)

  70. Our maremma has a pretty good self cleaning coat, so as long as he gets a brush each week he stays clean for a while. He gets a bath maybe every 2 months or so because he gets stinky from dog slobber at the dog park.

  71. i have a jrt mix and he gets a bath about every 2 weeks. he has a short coat but goes to the dog park almost daily and has allergies on his paws. we wipe the paws daily, so a bath every 2 weeks or sometimes every week if he’s stinky. he gets a professional bath once a month. his at home baths are usually quick and we focus more on shampooing his paws bc the shampoo is an allergy medicated one : )

  72. This depends on the type of dog. My dog is hypoallergenic, so frequent washings are bad for his sensitive skin. He’s bathed about every 6 weeks or so when he is groomed.

  73. Once a month and flea and tick meds right after. My dogs spend alot of time in the back yard getting into the trees and bushes so they get pretty smelly.

  74. Corgi… about once a month/month and a half if she’s stinky; pibblerat, every two weeks or more. He gets into a whole lot more fishy/shitty goo than the corgette! They both get rinsed more often cuz they are DOGS and play in the dirt. But they also slept with me and I’m not about to sleep in a sandy bed!!

  75. My partner and I have 3 dogs collectively. A GSD/husky mix that gets washed ever 6 months but brushed every week. A Samoyed that gets brushed daily and line brushed weekly and washed every 2 months. And a SDiT poodle who gets brushed daily and washed about once a month or more.

  76. We bathe our beagle mix (short double coat) as often as he needs, but no less than once a month. In the summer when we take him swimming regularly, he gets a full bath after every swim, so a few times per week. During fall/spring, usually every week or two. We use soap free dog shampoo and give him a teaspoon of salmon oil daily and have had zero problems with this routine.

  77. Once a week I wash her in the shower with me. Rat terrier mix and vet said it’s fine for her as long as I’m using a sensitive skin shampoo.

  78. I have a westie, I regularly wipe her down after she walks or gets stuff on her beard or something but I only bathe her if she’s either really dirty or stinky. She also gets bathed at her 8 week grooming appointments, but I’m really careful about drying her skin out and her natural oils in her coat keep her skin really healthy

  79. Only when they’re super dirty, which is not often. I actually can’t even remember the last time I gave them a bath. But I do wash their paws after a walk.

  80. I have a dog who gets pretty bad fall allergies, so we bathe her about every 2 weeks right now to give her relief for her paws and skin. She has prescription meds and wipes for her allergies and paws, but a simple shower goes a long way.

  81. I have a border collie mix that gets a professional bath and groom every month and a half or so. I have a malinois/gsd mix and a husky/gsd mix that are double coated and they get brushed a lot but I haven't bathed them in literally 3 years. The brushing keeps dust and dirt out of their hair and that with good food means they don't really smell.

  82. when they're visibly dirty, its easy to tell since both are majority white. They don't get much on them besides maybe water and dirt occasionally

  83. I have a short haired lab boxer mix. He gets a monthly bath. Might do more if he gets dirty, sick, or go on a nature walk

  84. I have a lab and ridgeback mix. She gets a bath about every 2 or 3 months, depending on how much she stinks. She goes to daycare twice a week and gets a quick wipe down when she comes home. After walks, we wipe her paws and wipe her butt after a poop.

  85. My Maltese i will take to the groomer every 4 weeks, first trip maintenance like nails, face, sanitary trim and bath. Second 4 weeks will be full hair cut with all mentioned prior.

  86. I have two double coated spitzes, kind of like larger pomeranians. I brush them out weekly, wash their paws and tummy if its been muddy outside and wash their butts if their tummy has been loose and they didnt get a clean poop drop off. They get a proper bath once a year, I take them to the groomers in the beginning of summer to blast out their undercoat as it sheds every spring. Maybe a spritz of cologne once in a while. They dont smell particularly bad, and neither does my house: I ask every guest that comes in to sniff test as im probably nose blind :D

  87. Our dog, a lab-shep mutt, is fairly clean. I think a lot has to do with diet—both in terms of how oily/stinky their coat gets, and also their teeth. Of course, their daily activities will also impact this. Our dog gets a good prescription diet (Royal Canin ID), and a whimzee every day. His coat stays pretty clean and his teeth are amazing for an 11 year old dog. We bathe him about 4x per year. Sometimes a little more, maybe a bit less during the winter?

  88. I have a poodle mix. He goes to the groomer every 4-6 weeks. Wipe his feet and butt every day, brush every other day, wipe his body as needed. I bathe him if he decides to roll in poop or mud.

  89. Usually every 2-3 weeks they get baths, unless they ran in mud or something like that. They get baths after hiking. I wipe their feet after entering the house. I wipe their butts after pooping.

  90. When she's visibly dirty or stinky which is maybe every 6-8 weeks - I wash her more because she's on the bed. If she's just a bit doggy because she's been in dirty water, I can use dry shampoo but generally speaking, her coat doesn't really hold dirt or unpleasant smells. I just need to keep her bedding clean because the things she sucks on get smelly.

  91. I have a beagle so I brush him once a week, clean his ears once a week, trim his nails once every 2 weeks, trim his toes hairs (they grow longer for some reason, once every 2 weeks, and bathe him once a month or if he gets dirty. He's a clean boy

  92. Dalmatian/Greyhound mix. My rule is every change of season. Is a way I have to remember to clean her at least once every 3 months.

  93. It definitely depends on the breed. My moms long haired, fluffy papillon needs baths wayy more frequently than my smooth coated border collie mix. The papillons coat is basically a sponge to dirt and smells, and needs grooming about every 2 weeks to keep his coat from matting. My Collie mix on the other hand, is basically dirt repellent and no matter how dirty she gets once she shakes off she’s magically shiny and clean again! If we give her a bath more than every 4-6 months it disturbs the natural oils in her skin/coat so we only bathe when absolutely necessary.

  94. Not sure how controversial this will be but I haven't bathed mine in about a year and a half. He just has that pleasant mild dog smell, and smells the same whether it's been a day or a year since his last bath.

  95. When ever I have a shower which is about every 3 months, apparently my wife say's the dog doesn't smell as bad as me, after 3 months.....nah, just kidding, I give him a bath usually ever 3 months, but his time has been 5 months and he will be getting one this weekend. I have a shower once every 4 weeks with soap, as I am camping cycletouring for about 3 weeks every month and just have a daily swim, with out soap in the local creeks and rivers.

  96. Our smooth coat border collie gets a full bath once a week, after coming home from daycare. I swear she must be paying other dogs to pee on her all day because she comes home absolutely disgusting.

  97. When they get too smelly, whether it is normal dog odor or they roll in something. It is usually every couple of months.

  98. Every. Freaking. Weekend. Or she smells like hell. She’s a mix with pit, short coat, very itchy and yeast prone. Her paws smells horrid as does her back. All bedding, including hers/towels/pillow covers, etc get washed. House still smells like hell. And I love her to pieces. 🥰

  99. My mini dachshund has skin allergy problems and takes a bath about every two weeks to get rid of irritants and dead skin, or we’ll do it sooner than that if she’s scratching nonstop and it’s bugging her. My pit mix has a very short coat and almost never needs a bath. I actually can’t even remember the last time we bathed him, but you’d never be able to tell that it’s been a while.

  100. When he needs it, he's had 4 baths in the 2 months we've had him all of them because he somehow got a poopy diaper and had gotten poop over his chin 🤢

  101. Only when she is very dirty (I pet her and my hands turn black) or smells bad, no need to stress her otherwise with regular baths and hairdryer in my opinion (and she has no problem with water or baths, never had) but I also think this really depends on the breed

  102. This depends on the breed and coat. Not all dogs smell after two weeks. And when you do, make sure you are using a soap that is not harsh. For they need natural oils that keep their coat healthy.

  103. Take him to groomers every 3 months for a basic trim, wash and claws, he comes out looking and smelling lovely, for a few weeks atleast! But I found it's still worth it as before this he use to smell really bad and was scared in our bath but he seems to love the groomers.

  104. I think it may depend on the dog. This is too often in my opinion, excessive bathing can damage their coats (Removes essential oils etc). I bathe my 8 stone GSD twice a year. Once in winter and once in summer. Of course, extra baths are added if necessary.

  105. Am I the only one who bath my dog weekly here? Is it too often? I takes my dog to the dog park every weekend and she rolls around in dirt a lot so it’s hard not to bathe her.

  106. When he rolls in something dead or otherwise stinks. This weekend, he found a big, rotting fish to roll in. He got scrubbed with dish soap first then normal shampoo. Also a lab/pit mix with more of a pit coat, so it isn’t needed or recommended to bathe frequently.

  107. I only really wash my boy when he starts getting itchy. He’s a Great Dane/Pit Bull mix, and he has allergies and sensitive skin. His food has eliminated most of the itching, but every few weeks I have to use a medicated shampoo.

  108. I have a golden doodle who needs a lot of coat maintenance. Full bath every two weeks, unscented dog wipes for in between if he gets stinky. Groomer appointments every 4-6 weeks depending on the season. Brushing every other day.

  109. Bathed once a week to every two weeks— although sometimes more during pollen season. My guy has pretty bad atopic dermatitis and managing this requires regular medicated baths. This isn’t our first rodeo with atopy dogs tho, so it might be weird to have a do that didn’t need to be bathed so regularly 😂

  110. It depends. My dogs can get really stinky cause we live way out in the country, so sometimes once-twice a week. Most of the time just once every two weeks. One of my dogs is an Aussie and her fur catches on everything, so she needs consistent cleaning

  111. Once a month in the summertime i give them both a flea/ tick bath, followed by running them down with coconut oil.

  112. My treeing walker coonhound is a year old and has had 3 baths in her entire life she’s washed and shakes and is dry. She smells good even though her last bath was probably July. My lab/golden retriever/poodle mix gets brushed down to the skin every other day and gets a bath and blow dry every 2 months and a professional groom every 4-6 months to keep her beard and foot hair manageable. I do her sanitary trim every bath and blow dry.

  113. Our Great Pyrenees gets a full bath maybe twice a year. We'll "spot-clean" his butt with a washcloth if he's had a loose stool and it's gotten messy back there - the downside of his pretty fluffy pantaloons. Our Bernese Mountain Dog gets bathed three or four times a year. Pretty much when they've rolled in something nasty, which luckily isn't very often, or if they start to smell. Their coats are pretty dirt-repellant naturally so they don't need a full on bath that often.

  114. I have a dog that absolutely refuses baths. Last time I tried I picked him up, stepped in the tub and he bucked and I slid in my bathtub like it was an amusement park ride. We bought a yard stake and hooked him up, he pulled it out of the ground and took the patio table and a large trashcan with him to the side of the house. Soothing music, good food, walks to tire him out first, we've tried it all. The vet prescribed him medication and the first time, like 6 months ago it worked, yay! But we've tried twice since then and he's like nah ah bitchs I'm not falling for that shit again, and HE POWERS THROUGH! Double dose, nothing. I had the vet up his prescription but I really feel awful for giving him so much medication. So we bought these gloves that have leave in soap, we also have leave in shampoo. IDK, maybe he'll fall in pool again this summer.

  115. I usually bathed my first Finnish Lapphund about twice a year. I haven't bathed my current boy yet, but have only had him since August. I did hose his legs/belly when he went wading in a muddy pond, though.

  116. Once a month. Clean eyes everyday, ears twice a week and groom him 3x a week. Check paws regularly for grass seeds etc. I have a grand basset griffon vendeen and he has big old ears and wirey hair.

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