Decided to try out some longer lenses this night walk. Was hard as fuck to hold is steady but I tried my best. Let me know what you think.

  1. These are amazing B-roll reel for bands like Molchat Doma 😍🀩 also, that's steady as fuck yo! maybe you have a future in the film industry πŸ˜ŽπŸ’―

  2. Think you’ll find an amazing difference in the liminality of the shots if you try out some of these walks on a tripod. It’ll no doubt slow you down (I struggle with shooting static video myself, it just kinda pains me) but I think you’ll find it eye opening. The stillness can be so strange and empty when you’re not drawing attention to the cameraman. Keep up it, been following your stuff on here.

  3. nice thanks a lot. I have a tripod but can be kind of annoying always opening it up and setting everythig up but I guess Ill have to do it next time.

  4. The shakiness imo is better than stabilized. It makes it feel more personal, like I am the one witnessing the scenery and not a camera lense

  5. I agree with these other people that the slight shakiness of the camera improves these shots quite a bit. Especially the ones with no inherent motion like that church or the motel(?). If those were shot on a tripod they would be so still to the point of being practically images imo. Great work. Keep it up and you could have an impressive portfolio. These are already nice. Maybe try looking into cinematography/filmography and see if it captures you?

  6. Yea you are right. I have noticed that sometimes in videos where I have used a tripod and there is little t o no movement its hard to tell if its a video or a picture.

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