[RIP] Moose, mix breed, 7

  1. My heart breaks for your loss. Sending you strength to cope in this emotionally trying time. May you cherish your memories with Moose, and I hope he is frolicking around without any suffering on the other side of the rainbow bridge. ❤

  2. I am so sorry to hear this. Selfishly, I looked forward to every photo Friday knowing that I could expect a relevant post with a happy moose living the life most other dogs can only dream about. I hope you are at peace with your decision because while never easy, letting them go can be the kindest treatment.

  3. My heart breaks for you. Moose only knew love from you. I loved the photos you linked, the ones with his tail wagging out from under the blanket, is just so cute. You can tell he loved you very much. I'm so sorry for your loss.

  4. He looks like an amazing little dude, and I am glad you two found each other. Not only did you save him, he taught you important life lessons as well. Cherish the time time you did get to spend together (although it is always much too short). I wish you healing and peace on your journey forward from his passing.

  5. So sorry for your loss--he looks like a great fellow and judging by the photos, his life was awesome. A+ dog parent.

  6. What a gorgeous boy! I am so sorry for your loss. You gave Moose the very best of yourself and he gave it right back. I've no doubt the love, care and training you lavished on him meant he was happy to be part of your pack.

  7. This has made me cry...I wish for moose to come back to you in some form or another...and for you to be able to recognize him. RIP Moose. You had a good parent who will always love you.

  8. I thought I'd just peek at a few photos but I ended up looking at them all with a goofy happy bittersweet feeling. What a spectacular dog.

  9. OP, a beautiful, love filled ode to your remarkable Moose. What a journey you both had. You stuck with him thru all. In his short life, you both seemed to manage quite a life. A doggo to remember. My condolences

  10. It looks like a had a wonderfully happy life with you, it looks like he was just content with being your little adventure buddy. It’s sad to lose a dog that you love so dearly but at least you can confidently say that you gave him the best life you possibly could have

  11. I'm tearing up reading this, I'm so sorry for your loss of your beautiful Moose💙. Thank you for taking a chance on a dog that many people would overlook. It's clear that Moose became the best pup everyone who loved him knew that he could be, because of you. You're a good human. It's heartbreaking that he was taken so soon, but this is a beautiful tribute to his sweet soul ❤️. Fly high always Moose. Good dog🐕 💙.

  12. How heartbreaking! I am so sorry for the pain you are going through. They are such good friends and teachers, and they leave such big holes when they go. Moose’s pictures have always made me smile, and it sounds like he had a wonderful life. All my condolences and hugs.

  13. Oof, sorry for your loss. You took such good care of Moose, and all those photos over the years weren't just beautiful, they were loving. Thank you for sharing your buddy and your journey. Rest in peace, Moose.

  14. That video on his back was so funny and precious. You had priceless moments together and I’m so glad you captured them so beautifully. Sending you love while your heart heals. RIP Moose

  15. Ok now I’m in tears. So sorry for your loss. You gave him his best life. It’s hard work working with one that is reactive. But when they love you and look at you. Well that makes it so much easier. Love to you and yours and may your boy R.I.P. Never gone always in your heart.

  16. I applaud the life, love and patience you gave Moose. I see all those pics and I don’t see a dog with reactive issues. I see a happy pooch learning to fit in, one who knows he’s loved and that’s what matters. You and Moose got me missing a certain stubborn and willful hound of mine. You’ve got me happy and sad at the same time and I thank you.

  17. Sending a bajillion hugs for ten times that many well deserved reasons. You’re noble, Moose is noble, and you are a credit to dog parents everywhere. And sweet Moose is a credit to dogs everywhere. My Sadie and Rex report that Moose is super happy in the great meadow in the sky, and he talks about you allllll the time. They love hearing all the stories about how wonderful a home you gave him. I told them to stay up late; there are many more details to come, so wonderful you were.

  18. He's such a sweet beautiful pup, and it looks like you had countless wonderful adventures together. Surely he know how much he was loved! I'm so sorry for your loss and i know you will treasure the time you had with him 💜💜

  19. So sorry for your loss. Sounds like you did such a great job taking care of him and helping him grow. Must have been a really tough decision.

  20. May Moose rest in paradise and you be gentle on yourself as you grieve. Your post was touching and I could feel how special Moose was just by your words.

  21. I’m so sorry for your loss, But glad Moose ended up with you, someone who was willing to love him flaws and all. What a lucky boy to end up with you as his people. Hugs.

  22. So very sorry for your loss 😓, you give him such a wonderful adventurous life! His pictures were so adorable and he for sure will be following in spirt on all your future trips

  23. Ah, I'm so sorry. I always especially loved your pics of him sharing your backpacking adventures. Even if some of his lows were pretty low, it's obvious from all those beautiful photos on the trail and in camp that the highs he was lucky enough to experience were really high. And you're so right about the hard-earned wisdom of learning when to step back and stop intervening. R.I.P. big-hearted little molosser.

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